moon-white fingers clutched cotton sheets
a warm breeze flitted across—all in her mind,
trapped in a fervent dream of a strange boy,
dark, eyes piercing. and his hair was the color of rich mud;
and she squinted to make out the graceful bow of his lips,
and the somber expression that rested
there. and she realized
that she wanted him
more than anything. not for lust, for
what? but she never had time to know, because
his mouth pressed against hers,
and all she could remember was that she didn't know his name
but she forgot such trivialities
as his arms encircled her--
her stomach gave an excited lurch
and she lost herself
in the evening.


the doctors all gathered about
her bed the morning after, surprised:
her limbs iced and rubbered,
her sunken cheeks milky calla lilies.
they shook their heads and moved on to the next room,
failing to notice
the shadow-couple twirling absentminded circles in the hallway,
the electroshock screams.