The Most Popular Season Of The All


Have you ever heard Miley Cyrus's favorite saying, "You get the best of both worlds"? Try the best of three worlds. Popular high school student/ Good girl ballerina/ Paranormal wind child. Oh yeah life's a blast.

"Hey Baby"

"Hey Chris", I say as I give my boyfriend a kiss on the cheek.

"Me and the boys are going drinking tonight, want to come?" He smiled proudly.

"Sorry, dance practice." As soon as I said that the smile disappeared from his lips and was replaced by a frown.

"Your mother is such a slave driver, come on, come party with me"

"Sorry Chris, but no means no", I left him standing next to my locker and headed towards the science lab.


"Alright class, I have chosen your lab partners for the rest of the semester."

Everyone groaned at that statement, in fear of getting a bad partner. I was one of these people. I looked over to my left, where one of my friends Amy sat. "God help us", I said dryly.

"Don't worry, your one of the most popular girls in school, I'm sure who ever you get seated next to will be a hardworking, down to earth student." She said gently.

"I hope so."

At that moment the teacher began calling out pairs names, and I swear I felt my stomach twist. God knows what would happen if I got seated next to Bill Sanders, the snot nosed, pimpled computer geek; or Abby Thorn, the girl with allergy problems; or even worse Johnny Cape, the guy who likes to feel girls up when the teachers not looking.

"Amy Jones and Cathleen Thomson." Amy gave me a cheerful smile, before she headed towards her new lab partner. Lucky bitch, she gets to work with the most sweetest, most innocent girl in the class! The teacher continued to call name after name, and after each person had been given a group, I felt my stomach become tighter and tighter.

"Nami Roberts and Zane Cliff" I clutched my chest, of fear of having a heart attack, and looked in the direction of my new lab partner. Zane was in his own little world playing with the Bunsen burner, not noticing my gaze on him. I quickly looked over to Amy with a panicked look on my face. She gave me a sympathetic smile; even she knew I was doomed. Zane Cliff was known as the dark silent type; it wasn't that he was ugly and wore a lot of black; to tell you the truth he was rather hot. The only thing that ruined his attractive appearance was his destructive school record, and the frightening look he gave anyone who tried to get near him.

I very slowly got out of my seat, took my books, and made my way over to Zane's table. I cleared my throat, but he continued to ignore me. He placed a hand in the pocket of his leather jacket and pulled out a cigarette; he put the cigarette in his mouth, and leaned over to put the other end in the flame of the Bunsen burner. As I watched the flame light the end of his cigarette, I began to remember when the gym burned down last year. I heard rumors that Zane had started the fire, and even without any proof, everyone believed it.

I carefully sat down in the chair beside him, and only then did he bother to look at me. I quickly took that moment to inspect him. He had short golden bangs, and a perfectly light tan. His eyes were a soft honey colour and just looking at them made you want to melt. Under his leather jacket, you could make out his strong muscular abdomen through his tight fitting black t-shirt, and even though I hated smokers, I couldn't help but find the cigarette in his mouth made him look even hotter.

"You done drooling, yet?"

My gaze snapped back up to his, and against my will I felt myself blush. "I wasn't drooling, nothing much to drool over." Liar.

Zane snorted, and turned to face the front wall of the class. "You keep telling yourself that Prima Ballerina."

What? How did he know I was a ballet dancer, wait a second basically everyone in school knows that I'm a dancer. Ha, I'm just surprised he listened long enough to know that. "I'm not Prima Ballerina; I have a name you know."

"And you know I don't really care." He said as he took another puff of smoke.

"Fine Arsonist Boy, why don't you go set the new gym of fire huh?" As soon as I spoke those words I knew I shouldn't have, but he just made me so mad. Zane didn't answer; I bet he was pretending he didn't hear me; however I couldn't help but notice the flame of the Bunsen burner flicker, sharply.