Narrator: You think you know the story of Cinderella? Well think again. I know, I know. You're probably wondering what I am talking about. Our story begins when Cinderella was a baby, hardly a week old. (turns and looks at scene)

Scene 1: The Nursery

Mother: Oh, isn't Eleanor just an angel, Dearest?

Father: She's perfect. How do you like your new baby sister, girls?

(Ella spits up on Pricilla and Julie)

Pricilla: (Looking disgusted) She's delightful.

Julie: (Also looking disgusted) A bundle of joy.

Mother: (Laughing) Don't take it personally girls. All babies spit up on people, it was an accident. Come on Deary, let's take Eleanor for a walk.

Father: All right. We'll only be gone for a little while, girls. Be good, Julie, and mind your sister.

(Mother, Father, and Ella leave room)

Julie: If that was an accident, then I am a mule. That is one evil little baby.

Pricilla: Oh lighten up, Sis! No babies are evil! You are always so negative. Come on. Aren't you supposed to be doing your homework?

Julie: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm going. (Leave room with mischievous look on face)

Pricilla: (sigh) I know that look way too well. I better follow her and make sure she doesn't start spying on the neighbors again. That would make the third time this week. (Leave room)

Scene 2: Ella Blackmails Her Sisters

Narrator: As Eleanor got older, Pricilla found out that Julie had been right from the start; Ella was a brat and that was only the beginning.

Ella: Pricilla, here is my list of chores. I need them done before Mother and Father get home from the market.

Pricilla: Why can't you do them?

Ella: You're kidding, right? Father said that I was his little princess, and since when do princesses do chores? Now, get moving!

Pricilla: And if I refuse?

Ella: If you refuse, I will call the babysitter from downstairs and tell her that you hit me for no reason. I do believe that would ruin your record of never breaking a rule.

Pricilla: You wouldn't dare!

Ella: Try me.

Pricilla: (grumbling about smart little sisters) Give me the list.

Ella: (gives her the list and Pricilla leaves)

Ella: Julie! Come here. I need you!

Julie: (enters room) What is it? I've got homework to finish.

Ella: I want you to press and iron my clothes, give me a massage, and rub my feet.

Julie: And I will do this because…?

Ella: You will do this because if you don't, I will tell your entire class that you still sleep with your Blanky.

Julie: You wouldn't!

Ella: Oh, I would do it without any second thoughts.

Julie: (sigh) When do your clothes have to be done?

Ella: Before Mother and Father get home.

Julie: Is this some kind of joke? That's impossible!

Ella: Blanky, Blanky.

Julie: Fine. Where are your clothes?

Ella: In the closet.

(Julie gets the clothes and leaves as Pricilla comes in looking dirty and tired)

Pricilla: I've finished your chores. Can I go now?

Ella: Have you swept the kitchen?

Pricilla: Yes.

Ella: Washed the cat?

Pricilla: Yes and I've got the scratches to prove it. Don't worry about me though, I'm sure the bleeding will stop soon.

Ella: Why should I, a princess, worry about a mere commoner? Now, did you feed the dog?

Pricilla: Yes.

Ella: Water the plants?

Pricilla: Yes.

Ella: Clean the clothes with the lavender soap I like?

Pricilla: Yes.

Ella: Then you have my permission to go.

(Pricilla leaves and Julie comes in looking tired)

Julie: Here are your clothes. Where do you want them?

Ella: Where do you think? Away! The dresses go in the closet, the skirts go in the second drawer in the chest, and the blouses go in the first drawer.

Julie: Yes, Your Highness. (Julie puts away clothes)

Ella: Now for that massage.

Julie: No way am I going to give a massage after all the ironing and pressing I just did!

Ella: Blanky, Blanky!

Julie: (mumbling) Upper back, lower back, or full back?

Ella: Full back. (Julie starts massage and curtain closes)

Scene 3: First Day of School for Ella

Narrator: A grueling full year of blackmail later, it was Eleanor's first day of first grade at Common Place Elementary School, and, like all new first graders, Eleanor was a bit nervous. (turn and look at scene)

Mother: You'll do fine, Eleanor. With your winning personality, I'm sure you'll make friends in no time.

Julie: (mutter under breath) Winning personality. As if.

(Eleanor starts crying)

Mother: (Glare at Julie) Say sorry to your sister for being rude right now, Julie Marie!

Julie: (sigh) I'm sorry, Eleanor.

Eleanor: (shout and stomp foot) My name is not Eleanor! It is ELLA!

Father: Okay, Ella, okay. Now your mother is right. You will make plenty of friends in no time. Off to school, kids!

Julie and Pricilla: (In unison) Yes Father. (Roll eyes)

(All kids leave for school)

Scene 4: At School

Pricilla: All right, Ella, here's your classroom. If you need us, we'll be upstairs in our classrooms. Only come and get us for an emergency. Got it? (Look at sun dial) We've got to get to class. Come on, Julie.

