The band is really great. I love this band. It's been ages since I felt like this.
Really alive.

My ears are full.
So heavy with the sound of the bass,
And my skin,
My skin is on fire.
It's like everything is just bleeding out of me – bleeding out of everyone.
I've got other people's sins on my skin.
It feels so good.

The person in front of me steps on my foot.
He's like two-hundred-fifty pounds.
It hurts.

Someone grabs my hand and I smile, thinking it's you.
The guy next to me looks confused when he realizes I'm not his girlfriend and he grabbed the wrong hand.
We look at each other and laugh it off.
And then I'm really laughing.
Like, really laughing.

You turn to me, smiling and yell: "What?" above the music.

I just keep laughing.
I say: "It wasn't you."
I say; "It's never you."

And you just kind of look at me – like maybe you're trying to figure it out.
You don't grab my hand.
But I always think it's you.
It's really, really funny.

The guy in front steps on me again.
Things feel a little dizzy.
Is this what it feels like to be drunk?

You say: "What does that mean?"
You say: "I love you."

I start laughing again.
You don't love me.
You love your girlfriend.
You might remotely like spending time with me,
But you.
You're a liar.

I must look hysterical to you, laughing over the music.

I say: "I'm moving to Australia."

You say: "You can't."

I say: "I am."

You say: "You're running."

I don't remember the last time I ate.
Are my eyes glossy?

You say: "What are you running from?"

Your sins are on my skin.
Your arms are locking me in place – not letting me move.
But you're not saving me from the people who are stepping on me.

My world is spinning.
I'm smiling.
Still laughing and say:
"It's you.
It's always you."