The sun began to rise and Heath was woken with a bright white light. His eyelids fluttered open and he squinted up at the early morning sky. He watched seagulls float gracefully in the sky before looking beside him at Elise.

She was still sleeping with her full lips parted open just slightly. Her head rested on his out stretched arm and he could no longer feel his fingers. The pain was annoying but he refused to move, watching her sleep peacefully next to him.

Flipping over to his side, he took his right arm and draped it over her side. He loved the feeling of her next to him and how her golden skin felt beneath his fingertips as he traced figure-eights on her lower back.

He heard a soft woman as she shifted close to him and wrapped her arms around his waist. She was still sleeping but he could feel a blush creeping up his face. Elise pressed her face to his chest and it took all of his will power to not shiver from that simple touch.

"Heath?" He heard muffled from his chest.


"What time is it?"


Elise looked up at him and smiled softly, "Morning Heath." Even without make-up Heath thought she looked like an angel with bed-head. She kisses him briefly on the lips before untangling herself and standing up, tugging on her simple t-shirt.

He watched her stretch and she bent down to kiss once more. Heath couldn't help grinning at her before he stood up, running fingers through his blond hair.

His girlfriend skipped around him; she was quite the morning person. "Where are our shoes?" He looked down noticing for the first that they were both bare footed. He looked up and noticed her panties peaking out from the top of her jeans.

Heath thought he was the luckiest guy on earth when she looked up at him with her bright blue eyes. She draped her arms around his neck and he automatically placed his hands on her lower back. She pointed down to the blanket they slept on last night and Elise started to giggle with how it was covered with sand.

Rush of emotions filled him with her laugh and he pressed his lips to her forehead and teasingly said "You were snoring." She scoffed at him and mocked slapped his arm. He gave a pained expression and faked a broken arm.

"Aw I am sorry.

"Kiss and make it better."

Though he just said the corniest lime to the girl of his dreams, she happily kissed his arm and then his lips. When they broke apart, they held each other and watched the sun lift further in the sky.