Julie: Bye, Eleanor. (Run down hallway, pulling Pricilla with her)

Ella: (shout and stomp feet) It's Ella! (Turns and bumps into girls)

Martha, Aly, and Ella: (in unison) Watch where you're going, freaks!

Martha: (smile) I like you two. I'm Martha. Who are you?

Ella: (smile) I'm Ella. I like the freak line. It's a classic, yet very rewarding.

Aly: (smile) I'm Aly. You two are the only cool people I've seen in this circus.

Martha: Very true. Come on, class is starting.

Ella: You want to come over after school? If we scream loud enough, we can make my father force my sisters to do our homework for us!

Martha: Cool!

Aly: Yeah! Normally I make my cousin do my homework, but this works too!

Teacher: Come along girls, you can talk later at snack time and free time. (Martha and Ella go into classroom and force three kids out of their chairs for themselves)

Kid 1: Hey, that wasn't very nice!

Martha: Well, I'm not a very nice person.

Kid 2: Yeah, that was the seat my brother sat in when he was in first grade.

Ella: Good for him, but I'm sitting here now, so buzz off!

Kid 3: (starts crying)

Aly: You seem like a nice kid.

Kid 3: (smile) Thank you!

Aly: I don't like nice kids! Now scat! (Kids 1, 3, and 2 sit in other empty seats, grumbling)

Narrator: As the day progressed further, the first graders at Common Place Elementary School learned just how dangerous Martha's, Aly's, and Ella's combined heads were.

(Martha trips kid and Ella puts pie in kid's face)

(Ella pushes girl 1 and Aly dumps gummy worms on her face)

(Aly cuts boy 3's hair extremely short and Martha puts the hair in his soup)

(All kids in class in class except Aly, Ella, and Martha groan and act as if hurt)

Ella: I think this has been a very productive first day, girls!

Aly: I think so too!

Martha: (act surprised) We didn't even get caught once!

Ella: Get caught doing what? (The Mean Crew all laugh and then the school bell rings)

Aly: Finally! School is out!

Ella: Come on, let's go to my house.

Martha: O.K.

Aly: Sure. I've got plenty of homework, plus some personal projects for your sisters to work on. (Mean Crew leave stage and scene ends)

Scene 5: The Geek Prince

Narrator: Meanwhile, in the school for noble children, a geek the same age as Ella unwillingly got ready for his first day of school. (Turn and look at scene)

Alfred: (sniffling and whining) But Mother, they'll all be afraid of me just because you and Father have the right to chop off their heads!

Queen: (sternly) Your father is a king, Alfred, and I am a queen, but that doesn't mean we'll chop off children's heads because a bully took your glasses and threw them! Where did you get such an idea?

Alfred: I had nothing left to read but the Torturers Almanac that Father left in his office.

Queen: (mumbling) Note to self: Never let Alfred alone in George's office again and find out why George had such dreadful reading material in the castle.

Alfred: Who are you talking to?

Queen: Huh? Oh, no one, no one dear. Now, do you have all of your books ready?

Alfred: Yes, but can't I be home schooled? It would give you something to do while Father worked.

Queen: Ah, but then you wouldn't get to know your future subjects. Now off with you. Your school carriage will be here soon.

Alfred: Yes Mother. (Alfred leaves)

Queen: (teary eyed) My little boy all grown up. Now to burn the Torturers Almanac.

(Queen leaves and scene ends)

Scene 6: The Mean Crew Meet Mother and Father

Ella: Mother! Father! Your princess has arrived!

Mother: (enters holding plate of cookies) Hello Ella. Your father is in the den. I see you have made some friends! Hello girls. Would you like a cookie?

Martha: Yes please. (Politely take cookie) My name is Martha Wentworth. (Take bite) Yum. These are delicious!

Mother: Why thank you! Would you like one Ella and, um, what is your name dear?

Ella: Yes, please Mother! (Take cookie)

Aly: Yes, Mam, I would like a cookie. Oh, and my name is Aly Parkington. (Take cookie)

Mother: (act surprised) Such good manners for such a young child!

Aly: (act innocent) Thank you. My parents believe that manners get you anywhere you want to go in life.

Ella: We are going to go upstairs now and do our homework.

Father: Have fun kids! (Call from backstage)

Ella: Let's go.

Aly: Alright.

Martha: O.K. (Mean Crew run off stage and scene ends)

Scene 7: The Mean Crew Have a Homework Free Night

Ella: Here's my room. Sorry about the mess. It is currently being remodeled by my sisters.

Martha: (in aw) It's O.K. This place is cool despite the mess.

Aly: Yeah. What are those? (Pointing at jars)

Ella: Those? (Also pointing at jars) That is my cinder collection.

Martha: Cinders? You collect cinders?

Ella: Yeah, actually it's a hobby of mine. Well, that and making other people do my work for me. It's pretty fun. I have cinders from the great fireplaces in the palaces of England, France, Spain, and some others.

