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Calcutta During the Pujas

Bland walls, dirty streets, roads filled with potholes, open gutters spouting dirty water, men bathing on the streets using water from nearby tubewells, rubbish dumps with humans and crows alike, scavenging for useful things, beggars sleeping on the roads, roadside hawkers trying to lure you with their goods and half-naked children crying pitifully on their mother's lap. All these things are a part of everyday Calcutta but things start to change as the Pujas approach.

The potholes get filled, hawkers start selling chandmalas and diyas, the streets start looking cleaner, the bland walls get repainted or decorated, lights are hung on the sides of the street and in some cases, are designed as a decoration for bamboo arches constructed over various streets in the city, the skeletal structures of pandals start appearing all over the city and there's an electric charge in the air.

The rain comes and tries to dampen the spirits of the locals but not even the water-logged streets can prevent the crowd of people that gather every year at the pandals. Tollywood favourites are belted out from the speakers causing a lot of noise pollution, but no one seems to care. Sweets are hurriedly exchanged between business associates, close friends and relatives.

Elegant cocktail parties are held amongst the rich and elite in Kolkata but at the pandals no one is separated whether they are rich or poor. The food stalls flaunt sweet items like the all-time favourite, rasagullas and salty items like chanachur. Dholkis are played on the streets till one o'clock in the morning. People stay out with their children till early morning for sightseeing alone but slowly the end of the Pujas draw closer.

The pandals, stalls are dismantled, the walls return to being bland, the streets are left dirtier than before and the scavengers start searching with renewed zest. The city of pandals and lights goes back to being the plain, unexciting city that it was and with that the spirits of the people slowly start coming back down to earth, bringing with it a sense of illusion. Everything that had happened during the Pujas seemed like a dream and the people blink their eyes, shake off the sense of disillusionment and begin their everyday lives again. The city closes its eyes and goes back to sleep, waiting for the next round of festivity where it will be full of fun and excitement again.


Written by Shubhs

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