The Beginning of Spring


I always knew I was different, strange.

I remember once when I was five years old, my mum had bought a very unique wild flower, home. She had left it on a window sill near the back door; unfortunately the beautiful plant had begun to die after a few days, due to lack of sunlight and water.

Tears were threatening to spill over the sides of my eye lids and down my cheeks watching the poor flower disintegrate. Without even thinking I reached out towards the sad looking flower, and before my very eyes it began to come back to life. The withered, shoot straightened itself out until it was standing tall and proud; and I found myself mesmerized watching the once brown, leaves become green again. The flower quickly grew new petals, and looking back I thought it was the most beautiful flower I had ever seen.

When reality finally returned to me I quickly withdrew my hand, still shocked at what I had just done. I was about to turn and leave the room when my mother's piercing scream came from behind me. My mother looked at the once dead flower, and then slow turned to me, fear all over her face.

"W..wh..what are you?' She asked just before she collapsed to the ground from shock.

That was when I was five years old, and since that day my mother has never looked at me the same. No matter what my mother would never stop loving me, even if I was some nature, freak. But she became very protective of me since that day.

"You must never do that again Lidia, you hear me, never again."

"But mummy, I don't even know how I did it, the flower just came back to life."

"Never again Lidia, no one can ever know about… your gift." She said trying not to look at me.

"But why? Isn't it good, that I can save the pretty flowers from dying?"

"No sweetie its not. Its not normal… your not normal. No one must ever know alright…promise me."

"I promise", I felt something inside me die that day, something important.