Aly: (say jokingly) We should call you Cinderella!

Ella: (speak to self in wonder) Cinderella, Cinderella. (Now louder) I like it! From now on I will be called Cinderella. Not Eleanor or Ella, but Cinderella! I'll have to tell my sisters.

Aly: Speaking of your sisters, I've got homework.

Ella: Oh, right. Watch this. (Scream at top of lungs) FATHER!

Father: What is it, Princess?

Ella: (act tired) My friends and I don't feel up to doing our homework and our mean teacher gave us lots and lots. (Puppy dog eyes)

Father: Oh, my sweet angel. Go tell your sisters to do it. We don't want our princess wearing herself out, do we now?

Ella: Oh, thank you Father! Thank you. I'll let you get back to your work now. I'm sorry for bothering you.

Father: No worries, Princess. (Look at Martha and Aly) Have a nice night girls! (Leave room)

Martha and Aly: (in unison) Good Night Sir! (Father leaves room)

Martha: That was easy.

Aly: I know! He's even easier to crack than my genius 5 year old cousin!

Martha: (in amazement) You have a genius for a cousin? I'm stuck with a-

Ella: (interrupts Martha and impatient) Do you want your homework done, or would you rather do it yourself?

Aly: Homework done.

Ella: Alright then. Let's get started. Julie! Pricilla! I need you.

Pricilla: What now?

Julie: What do you want Eleanor?

Ella: For the last time, my name is CINDERELLA!

Julie: I thought your name was Ella? Since when is it Cinderella?(Say name in disgust)

Ella: Since someone close to me thought of it and I liked it.

Pricilla: She meant to say Cinderella.

Julie: (mumbling) I said what I meant.

Pricilla: (step on Julie's foot) What do you want?

Ella: My friend's and I have homework that needs finishing.

Pricilla and Julie: (Pricilla and Julie just now notice Martha and Aly, look at each other, and in unison say) Friends?

Martha: I'm Martha, A.K.A. your worst nightmare.

Aly: I'm Aly; my motto is trouble waiting to happen.

Julie: (mumbling again) Great. More bundles of joy.

Pricilla: I hate to ask, but if we refuse?

Ella: If you refuse Pricilla, I'll tell your class that you sleep in one-piece pajamas and if you refuse Julie, I'll tell Father that one week ago you snuck out of the house after candles out.

Julie: (sigh) Give me your homework, Aly.

Pricilla: (sigh) Give me your homework, Martha.

Ella: You can both have the honor of sharing my homework.

Pricilla: Lucky us.

Julie: Whoopee!

Ella: Give them your homework girls. (Martha and Aly hand over homework) Oh, and here is mine. I think we all want A's. (Look questionably at Martha and Aly who in turn nod)

Ella: O.K. then, off with you! Scat! All of that is due tomorrow. (Julie and Pricilla leave looking miserable)

Aly: (look amazed) Wow. You really have them wrapped them around your finger.

Ella: I've had them wrapped around my finger since I could talk. Guess what my first few words were?

Martha: What?

Ella: Sissies are suckers!

Aly: Um, guys?

Martha: Yeah? (Looking through magazine and not really paying attention)

Ella: What? (Looking up from Torture Devices Are Us catalogue)

Aly: Look at the sun. We better get going.

Martha: (glances at window) Oh, yeah. I promised Mother I'd be home by sunset.

Ella: Alright. I'll bring your homework to you tomorrow. Bye!

Aly: See ya!

Martha: See ya! (Aly and Martha leave)

Ella: Now, (looking back at catalogue) which torture devices are on sale this season? (Sit on bed entranced in catalogue)

Scene 8: Disciplinary Actions

Narrator: As Cinderella grew older, she was even meaner to her sisters and still never got caught. Her parents thought she was more of an angel than ever before and her sisters were just jealous of her perfection. (Parents tell Julie and Pricilla they're grounded over and over for unfair reasons) But then one day in high school, finally Ella was caught.

(Scene at school in office)

Headmaster: Cinderella has gone too far. I simply told her to stop by for a short conference in my office. I then told her that her grades were as bad as her personality was.

Mother: (look shocked) I am appalled that a man of your age would say such horrible things to a child!

Father: Cinderella is a delicate child! I will not stand for you to say this to my daughter!

Headmaster: (say calmingly) Folks, folks. I agree that it was a little harsh, but somebody had to tell her. Now if I may continue?

Father: Alright.

Mother: Go on.

Headmaster: Now after I said this, she dumped chili fries down my shirt! I would expect this from a five-year-old, but not from a high schooler! Now, do you understand why I called you down here on this fine day?

Mother: (shocked) Eleanor Lidia Come, is this true?

Ella: (shamefully) Yes Mother.

Father: How could you, Cinderella? You are such an angel at home!

Ella: I got mad. Nobody says I have a horrid personality and gets away with it, but I now see that I was wrong. Punish me as you will.

