Authors note: So I thought I'd take a crack at a new story. Since my other main story, the Word Love, is almost finished…I decided to get started on another. I believe the people who read and reviewed that one would like this one as well. Alright, I'd like to say that the same goes for this story: I am a devote Christian and it is my belief that sexuality is wrong before marriage. So that, to put it plainly, will not be in my story. There are certain characters who act very different from this belief and that's only because I believe it is important to learn that it is wrong. So no…in this story, impurity will not be seen as a good thing and it won't be written at all. Anyway, please give this story a chance and please…REVIEW! Remember, this first chapter in effect is kind of like the prologue.

Chapter One


The monotonous sound of the alarm clock woke up the sleep deprived teen precisely 7 o'clock. He rolled over, crushing some homework in the process, and turned the alarm off. With a large groan, he forced himself out of his bed and stretched almost all the way to the ceiling.

Aiden Forbes, being a taller sort of guy, could easily do this. After yawning twice, he brushed at his straight black hair that covered his eyes. He pushed it to the side, scratching his head, as he went to the bathroom.

He returned, jeans on now, and began searching for a shirt to where on this crisp fall day.

"Where the hell…" he muttered, looking in all the usual places.

Shrugging, he pulled of his t-shirt and began his search yet again. It was then that he glanced out his only window. His eyes widened when he saw that on the other side his best friend, Melanie Vancouver, was staring at him.

Aiden literally scrambled under his bed when he noticed this. On the other side, Melanie jumped from her only window, almost cracking her skull against her book shelf in the course of action. The two were used to this, for this wasn't the first time this had happened.

Aiden on many occasions had seen Melanie just gazing at him, especially with the removal of his shirt. It had started two months and for no reason in particular. But it had certainly happened and had continued to.

Aiden shook his head, finally finding the shirt he had been looking for. He pulled it on quickly and raced down stairs.

The Forbes had a very nice size house for a family of four. Being middle class, they lived in a quaint suburban neighborhood in Charleston, Indiana. They lived next door to the Vancouver's, a Catholic family with 10 children. When the Forbes moved to Indiana 7 years ago, the two families became instant friends but none more than Melanie Vancouver and Aiden Forbes. They seemed to be friends even before the Forbes arrived. From the second they set eyes on each other, the two knew the best of friendships was in the work.

They went to the same school together, best friends through it all. They were now both sixteen and still as strong. It wasn't until recently that Melanie had begun gazing at Aiden. It was confusing to him but being a guy, he decided to leave things as they were.

Aiden walked into the kitchen, his mother preparing breakfast, his father mesmerized by his newspaper, and his brother texting…some girl most likely.

"Morning…" Aiden mumbled, sliding into one of the wooden chairs.

His mother's smile was the only acknowledgement of the greeting. Aiden rolled his eyes as he reached for the cereal box. He poured an overly needed amount of milk over it and began stuffing spoonfuls of the food into his mouth.

"Slow down Aid," his mother, Cilia warned, "Or you'll have no room for the rest of breakfast."

"Can't," he replied, "I'm on morning announcement duty…Melanie's idea."

"You need a girlfriend…all you do is talk about that girl," his brother, James, muttered, replying to yet another text.

Aiden smirked at his brother who frowned back. His mother nodded, serving only the other two members of her family.

"Well, go pack your lunch…I made it for you."

"Thanks mom," Aiden said, stuffing the brown paper bag into his backpack, "I'll see you at 3:30."

"Speaking of time," Robert, Aiden's dad, stated, "Where were you last night at two in the morning?"

James glanced up from his text, shrugging, "Out…"

"Out where?" his mother added.

"Just out…I'm eighteen…I don't need a damn curfew."

"Watch your language," his mother said quickly, placing her hands on her hips.

Aiden smiled; he was glad his brother was finally being confronted about his late expeditions. He was sick of making stupid cover up stories. Last night had been one in many. Aiden slung his backpack on his shoulder after pulling on a warm hoodie and walked outside, leaving James to explain his own problems.

The air was thick but cool, warm but chilly; typical weather in Charleston. Aiden, following his usual pattern, walked over to the Vancouver's house. The families had grown so close; knocking would be considered an offense.

So Aiden let himself in, walking quickly into the kitchen where the huge family would be. He smiled, wishing sometimes that he had a larger family. Everything seemed so much more fun.

