Chapter One

Beautiful, absolutely beautiful. That was the only way to describe it. A beautiful enchanting forest you'd want to get lost in. The sun is shining through the beautifully arched trees and me sitting in the middle of it, witnessing this beauty. I could smell the colourful flowers that surrounded me. I'd never been so at peace. Then when I opened my eyes a prince stood looking at me. I wasn't scared for he was handsome and completes to what makes this place so beautiful.

"Beautiful isn't it?" I asked him as I ran my fingers across the greenest grass you'd ever see. "Yes you are" he replied and I knew that he was my prince. There he was the man of my dreams about to kiss me so passionately, when suddenly I heard a sound. It was quite an annoying sound and it was an alarm. I woke up immediately and the beautiful things that were surrounding me had disappeared. I realised I was in my house in bed, dreaming. What a way to ruin everything. I glanced towards the alarm ringing my ear drums and pushed it off the side, which then broke into a million pieces. I've never liked school; it was just one of those things you have to get up in the morning for. I could have millions of sleepless nights and no worries about bullies, jocks, nerds, but NO I had to get an education! At least I did think that way until I realised school is like alcohol, you don't knock it back until you try it.

Walking down the stairs was my greatest achievement. I felt like just going upstairs and pretend I didn't hear the alarm or my mother shouting from downstairs. It was Friday, but it seemed like a Monday. I entered the dining room and breakfast was already laid out on the table. My brother sat playing on his video game; he didn't even glance up at me.

"Stewie, stop playing that at the table" my mother ordered while placing a stack of pancakes onto the table. She then noticed me leaning against the wall.

"Oh you're up, finally" she said placing her hand on her hip. I couldn't help, but smile at her. I could never be mad at my mother, she mad me feel happy every time I looked at her. Suddenly my father appeared placing his arm around my mum's shoulder. My smile dropped like a sack of potatoes.

"We were worried" he said with a big smile on his face. I glanced at my mother and walked away out the front door.

"She's mad at me" he said looking towards her.

"She'll come around"

"I doubt it" he said sliding into his seat.

As I walked down the street to the bus stop I fought back my tears. I didn't want to think about it I just tried to concentrate my thoughts on walking. I picked up my pace. My brother was too young to understand, but I knew different. My parents divorced when I was young because of my dad's infidelity. Every day he had a new girl and whenever he had nowhere to go he crawled back to my mother. My mother always seemed to take him in no matter how much pain he caused her over the years. When my dad had enough of her, he always broke her heart. I always held her in the night every time she cried because of what he has done to her. I suddenly felt a tear fall, I quickly rubbed it away. I suddenly stopped in front of the bus stop. I sighed feeling sudden relief as I was a few miles from him.

"Hey Emily!" a male voice shouted from a distance. I glanced in the direction I heard the voice. It was Richard, my only friend who always made me feel better from seeing my father again.

"Hey Richard" I replied as he stood beside me.

"You should see my newest outfit I've made for you. It's so lush, I mean if you were a guy I'd take a run at ya"

I smiled at him every time he made jokes to make me feel better. He always knew when I needed cheering up and the best thing about him is he doesn't talk about it with me. The bus finally pulled up and the doors opened. I stepped in and glanced behind me to see Richard reaching in his bag for an anti-bacterial wipe. Richard was sort of a clean freak. He hated germs even more than girls, well except for one. He finally got on and as soon as we sat down the bus drove off.

"I don't know why we take the bus why can't we walk?" he asked as he looked really uncomfortable. "I thought you didn't like walking because you may sweat" I reminded him.

"I'd rather do that than have to burn my clothes every time I go home"

I smiled and looked out the window at passing houses and trees. Suddenly a red Mercedes came by the school bus. I'd notice that stupid red car anywhere, every time I saw it I felt like egging it. There he was, Dylan Hawk in the driver's seat. He smiled at me, but I could tell he was going to do something awful to me like he did everyday. "Emily!" he shouted to get my attention. I just pretended I didn't hear him; I even used my hands to say I couldn't hear him.

"Bitch!" he shouted. I couldn't ignore him any longer for his name calling.

"Bastard!" I yelled back. Every day was the same; we pulled pranks on each other and called each other hurtful names.

"Lesbian!" he yelled even louder than before.

"Homo!" I yelled trying to raise my voice higher than his.



"You're lucky I don't come on that bus and..."

"And what? What you gonna do?!" I interrupted. Before driving off he said those three words I heard him say every time he couldn't win a fight with me.

"Catch you later!" he yelled.

"Why are you always starting a fight with him?" a girl in front of me asked. My mouth dropped, meaning I was shocked not catching flies. "Hello weren't you watching?" I asked "he started the fight with me" I explained.

"Not from where I was looking" she replied. I couldn't believe I was so shocked from what I was hearing. Dylan Hawk had plenty of people on his side and all the girls worshiped him. "Don't listen she's just a skank anyway" Richard said to make me feel better. I smiled every time he insulted people to take his side over mine. He was a true friend.