Mother: Oh, you will be punished young lady. (Turn to headmaster) I'm sorry she did this; she will be grounded and will not be seeing her friends for a long, long time.

Ella: Mother!

Father: Don't talk back to your mother. She's right.

Ella: You are agreeing with this monstrosity!

Father: No, I am agreeing with your mother! Now march on home this instant and say sorry to Headmaster Fries!

Ella: I'm sorry Headmaster Fries.

Mother: Good, now let's go! (leave room pulling Cinderella by her ear)

Headmaster: Ah, parents disciplining their child. Life is good. (Sits down and scene ends)


Scene 9: The Prince Enrolls

Narrator: As Cinderella got punished for the first time in her life, the future king made an important decision about his life. (Turn towards scene)

Queen: Alfred, are you absolutely positive that you want to transfer to Common Place High School? It is the school for commoners and they can be dangerous at times.

Alfred: (sniffling) I'll be fine Mother. You are the one who said they are my future subjects. If all of my future subjects were that dangerous, I wouldn't be alive to tell you I wanted to transfer.

King: (entering) You know he's right, my dear. If the teenagers of today are very dangerous, I would have heard about it by now. Besides, I went to Common Place High School when I was his age, and it wasn't half bad. The food was terrible and everyone was afraid of my regal parents, but I lived. I've even heard good things about the education. So don't be afraid for him, he's a big boy now. This was his decision, one he'll have to live with until he graduates.

Alfred: He's right Mother. I've decided to stick it through, even if I hate it.

Queen: Oh, all right. (Look out window) Your school carriage is here. Have a nice day!

Alfred: I will. Good-bye! (Alfred leaves and Queen Isabella starts crying)

King: He'll live, Isabella. Don't worry so much! Have I ever made a mistake in bringing him up?

Queen: (smile) Well there was the time you let him read the Torturers Almanac, or the time you let him eat sixteen pounds of pudding, or the time you-

King: (smile and put hands up) O.K. O.K! So I've made a few mistakes. What parent doesn't? But the point is that this time I know I'm right.

Queen: (look out window again) I hope so George, I really hope so, for yours and our son's sake.

(Curtain closes and scene ends)

Scene 10: Alfred's First Day of School

Narrator: Unfortunately, Alfred's first day didn't quite go as planned and went from bad to worse. (Alfred comes into school looking miserable as everyone turns to him and starts laughing)

Headmaster: (comes out of office and bows) Your highness, (laughter stops and scared faces and whispering starts) I am Headmaster Fries. Welcome to Common Place High School! I'm so sorry I'm late. I had to deal with a miscreant.

Alfred: It's fine. My carriage was late anyway. (Puts nose in air and smells) Do I smell chili fries?

Headmaster: (look panicked) No, no. Of course not! Your Highness has such a sense of humor! Now, let me show you where your classes are. (Lead Alfred through and around audience, meanwhile students on stage move to homeroom)

Alfred: Could you please just call me Alfred and cut out the whole Your Highness stuff? I want to try to fit in as much as possible, Headmaster Fries.

Headmaster: Of course, of course! I understand completely, Alfred. Well, here's your classroom. If you have any problems at all, don't hesitate to come and see me in the front office! Have a nice day!

Alfred: I'm sure I will Headmaster Fries. Good-bye! (Headmaster leaves)

Alfred: (say to self) Well here it goes. (Walks into noisy room and everyone stops and silently turns)

Teacher: Class, we have a new student joining us today. This is Alfred Regal and yes he is a prince. Everyone stop gawking! He is a teenager just like you. I'm sure he makes just as many mistakes as you do! Alfred, take the empty seat beside where Cinderella sits. (Looks up and notices Ella isn't there) Martha, Aly, where is Cinderella? She was here earlier.

Aly: She got in some trouble with Headmaster Fries.

Martha: Yeah, big trouble.

Teacher: Well, what did she do?

Aly: She spilt chili fries down Headmaster Fries' nice shirt.

Alfred: So that's why I smelled chili fries.

Teacher: Alright settle down, settle down! Now for today's lesson, we will be learning about-

(School bell rings)

Teacher: Well class, I guess today's lesson was about dramatized literature. Have a nice weekend! (Class leaves and starts whispering about the geek)

(Everyone goes home and scene ends)

Scene 11: The Invitation

Julie: (enters with Pricilla) Where could the little pest go anyway? We waited by the front gate long enough. Do you think she ditched school?

Pricilla: Nah. It would ruin her goody-good reputation. Maybe she got to weak to take her test and fainted right before it began. (Dramatically pretend to get weak and faint)

Julie: (laugh) Maybe. Well, we'll find out soon enough. Mother! Father! We're home!

Father: Your mother and I are in the kitchen! Come here! We want to talk to you!

Pricilla: (panicked) They want to talk to us. What do you think we did?

