Ok, have you ever had one of those days when the teacher's trying to teach math, geometry or whatever the hell this subject is, and all you hear is, "Blah blah blah"? Well that's what its like for me everyday.

"Alright class, I have chosen your lab partners for the rest of the semester."

Lab partners? This is science class! Oh wonderful, I wonder what whack job of a partner I'm getting this time.

"Amy Jones and Cathleen Thomson. Johnny Cape and Abby Thorn. Bill Sanders and Jessica Mathews……"

"Blah blah blah." I decide to set up the Bunsen burner, as a form of entertainment, knowing the teacher, this was going to take all fucking day.

"Nami Roberts and Zane Cliff"

I felt myself stiffen slightly, but quickly shook it off. I went back to playing with the flame from the Bunsen burner. I watched as it twisted and curved around my finger tips, enjoying the warm sensation against my skin. Ok ok, I know I sound like an arsonist, but I swear to god I'm not; well except for that time I burnt down the gym last year, but that was an accident, I just let my emotions get out of hand was all. Yeah I know what your thinking, 'This guys crazy'. Ha I wish, maybe then life would be simpler, but I'm not crazy, I'm just your average high school bad boy, who is able to control fire. Ha, I bet no ones ever told you that before.

Somebody suddenly clears their throat, obviously trying to get my attention. But of course I don't even both looking up, I know who it is. The girl who everyone knows, the girl who will one day take the stage as a full fledged dancing star, the girl who can make any guy fall for her; the girl…..Bad Zane, bad! I quickly shove a hand in my jacket and retrieve a cigarette. I place it in my mouth and then lean closer towards the flame. As soon as the cigarette catches light, I pull away, and take a big puff of smoke. To tell you the truth, I'm not that much of a smoker. The only reason I really do it is because I'm stuck in a house with a smoking, drunken father, and because it helps to relax my nerves. Did I tell you I have some serious anger issues?

All of a sudden I feel someone sit down in the chair beside me, and before I can stop myself I turn to see, Nami Roberts, the girl who can make any guy fall for her, just by looking at her. As soon as I catch sight of her, I mentally kicked myself for being stupid enough to even bother looking at her, but I then think of kicking myself harder because for some strange reason, I couldn't drag my eyes away from her.

Her shoulder length red hair, held a brad and shone beautifully in the sunlight. She had a thin figure, being a ballet dancer, and her soft chocolate brown eyes, made me feel things, I had never felt before. Made me want to do things to her that I know were wrong, and yet I couldn't help but feel the flame beside me twist and turn, just like the emotions inside me.

I could feel her gaze on me as she inspected me, and I quickly tried to brush her off, so that I could find some excuse to turn away, and stop looking at her.

"You done drooling, yet?" Her gaze snapped up to meet mine, and I felt a warm sensation run through my body, and no it wasn't the fire inside me, this was something else. I watched as a light blush covered her cheeks, which only made her look more attractive. Bad Zane, your rule breaker, fire boy, remember? While she's Prima Ballerina, miss popular, drop dead gorgeous, who has a boyfriend. I can't believe out of all the guys in this hell hole of a school she had to pick him, one of the most biggest pricks in the history of Hope Lake City……Chris James.

"I wasn't drooling, nothing much to drool over." I was enjoying the fact that the blush on her cheeks still hadn't disappeared.

I snorted, and turned to face the front wall of the class. "You keep telling yourself that Prima Ballerina." Her expression soon changes into a form of shock, then quickly returns to neutral. I wonder what I said that surprised her so much?

"I'm not Prima Ballerina; I have a name you know." I found it quite amusing that she disliked the new nickname I had just given her, I had to stop myself from laughing.

"And you know I don't really care." I said taking another puff of smoke.

"Fine Arsonist Boy, why don't you go set the new gym of fire huh?" Bang, snap, good mood gone. Last time the school gym burned down everyone immediately accused me, even though they had no proof to back it up. Yeah I did it, but like I said before it was an accident, and even if I hadn't been the one who'd done it, everyone's finger would still be pointing at me. Here I thought miss sweet Nami Roberts, would know better then to stereotype others but I guess I was wrong; looks like I'm enemy number one in this damn school.

I could feel the flame beside me flicker sharply. Ok, now I'm pissed.