The school bus suddenly pulled up in front of the school. Everyone except me and Richard exited the bus. "I wonder what he's gonna pull today?" I asked to Richard, rhetorically of course. "You know he only does this to you for one of two reasons" he assured me.

"And they are?" I asked.

"He is either jealous of you or he has a crush on you" he replied. I laughed in disbelief at the thought. Dylan Hawk did what he did to me everyday for none of those reasons. He just amused himself by making my life a living hell. Having all the people in high school turn on me and onto his side, it's like there was a big line of chalk. On one side the whole school including Dylan Hawk and on the other side me and Richard. It was completely unfair for him to have everyone on his side. Me and Richard finally moved down the bus and came out from inside the bus like everyone else. Richard and I walked along the path to the front door of the school. We made it to the door without a scratch on me yet. Richard walked in. Suddenly before I could react and move out of the way. A big bucket of ice cold water came splashing down from up above. I looked up and it was Dylan laughing with his friends. I was dripping from head to toe in ice cold water, I'm sure I even felt ice cubes drop down as well. "That ought to cool you down" he shouted laughing even more with his friends.

"Dylan Hawk I am going to kill you!" I shouted back fiercely.

"Oh afraid to get a little wet!" he replied smirking even more at me.

"I don't know that depends!"

"On what?" he asked still laughing.

"If you like cafeteria food or not?" I asked rhetorically. His smile dropped and he looked up to see Richard above pouring down a bucket full of garbage from the bins inside the cafeteria. He tried to cover himself up, but it didn't seem to work. "Put it this way at least you won't be hungry!" I shouted back up to him. I laughed at him slightly amused. He wiped the goo away from his eyes and violently splashed it onto the floor. "You think I've stopped there! That was just the beginning! It's not over yet!" he shouted even louder than before which I could tell from his expression he was furious.

"At least I'm not wearing a banana for a hat!"

He then pulled the banana of his head and threw it to the floor more violently than he had done before.

I entered the building as he cursed loud enough for china to hear. I could tell today was going to be a good day; mind you I have been wrong before.

Entering English class was not as thrilling as you would have thought. I was still wet, but my teacher barely even noticed as she was always engrossed in those murder mystery books of hers. Even when I squeaked when walking to my seat she didn't look up. I loathed English; it was stupid all of us knew how to speak anyway, well except for Dylan Hawk. From his absence I could tell he went to be hosed down. He was in every class of mine which made it so much easier for him to bully me. I gladly took my seat without him sitting right next to me, thinking of his next attempt to win. I hated that our teacher placed me next to him and she didn't even know what was going on. Before class could start the school's receptionist entered the room and handed my teacher a little post it note. "Emily Barton?" she asked as she looked around. I raised my hand which will probably make me regret it later. She finally noticed how wet I was. As I reached the door with every squeak my shoes made, the receptionist asked "What did you do this time?" She rose up her hands as I was about to speak. "I don't want to know" she said as she left the room. I followed her from behind. Everyone in the class could still hear my shoes squeak.

I sat patiently waiting for the principal to ask the receptionist to send me in. I glanced around trying to find something to do while I waited. As I glanced I noticed a boy looking at me, well actually staring at me. I smiled at him and realised I had made a bad move when he gave me a really weird look and turned the other way. I suddenly looked all bug eyed when I obviously thought everyone in this school was crazy. "Emily" the receptionist said. I looked up at her. "The principal said you can go in now" she told me. I sighed a big meaningless sigh and stood up from the bench. I looked at the boy who stared at me earlier, but he was still looking the other way. Entering the principal's office was never a thing I got used to. I did get used to seeing Dylan sat down on the opposite side from the principal and an empty seat next to him. "Sit down" the principal instructed me. I followed his instruction and sat down on the empty seat next to Dylan I had mentioned earlier. The principal sighed as if he wasn't up to doing this again after it happened often.

"What did you do this time?" he asked.

"Well…" I started to say, but Dylan couldn't help to butt in.

"I was walking along the pathway to get into school and all of a sudden she throws garbage from above at me"

My mouth dropped, I turned toward him and yelled "What?!" I was quite furious. "That is not how it happened"

"Yes it was" he argued.

"Alright explain how I got wet genius?" I asked getting more and more furious by the minute. "There's was big puddle and a car came" he replied.

"That's not the truth. I walked into school not him me, and then I get ice cold water poured all over me. That's what really happened!"

"How do you explain me covered in garbage then?"

"Not my fault you're clumsy"

"What?!" he shouted back at me.

All of a sudden we started fighting we could barely make sense as we rambled on and on. Suddenly a loud whistle came from the principal, which stopped us rambling.

"I don't care what happened! I just want you two to stop fighting and pulling pranks on each other!" he yelped. We glanced at each other with evil eyes. I'm surprised our eyes aren't burning up from all the hate. "Now I want you two to clean yourselves up and get back to class" he said. We both rose up from our seats at the same time which only made us glance at each other with evil eyes.