Julie: Who knows? Maybe for once we aren't in trouble.

Pricilla: Yeah, right. Come on. I want to get it over with. (Pricilla and Julie go to kitchen)

Mother: Hello, girls. You're probably wandering where your sister is. (Pricilla and Julie nod their heads)

Father: Well, she got into some trouble with your Headmaster Fries. She spilt chili fries down his shirt.

Julie: That was her? We'd heard someone had, but HER? I thought she was a giant suck- up to adults!

Pricilla: No offense meant, but she is and adults always believe her!

Mother: We'd like to apologize for that. On the carriage ride home, she confessed that every thing we ever punished you for, she did.

Father: Anyway, she's grounded for one whole year to make up for the groundings that really belonged to her.

Julie: Finally! I mean, that's too bad. (Smiling widely and then pretends to like sad)

Pricilla: I can't believe it! Revenge for all the stuff she's made us do since she could talk!

Father and Mother: (in unison looking shocked) Since she could talk!

Mother: She told us that it had only started this year!

Julie: Ha! Don't you remember her first words? (In baby voice) "Sissies are suckers!"

Father: I thought she meant lollypop suckers!

Mother: So did I! We thought it was cute and that she was saying that you two were sweet!

Pricilla: Hardly!

Father: Well, then maybe a year is generous.

Julie: One year is fine. I've counted all the days we've been grounded. Exactly 365 days.

Mother: Really? I knew it was a lot, but 365 days! Oh, well. Cinderella is up in the tower. Go see her if you like.

Pricilla: Has the mail carrier come yet?

Mother: Actually, yes and all three of you have mail. (hand over invitation to Julie)

Julie: It says that we have been invited to Prince Alfred Regule Market Jeremiah Runeth Nema Regal's seventeenth Birthday Bash Ball tomorrow at 9:00 P.M. It also says he will be choosing his future princess there. (say to self) Alfred Regal, Alfred Regal. Didn't he enroll in Cinderella's class today?

Pricilla: (looking over Julie's shoulder at invitation) Yes. Word has it that he's the biggest geek in school.

Father: (clearly shocked) Don't say that about a prince dear! It's called treason!

Pricilla: Yes Father. (look back at invitation) Hey look Julie! Everyone in school is invited! Too bad Cinderella can't go. Then she might actually become a real princess! She certainly knows how to act like one. She'd be perfect for the job!

Julie: Yeah. Oh well, her loss. Mother: I'll go up and give her the bad news.

Father: Good luck, dear.

Mother: Thanks. I'll need it. (Mother leaves room and scene ends)

Scene 12: The Tower

Mother: (Stands near door to tower and knocks uncertainly) Cinderella?

Ella: (sitting on bed reading) What do you want? To punish me more?

Mother: No, dear. I'm just here to tell you that your sisters and you got mail.

Ella: (after slight pause) Come in.

Mother: That's better.

Ella: What did we get in the mail?

Mother: Oh, that. Well, you all got invited to Prince Alfred's Birthday Bash Ball. Everyone at your school was invited. He enrolled in your class today, you know.

Ella: Can I go?

Mother: No. You're grounded. Remember? Besides, your sisters just informed me that you have been pushing people around since you could talk. Don't think of sneaking out either. The ball is tomorrow and we are hiring guards to stand outside your room the entire time.

Ella: Why don't you trust me to stay in?

Mother: You're kidding, right? Anyway, I just thought you should know where your sisters are tomorrow night. Good night, Cinderella!

Ella: (sigh) Good night Mother. (Mother leaves room and Ella starts pounding her pillows)

Ella: I want to go too! I have the meanest parents ever! Why couldn't I have forgiving parents like Aly and Martha? They would at least let me go to the Birthday Bash tomorrow! (keep stomping and throwing stuff across the room)

Pricilla: (pops head in) You might want to think about seeing the school guidance counselor tomorrow at school and get some of your anger out. Just remember not to attempt to throw her across the room when you get angry. (pops head out of the tower again)

Ella: (talking to self) Maybe I should see the guidance counselor during free period tomorrow. Maybe she can guide me to the party. (fight back yawn) I better get to sleep now. I'll need my energy tomorrow when I face my favorite principal, Headmaster Fries. (Lay down, clap and lights go out, then fall asleep, and scene ends)

Scene 13: Facing the Headmaster and Guidance Counselor

Ella: (talking to Aly and Martha while nervously looking around) Maybe he's forgotten by now or doesn't feel like punishing today.

Aly: Yeah right. He lives for punishing. (Martha hits Aly in her stomach with her elbow) Oof. I mean, yeah maybe he's forgotten all about the chili fries.

Martha: Besides, can he do anything worse than what your parents have already done?

Ella: That's true. Well, here he comes. (Headmaster starts walking towards her)

Aly: It's been nice knowing you! (sad smile)

Martha: Good luck! (attempt smile)

Headmaster: (stops by Martha, Aly, and Ella) Good morning girls. Cinderella, may I speak to you in my office? Now?