There was Mr. Vancouver, who wished to be called that, reading a newspaper like Aiden's father did and Mrs. Vancouver, who would rather be called Lily, making a feast. Then there were the ten children: John, Bella, Melanie, Edward, Micah, Jane and Janine, Billy, Lucinda, and the baby, Luke. These were listed according to age, with John being the oldest, 21, and Luke the youngest, 18 months.

Aiden could very well sit down and the family would not notice a guest had arrived. Mr. Vancouver would keep reading and Mrs. Vancouver would keep making more plates of food.

Melanie smiled, the only one to notice Aiden had arrived. He grinned back as Billy sat on his lap. The little boy of six years had grown quite accustomed this.

"I want food," Billy whined.

"Okay," Aiden answered, stealing some food of Janine's plate.

Janine wouldn't mind. She was too busy battling with her twin sister Jane on whether or not they should have a princess themed birthday party or an animal party.

Aiden fed Billy who smiled up at him. This man, at least he was a man in his eyes, seemed to be the only person who would look after him. After eating, he slid of his lap and went to go play with his best friend, Lucinda.

"Gotta go Mommy," Melanie said, "Love you. Bye Daddy, bye buys."

Aiden stood up, waving to the family. A few hands waved back but many were unconcerned. Aiden, not minding, walked out of the house, Melanie close behind. She shut the door before catching up with Aiden who had already passed her house.

When she caught up, Melanie felt awkward. She now remembered that Aiden had caught her staring at him again.

"How stupid can I be?!"

She glimpsed over at him, as he flipped his hair to one side. He glanced back and smiled.

"Why are you acting so weird?" he inquired, walking backwards so that he could face her.

"I don't know…" Melanie muttered, "Being a teen, I guess. I failed my last math test."

"I failed my last three math tests," Aiden said with a chuckle, "Don't feel bad."

Melanie smiled pushing Aiden out of the way. He slung his backpack to his other arm, hitting her on purpose with it. She giggled while buttoning up her fleece coat.

"Come on…we better hurry. You have morning announcements."

"So I've been told!" Aiden screamed while grabbing Melanie's hand as the two raced down the street.


"If you're in the need for excitement and a little fun during this cold fall, then go to the pep rally this Thursday at 3:00. It's sure to be a…blast? What the hell is this?"

Melanie snatched the script from Aiden as the two sat in the school office. The halls were about to be full of students and tightening up the announcements was needed.

"What's wrong with it?" Melanie asked,

"What's right with it should be the question. What kind of teenager wants to have…a blast?"

"I don't know! It's BS and I know it…so fix it."

Aiden laughed as Melanie threw the script into his lap. She walked from him, going to supervise everyone else's announcements. Everyone had arrived and was ready to go…everyone but Eva Langley.

Eva Langley was your typical beauty. She wasn't the cheerleading captain or a cheerleader for that matter, but she was probably the leader of everything else. With her luscious brunette locks, her perfect white smile, and her cute mini-skirts, she was the envy of every girl and the want of every guy; that "every guy" group included Aiden Forbes.

He had only dreamt of dating her since forever. He only wished she wanted him back. Too bad she didn't even know he existed. Well…she did. But only for one reason…his brother.

Eva had a special liking for James ever since he protected her from an onslaught of crude remarks from the popular clique during her freshman year. It was same instance that had helped boost Eva's nerdy Well…Aiden might as well face it…she was obsessed with James.

If for some chance James decided to drive Aiden home, you could count on Eva being there to catch a glance. She always made a point of dropping by their house, giving things her mother wanted to give to Mrs. Forbes. If James wasn't there, she would be depressed and stomp off.

Aiden hated his brother for this. He could get any girl he wanted…even ones that were so below him it was a monstrosity. So here it was, the girl he loved…only to be loved by his womanizing brother.

It was just then that Eva walked in, a smile on her face and of course, wearing a mini-skirt. Even on these chilly days, it never prevailed. Everyone seemed fine with her arriving late; that was everyone but Melanie.

"Eva," she said sharply, "You're…late."

Eva smiled, "Sorry…I had to get some coffee. I'm sure you can understand that."

"Not really…" Melanie replied coldly, "Announcements are in fifteen minutes and I haven't even reviewed your script. You might be the head honcho of everything else in this school but the announcements are my department and I don't plan to be the person responsible for messing them up. So, if you don't mind, please get to your post."

