Chapter 7

Ten years later…

In New York City, I'm officially an artist. I sat on a chair in the middle of my gallery that was opening tonight. People were hanging my art work all around the room. I buried my head in my hands, because I was too exhausted to even move. "Excuse me Dylan?" a voice said.

"What is it?" I mumbled.

"Where would you like this piece to go?" she asked. I looked up and saw the portrait of Emily. I moved closer to it and ran my fingers over it. Tears started to build up in my eyes, so I took my hand of it and looked away from it. "Just put it anywhere" I muttered. I sighed and lowered my head. Every time I looked at that painting of her I just can't bring myself to get rid of it. Every art gallery I have had, I didn't sell it. It's like it is stuck with me, because if I sold it, it would only bring me more pain. The only thing I have left of her and it gets harder seeing it every time. "Dylan" a male voice called. I looked up once again in the direction the voice was coming from. My trusted assistant Samuel has arrived. "Yes Sam?" he questioned. "I will run over tonight's gallery opening with you." I nodded in agreement. "Ok…" he started. I leaned my chin in my half balled up palm and looked at him as he ran through it. "…Two men at the front door where they will collect the invitations from guests, the people will take a look around at the paintings, you will then give a speech and thank everyone for coming, the paintings will then be auctioned off, but of course not your precious painting and then some food and wine will be served. That's everything."

"What about my parents?"

"Your parents?" he asked looking confused.

"You did give them the invitations didn't you?"

"Yes I did, but…"

"They sent them back again" I interrupted and leaned back on the chair.

"I'm sorry Dylan."

"Yeah me too, shall we go get something to eat I'm starving?"

"Sure." I got up and left the gallery.

There was a little café over the road from the gallery, so we went in there. It's where we usually go when we have a gallery show opening. We found a seat near the windows and sat down. I was facing away from the entrance and Sam sat opposite me. "What are you having?" I asked.

"Anything, as long as it's small."

"Sam just because you're my assistant doesn't mean you have to eat so little."

"Oh ok. Do you know what you want?"

"Yeah I'll have a double cheeseburger, large fries and a coke" I told him. He rose up from his seat, but he suddenly became still and looked in front of me in complete amazement. "Are you ok?" I asked. He looked as if he had seen a ghost.

"Sir…" I sighed.

"How many times have I told you to call me Dylan?"

"Sorry Dylan…"

"Ok what is it?"

"…do you know you're portrait of the girl from your past?"

"What about it?" I inquired looking confused.

"Ok don't panic, but I think…she just walked in." My head spun around so fast, I think my neck cracked. "Where? I can't see with all these people in the way!"

"Ok remember not to panic" he said, but I wasn't listening. I got up out of my seat and looked around the room for her. This had to be a sign, maybe fate. I couldn't think my mind was all scrambled. My eyes surveyed the room a few times. I still couldn't see her amongst the huge crowd of people. I suddenly felt like my heart had stopped beating right there. There she was, standing and talking to what looked like colleagues of hers. She smiled; it was still as beautiful as ever. I moved slowly toward her, figuring out what to say to her. "Emily?" I asked. She turned with a big smile on her face, but it disappeared the moment she recognised me. "Dylan? What are you doing here?"

"I live here. I moved after college." She looked as though she was in shock. "Aren't you glad to see me?"

"I…um…I…I have to go" she managed to spit out and left in a hurry. I froze for a second. She barely said anything to me. I suddenly chased her out. "Emily!" She stopped in her place and turned to face me. "Aren't you gonna ask me how I've been?" I asked, but I already knew that she was too shocked to speak. "I'm an artist now. I've got a few galleries in New York. What about you? What do you do now?" It was hard to get response out of her, but I had to get her to talk to me. "Come on Emily. I haven't seen you for ten years now, please say something." Tears formed in her eyes. "I have to go. I have a wedding to get to. Well more like a wedding reception." She finally spoke, but the last thing I wanted to hear from her is that she wanted to leave, to get away from me, as far as possible.

"Really, I was wondering why you look so beautiful today."

"Please don't do this" she begged.

"What? What is it I'm doing?"

"Complimenting me" she uttered.

"Nobody every complimented you, is that it?"