Ella: Of, course Headmaster. (Ella starts walking with Headmaster into his office, sits down, and looks worried)

Headmaster: Now, what was your punishment at home for spilling chili fries down my best shirt?

Ella: I was grounded for a year and can't have my friends come over for a year.

Headmaster: A whole year? Isn't that a bit harsh?

Ella: I admit that I am grounded for a few more things other than yesterday.

Headmaster: Yes, well, as you know your punishment most certainly does not end there.

Ella: I know.

Headmaster: Good. Well for starters, you will right me a one thousand word recipe for chili fries. Then, you will have detention for the rest of the year. During that time, at home you will work to pay off my ruined shirt and jacket. Do I make myself clear, Miss Cinderella?

Ella: Crystal.

Headmaster: Good. Now off to class. (Ella starts to leave) Oh, and that recipe is due on Monday. That gives you three days. Now you may leave. (Ella leaves)

Headmaster: I love punishments. They're so (struggle for words) refreshing! (Sit down and start writing)

Ella: (leaving room as Martha and Aly wait outside office)

Martha: Well?

Aly: What did he do to you?

Ella: (sigh) I have to write a one thousand word recipe for chili fries, be in detention for the rest of the year, and pay for his ruined shirt and jacket.

Martha: How horrible!

Aly: Is that all? I thought he would have made you do hard labor!

Ella: (shrug) Maybe he's going soft in his old age. He is turning fifty on Monday.

Martha: Oh, yeah. I'd forgotten about that. Maybe I'll make my cousin to bake him a cake for his birthday so that I can stay on his good side. He's not going that limp in his punishments!

Aly: (bell rings) Free period, finally! What do you guys want to do?

Ella: (sigh) I am, for the first time in my life, going to take Pricilla's advice and go see the school guidance counselor.

Aly: You know, I saw her last week. (Martha and Ella look shocked) I was angry at my parents. Anyway, she's not that bad. She helped me realize what I was truthfully angry about.

Martha: You two sure are brave! I would never have the guts to see the guidance counselor.

Ella: Yeah. Well, I won't have time to see her if I don't get a move on! So, I'll see you two later!

Aly and Martha: Bye! (Ella walks off stage into the audience looking for door. Meanwhile, Martha and Aly go backstage while guidance counselor office sets up)

Ella: (knock on door) Hello? Anybody there?

Guidance Counselor: Come in! (Ella enters)

Ella: Are you Ms. Hurrock?

Guidance Counselor: Yes. How may I help you?

Ella: Well, I was hoping you could help me get my anger under control.

Guidance Counselor: Of course! I'm here to help. How about you star from the beginning?

Ella: That could take a while. Can I just tell you what happened yesterday?

Guidance Counselor: Sure. Go ahead.

Ella: (start talking very fast) Yesterday I spilt chili fries down Headmaster Fries' best shirt because he made me mad. Now I'm grounded for a year and can't go to Prince Alfred's Birthday Bash Ball up at the castle!

Guidance Counselor: Ah, you poor thing! Nobody should be grounded for a year for doing only one thing wrong! Right your address down here. Tonight I'll help you sneak out.

Ella: Oh, thank you! I'll be in the tower tonight. (leave room)

Guidance Counselor: See you tonight!

Ella: (close door and smile deviously) Sucker! (scene ends)

Scene 14: Sneaking Out


Narrator: Ms. Hurrock worked all day getting ready to help out Cinderella sneak out. She even carved out her prized pumpkin to make a carriage for her. Then, finally, it was time to get Cinderella. (Look at scene)

Guidance Counselor: (whispering loudly) Cinderella! (A little louder) Cinderella!

Ella: (Put head out window) Shhh! Are you trying to wake my folks up? Oh, hello Ms. Hurrock!

Guidance Counselor: Are you ready to go?

Ella: Yes.

Guidance Counselor: I brought a ladder. (Put up ladder) Quickly! Climb down!

Ella: (Climb down ladder and jump to ground) Alright, now to get to the ball.

Guidance Counselor: (say proudly) I carved out my best pumpkin for your carriage.

Ella: (fake cheer) It's marvelous!

Guidance Counselor: Isn't it? Now, I do have some rules. (serious) Number one: I'm only renting this carriage to you until midnight. If you aren't back before then, I'll tell your parents that you snuck out to the ball. Even if it does mean I might lose my job. Number Two: Tell no one that I helped you sneak out. Number Three: (cheerful again) Tomorrow you have to tell me everything that happened. Got it?

Ella: (smiling) I've got it.

Guidance Counselor: Good. Now have a good night! (Ella gets in the carriage and leaves) Oh, what I'd give to be a 17-year-old again. Sneaking out of the house, having slumber parties, and then getting in huge trouble with my parents. (shake head and leave)

Scene 15: Prince Alfred's Birthday Bash Ball

Narrator: Cinderella made it to the ball in no time and was soon parking in the Guinevere Parking Lot and walking into a dazzling ballroom. (Look at scene)

Ella: (looking around awed and then turn and bump into Alfred) Oh, I'm sorry.