We both exited the office at the same time. We both tried to get out fast, but that just got us stuck between the doorways. I pushed myself forward, which almost made me go flying. He smirked from behind me with that cheesy little grin of his.

"Watch you don't fall you might actually scrap that little mask of yours" he said.

"Says the one, Halloween was over ages ago" I shot back. He smirked at me again and shoved past me. His girlfriend was waiting in the hallway for him. How pathetic! She obviously didn't mind the beast, but the odour was too much for her. "Did the principal say you could go home and change?" she asked as she held her nose so she couldn't smell the fumes coming off of him.


"My god what did she do to you?" she asks rhetorically.

"She has a name" I said. They both looked towards me.

"Oh I forgot she likes to be called ice princess" he replied to me.

"Run along Frankenstein" I said to him, walking past them both. I walked down the hall. I couldn't get away fast enough. I hated seeing his face, but I had to admit his face today was too amusing to turn away from.

Lunch came too quickly; it was a nice day so everyone ate lunch outside. Richard was already sat at our favourite table, which no surprise was as far away from Dylan Hawk as possible. "Emily!" Richard shouted from across the outside field. All of a sudden Dylan's head snapped up to sound of Richard's voice. He obviously just came back home as he was all clean again, damn! He looked at me; all I could do was look back. I started walking toward the table where Richard was; his eyes shifted to me as I walked there.

"Hey Richard" I said as I sat down on the opposite side of the table to him.

"I heard you got sent to the principal's office again" he commented.


"What speech did he give you this time?" he asked.

"No speech, I think he has officially given up" I replied. I opened my carton of milk and stuck a straw through it. I sucked the milk up through the straw, but I accidentally sucked up too much and it started to come from out my nose. Richard's laugh echoed through the field, which I thought is sort of impossible, but still. His laugh was like a hyena's and when he started it was kind of hard for him to stop.

"The back of my head is burning is someone staring at me?" I asked Richard. He looked around and noticed Dylan just look away from Emily as he got spotted staring at her. Richard smiled. "No" he said.

"Are you sure?" I asked confused about his smile.

"Positive" he replied still smiling. I ignored him and picked up my hamburger. I gripped it tightly. I took a big bite, but I probably didn't grip it tight enough as a big dollop of ketchup fell right into my lap.

"Oh god! Can anything go right today?" I asked rhetorically. I quickly grabbed some napkins, well a lot of napkins and tried to wipe it off, but it just turned into a big stain.

"You're going to have to go wash it off in the toilets" Richard pointed out. I sighed and looked towards the toilets. They were right near Dylan Hawk. They had to be for my day to become even worse. I rose from the bench and walked over. His legs were blocking my path.

"Can I help you?" he asked not even moving.

"Excuse me, I need to get past" I replied trying not to look into his eyes.

"What's the password?" he jokingly asked me. I felt like beating him until he was on the floor crying like a little baby. I just smiled and said "You're a dick."

He stood up and invaded my personal space. He was inches away from my face.

"You're really asking for it" he whispered.

"You want to back up off of me I can barely breathe with your stinky breath" I said. I stood still and he met my glare. He suddenly noticed everyone around him looking, even the principal. He moved to the side and I walked past him.

"This isn't over" he called from behind me. I never thought it was ever over. He enjoyed annoying me and wouldn't stop for no one. It made me think that he definitely had something wrong with him.

I was so happy to leave school. My day went from bad to worse. I walked down the street from the school. I tried to think about something else beside that stupid Dylan Hawk. It was so hard not to think about him. He obviously hated me for something I did to him, but I couldn't think of anything. He was the one who started this war with me. He even poured ice cold water all over me. I suddenly realised my clothes from this morning were still in school. I practically ran back round the corner back to school. I made it round the corner and everyone was already gone. Whenever school was over on a Friday, people couldn't get home fast enough. Lucky enough the doors were still open. I entered making my way through the halls towards the girls changing room. I entered and there they were, still drying on the radiator. I picked them up and stuck them in my back. Making my way back toward the doors, I pulled the handle, but the door didn't open.

"No! Come on don't do this to me!" I shouted trying to open the door with all my strength, but it wouldn't budge. I moved my hand away from the door and violently kicked it. I was stuck in School with no one with me for company. I thought to myself that the caretaker must have closed school early since it was a Friday. That was just what I needed. I guess it helped though with me not wanting to go home and result in another fight with my dad. It was always the same he would come back in my mom's life and we would fight at how much I haven't missed him. I turned from the door and slowly started to walk down the halls. I thought to myself how much I would be bored spending the weekend in school. It felt like prison, but worse. I suddenly heard a noise from one of the art studios. My heart started to beat so fast at the thought that I wasn't alone. That was even worse than being on my own. It felt like a horror movie. I was picturing a man with a mask and a big axe to chop me into little pieces. My heart started to beat faster as I made my way to the art studio. My hand started to shake as I hesitated to open the door. I thought I might as well get it over with. I quickly swung open the door and all you could hear throughout the halls was screaming.