"No people have…"

"You just don't want to hear it from me" I finished her sentence because I felt she was heading in that direction. "I have to go. The reception will be over if I keep talking to you." Her words hit like a sharp pointy object stabbed in my heart. She suddenly left. I watched her walk away, but it was hard to not chase after her, so I followed her. She turned a few corners and crossed a few roads before she was making her way inside a building. I followed her inside, hoping she would give me a second chance. I had to try the best I could to explain to her. It's my only hope of getting her back.

Emily's thoughts

Oh god! He still makes my heart beat at unusual speeds. He's even hotter now, what am I going to do? I should just keep on walking, just get to the wedding reception and this feeling will just fade away. I can't believe I'm so unlucky to meet him again! Someone up there must have it in for me. I tried to stop myself from thinking about it, but it was all I could think about was him. I finally reached where the wedding reception was being held and sat down to the first available seat I saw. I let out a big huff and gulped down a glass of wine that sat on the table. My heart still hasn't returned to normal. God! Why is it he always does this to me? I'm not going to cry, I'm just going to forget about it. "Speech, speech!" I heard everyone yell. It was the father of the bride who stood up and held a microphone. "Well, well. I bet you guess you'd never see me doing this anytime soon…" the father started. Everyone laughed, but it didn't seem that funny to me. I had a feeling that most of them were fake laughing just to spare his feelings. "…My little baby is no longer my baby anymore. I feel so happy that she…excuse me what are you doing?" I suddenly looked up to realise Dylan was trying to wrestle the microphone out of the Father's hand. I sighed and buried my head in my hands. "I just need the microphone a minute" he said. I looked up and I saw him snatch it out of his hand. "Emily?" he said. My heart skipped a beat. "Emily? Where are you?" I saw him look around the room a million times over. Suddenly his eyes stopped searching and he looked at me. My heart skipped a beat again. He suddenly climbed over tables to reach mine. "Sorry" he said to the people who sat on the tables. He finally reached my table and looked down at me. "What the hell are you doing?" I asked.

"Emily, I haven't met you for ten years now. You have to listen to what I have to say."

"No, just go away. Just act like you didn't see me."

"All I do is see you. You're always with me, I can't shake you. I don't want to act like I never seen you, because the truth is I have been waiting to see you again for a long time." I shook my head continuously. He is making it very hard for me to not be able to stop my tears from flowing. "I'm guessing she hasn't told anyone how we met? You see, ten years ago Emily and I went to the same high school together. We hated each others guts, so we would always pull pranks on each other…we got to know the principals office really well…" My heart couldn't take him talking about the past. It was beating so fast I could barely breathe. "…then one weekend we got stuck in school together…we spent some time together and one thing led to another…we started to like each other…well Emily did, because I was already head over heels for her…that's why I constantly pulled pranks on her, but we drifted apart because of my ex-girlfriend. She told Emily that she and I would get married after graduation…" he stopped to take a breath and pursed his lips to talk once again. "…only it wasn't true, but it was too late to let her know that because she moved…I have always been in love with Emily, for ten years now." His eyes never once looked away from my face, when he told everyone about our past. "When I saw her this morning I was happy, but she obviously wasn't as happy to see me. I followed her because it was like I was getting a second chance to set things straight. So, Emily will you give me a second chance? I've missed being with you for ten years now I don't want to miss being with you for another ten years." Everyone was looking at me to see how I would answer. My heart was aching. "Emily, I love you. I am a hundred percent head over heels in love with you and…"

"Shut up, just shut up" I interrupted. I couldn't help the way I was feeling, I was still in love with him. I got up from my chair and climbed onto the table beside him. I grabbed his face and kissed him. He dropped the microphone and wrapped his arms around me. All of sudden a mass of cheering and clapping was going on. My hands made their way around his neck and his arms wrapped tighter around me. It was then that I realised how stupid I have been.

"Excuse me" someone said. We stopped kissing and looked to where the sound was coming from. It was the bride holding a microphone. "This is great and all don't get me wrong and I'm happy for you both, but do you think you could let my dad finish his speech?"

"Oh sorry, yes go ahead" Dylan replied. We both got down from the table and left the room with big smiles on our faces. So there you have it, my happily ever after… well for now that is.

The End