Alfred: (look in aw) It's fine. I should have been looking where I was going.

Ella: I'm Cinderella. What's your name?

Alfred: I'm Alfred.

Ella: (look shocked) You're… You're the prince? (Look him over) You're not what I expected.

Alfred: I know. I know. I'm a geek, but enough about me. Were you the one who spilt chili fries down Headmaster Fries' shirt?

Ella: (look embarrassed) Yeah, I'm the one. I lost my temper.

Alfred: Cool! (Ella looks at him strangely) Since I'm a prince, I would disgrace my family if I did something like that.

Ella: Oh.

Alfred: (Look up) Would you like to dance?

Ella: I'd love to. (start dancing)

Alfred: So, you're a rebel?

Ella: (look embarrassed) Not normally, no. Well, I do boss my sisters around a little. (Alfred looks doubtful) Okay! You caught me! I boss them around a lot and some other people too, but it's in my nature.

Martha: (Tap Ella on shoulder and look at Alfred) Can I borrow her for a second, your Highness?

Alfred: Be my guest. (look at Ella) I guess I'll catch you later.

Ella: Bye! (walk away with Martha towards Aly) What is it?

Aly: I thought you were grounded!

Ella: I am, but I just couldn't stay away.

Martha: Nice work, your future Highness. (Martha and Aly make fake curtsy)

Ella: I'm not a highness!

Martha: I said future highness and you will be if you keep making those goo-goo eyes at His Geekiness!

Ella: Well, you've got to admit that he's a very cute geek!

Aly: You've got a point there. He has gorgeous eyes.

Martha: Gorgeous eyes or not he's a total geek!

Ella: He's also our future king!

Martha: Ah, well, um…

Aly: Hah! I thought I'd never see the day you lost a debate!

Ella: Girls! Cut it out! You'd think you were both still in first grade!

Alfred: May I cut in, girls?

Ella: Hi, Alfred. These are my friends, Aly and Martha.

Aly: Good evening, Your Highness. (curtsy)

Martha: It's a great party, Your Highness. (curtsy)

Alfred: Could you please cut out the whole, Your Highness stuff?

Aly and Martha: (in unison) Sure. (both smile at each other)

Alfred: How long have you known each other, exactly?

Ella, Martha, and Aly: (in unison) Since the first day of school in first grade. (smile and laugh)

Alfred: That explains a lot. Could I take Cinderella from you for a while?

Aly: Sure.

Alfred: Well then, would you like to dance?

Ella: I'd love to. (Alfred guides Ella onto dance floor and they start dancing. Then another boy comes and takes Aly.)

Martha: Ah, true love. Isn't it beautiful, Aly? Aly? (spin around and sees Aly dancing) Oh, this is pathetic! Both of my friends are dancing and here I am standing in a corner, alone!

Boy 2: People are going to think you're crazy if you keep talking to yourself.

Martha: (turn around startled) Oh, it's just you Chris. You startled me!

Boy 2: I hope I didn't startle you too much to dance with me.

Martha: Of course not! I'd love to dance!

Boy 2: Then let's go, crazy lady! (lead Martha onto dance floor as midnight's first bell rings)

Ella: Midnight already! I'm sorry Alfred, but I've got to go! (Start running through crowd) I'll see you on Monday!

Alfred: Wait! Where do you live? (run after her and find her dropped slipper) You lost your shoe! (mumble) Just my luck, a beautiful girl actually likes me and I don't know where she lives. (starts walking back and bumps into Pricilla and Julie) Sorry.

Pricilla: Are you sure you saw her run out here?

Julie: Yes! I'm positive I saw the little twerp run out here with only one shoe on!

Pricilla: She must have gone home. Get the carriage. I'll meet you by the gate! Let's pay a little visit to our dear little sister at home in the tower! (both run off and scene ends)

Scene 16: Home Again

Narrator: Lucky for Cinderella, her house was only a few seconds away from the castle and was back at the stroke of midnight. (Look towards scene)

Ella: (sneak up to ladder and climb up to find Mother on bed) Mother! I just thought I'd get some air. It's a bit stuffy up here, don't you think?

Mother: You and I both know, Cinderella, that you were not getting some air. If you tell the truth now, I just might not punish you. So, start talking.

Ella: I snuck out of the house to Prince Alfred's Birthday Bash Ball.

Mother: Well, that was easy, wasn't it? You're already grounded for a year, so a 5,000 word apology note to your father and me for worrying us half to death should be fine. Start writing young lady. (Start to leave and then turn around) Oh, single spaced and no skipping lines. (Leave angry)

Ella: Great. Just my luck. I finally meet a great guy who isn't scared of me and I have to write an apology note for meeting him! Oh well. I better start writing. (Sit down and act like writing)

Act 17: The Regal Family Has a Royal Talk

Narrator: After the ball, Prince Alfred sat down with his parents and told them his decision on his princess. (Look towards scene)

Queen: Dear, how did you like your party?

