7 December 2007

My family reunion was exhausting but so much fun.

I love being at home with her. I wonder now what used to take up my thoughts a year ago, before all this. Because I can't imagine thinking of anything else besides little Isabelle. The only phrase I can think of to describe it, is that she is the light of my life—my sunshine.

I have since grown very close to my parents and sister again. After feeling what I feel for Isabelle, I can never doubt their love for me again. It does feel slightly weird around Lizzy, because I feel older now. But this has brought us so close, because she always had a soft spot for babies.

Geoff spends a good deal of time around here. I don't mind as much as I thought I might. I thought I'd be jealous, but I'm not—really…. I spend every moment I can with her. She's an angel, Of course nappy changes and feeding at late hours can be exhausting. But she never cries—until I let someone else hold her. Then she sticks out her bottom lip and then squeaks! It's her way of crying and it's adorable!

I know what I did was wrong. And although it took a lot of time, I've forgiven Geoff. And myself to some degree. Mostly what counts, is I've asked God for his forgiveness, and I've received a pouring out of his love and blessings for me. I'm going to move on now. God has a plan for me, and I can't wait to find it out.

A/N Many thanks to all you who read this far. I know it might have been a little long, but I'm glad it's all up now. (And okay, so I was wrong... it was 9 chapters and not 10. Please excuse my exponentially terrible maths--I took Lower Grade maths.) I hope you enjoyed it and please review. This is my first great work and I'd love to know what it made you feel. The good and the bad. Thanks again for your time. God bless. :)