Alfred: It was great.

King: Did you meet your future queen?

Alfred: I think so.

Queen: That's great! Now you'll have someone to rule with you when you take charge of the kingdom in three years.

Alfred: (look shocked) Three years! I thought I wouldn't be king until Father died!

King: Till I died! (Laugh) That won't be for many, many years yet my son.

Queen: George, didn't you tell him about the family tradition?

King: I thought I did, but I guess I didn't. Anyway son, our family has a tradition that once a king's firstborn child reaches the age of twenty, he becomes the new king.

Alfred: What do you do then?

Queen: Your father and I will become your chief advisors.

Alfred: Interesting, but do I have to be married to become king?

King and Queen: (in unison) Yes.

Queen: Anyway, who is the girl you met?

Alfred: Her name is Cinderella and is in my class.

Queen: What is she like?

Alfred: She's a little bossy, but-

King: (mumbling) Great, another bossy wife in the family.

Queen: (glare at king and then look sweetly at Alfred) Continue dear.

Alfred: As I was saying, she's a little bossy, but nice and sweet when she wants to be. She's brave too.

Queen: Have you asked her to marry you yet?

Alfred: Not yet. Her curfew was midnight.

King: Do you know where she lives?

Alfred: No, but I'll search land and sea until I find her and then I'll ask her to become my queen when I become king in three years.

Queen: (yawn) Well, I think it can wait until we're all a bit more refreshed.

Alfred: Yes Mother. (leave)

King: I hope this bossy girl of his makes a good queen.

Queen: I'm sure she will be. Alfred did pick her out of all of those pretty girls at the party. (Yawn) I'm off to bed. Don't work too late tonight. We've got a big day ahead of us tomorrow. (leave stage)

King: Good night, Isabella! I promise I won't work too late tonight! (Sit at desk and start working)

Scene 18: The Prince Finds His Princess

Narrator: (Alfred knocks on doors) The next morning, Prince Alfred set out alone knocking on every door in the kingdom trying to find his beautiful princess, Cinderella Come.

Alfred: (after knocking on doors) This is the last door in the kingdom with a high school student living here. (knock on door and yell) Anyone home!

Ella: I'm home.

Alfred: (swing around) Who said that?

Ella: Me, up in the prison cell! Is that you, Alfred?

Alfred: Yeah, it's me! I can't believe I finally found you! What are you doing up there? Is that your room?

Ella: No, I'm ground- (mischievous look on face that then turns innocent) My evil stepsisters and my stepmother locked me away in this tower where I am forced to do housework and eat table scraps. (look weak and start crying)

Alfred: You looked fine last night.

Ella: That's only because I helped a fairy in need and she rewarded me by letting me go to the ball.

Alfred: What about your father?

Ella: He's a merchant. He's in a foreign country trading spices. He is not due back for another month. (Start crying again)

Alfred: Oh, you poor thing! Is there anyway I can get up to you?

Ella: There's a ladder beside the base of the tower. You can set it up and then climb up it to me. (Alfred gets ladder and starts climbing) The ladder is how I sneak out to the market to buy some stale bread from the baker.

Alfred: (at the same level as the tower window) Cinderella Come, despite your horrible background, will you marry me in three years when I become king?

Ella: (still crying and smiling) Of course!

Alfred: Why are you still crying?

Ella: I'm crying tears of joy!

Alfred: Then pack up your things. I will not stand for these horrible things to happen to my queen-to-be! Oh, and don't worry, your stepfamily will be exiled into the countryside after the wedding.

Ella: Thank you! I will pack my things tonight and be at the castle tomorrow morning. I'll see you then! (Duck down into tower)

Alfred: I can't believe me, The Geek Prince, is engaged! I can't wait to tell Mother and Father! (Happy face, spin around, leave)

Scene 19: A Happily Ever After and a Not So Happily Ever After

Narrator: And so, exactly three years later, Cinderella married Alfred, never saw her sisters or mother again, and had her father come to live with her in the castle, where he lived until his dying day as Chief Merchant for the king and queen. Pricilla and Julie though were exiled with their mother to the countryside to work as milkmaids. (Look at scene)

Pricilla: I hate my life.

Julie: I hate our stepsister.

Mother: I hate that I didn't realize what she did to you two as you were growing up.

Pricilla: It's alright Mother. At least we'll never have to see Eleanor again!

Julie: Yeah and I'm really getting the hang of this milking thing. Besides, I'm sure she'll change her mind eventually…I hope.

Narrator: And so, Cinderella got everything she had ever dreamed of and everyone lived happily ever after and not so happily ever after, or at least for now… (Bows)