Eva rolled her eyes when Melanie walked away. Aiden chuckled a little but quickly stopped when he noticed Eva's post was right next to him.


When Eva sat next to him, she sighed heavily.

"...itch much…" was the only thing Aiden could hear when she sat down, missing the first part.

He pursed his lips, not very keen on people calling his best friends names. Melanie had been mean though. Aiden, finding this to be an opportune moment to "lay on the charm", turned to her.

"Hey Eva," he said calmly, "How are you?"

"Pissed," she said quickly.

"Oh…"Aiden muttered, a little defeated, "Melanie doesn't mean any harm. She's just a perfectionist."

Eva turned her swivel towards him, "Are you only saying that cause you two are best friends and it's your job to stick up for her?"

Aiden felt like hiding in a cave as Eva turned from him in a huff. This opportune moment no longer seemed like an opportunity at all.

"Nevermind…" he mumbled, "The only thing that would make you happy is if I talked about James."

"Did you say James?" Eva said her face lighting up, "Oh how is he? I really do miss seeing him at school…it's too bad graduation came so soon. He's probably off hanging with…college girls."

Aiden rolled his eyes, "Actually, being the dirt bag that he is, he skipped a year. Instead, he's decided to take a permanent position as a sloth and his currently camped out on her living room couch."

"So he's still in town?!" Eva exclaimed.

Aiden sighed. The girl had chosen to ignore every ill thing said about James.

"Yeah," Aiden muttered.

"Well then…I might have to stop by sometime. I really can only date older guys."

Aiden would have added something else to the "Horrible and Disgusting things about James" list but a few seconds later, morning announcements started and his chance was over. Eva was still infatuated with a guy who could care less on whether or not he defended a poor freshman sometime during the course of his life.


"You know what I was thinking…we have a movie night…with nails and facial treatments! Can we say fun?"

Melanie tried to smile at the girl she thought was named Christie. But the girl's bleached blonde hair and overly excited attitude only made her want to puke.

"Um, Christie?" she said with question.

The girl nodded with a huge smile. Melanie smiled, glad to make the right guess.

"How many girls would be at this…party?"

"Only a few!" she exclaimed, "I don't know…50!"

Melanie gasped, "Then why…are you…inviting me?"

The girls smile quickly disappeared as she placed an invitation in Melanie's hand. She would then go on to mutter "My mom told me to invite you" before walking off to someone she actually looked like she wanted to invite. Melanie glanced over at them, in a way wishing she had a girl friend. But she knew that was impossible. This was the same girl who ate worms for fun at the age of eleven.

Melanie quickly threw the invitation in the trash before feeling a light tap on her butt. She was ready to throw a punch before turning around to see Aiden. He smiled furtively.

"You pervert…" she said playfully as the two walked to their lockers that happened to be side by side.

"I am…just learn to endure it."

Melanie smiled, pulling out her history book. She had all her classes with Aiden, something the two had secretly planned. Instead of getting out his books like a "good student", he found much more pleasure playing with Melanie's long, waist-length strawberry blond hair. She didn't mind, as long as he didn't ruin it. It was very temperamental.

"I've decided to cut it," she stated lamely.

Aiden stood up right, "Are you serious? Why?"

"Because," she muttered, "It's too long…and it would make a nice wig."

Aiden folded his arms, still able to play with a long lock of her hair from this position. He glanced at her and then back at the busy hallway.

"I like your hair…" he whispered.

Melanie glimpsed at Aiden who was gazing at her, now fervently fiddling with the wisp he had taken.

"I'll think about it then…" she replied, blushing lightly.

Aiden smiled, focused on Melanie until in the corner of his eye he saw Eva walking down the hall. He instantly let go of the piece of the hair and repositioned himself on the lockers. Melanie just looked depressingly back into her locker, not wanting to watch him stare at "that girl".

"Hey Eva," Aiden said as she walked by.

The girl completely ignored him and kept pacing down the hallway. Aiden, noticing that some people had seen this and were laughing, quickly opened his locker to hide his face.

"Why does she hate me?!" he cried.

"She's just ignorant…that's all," Melanie said, "Nothing more, nothing less. Come on, forget about her. We have history."

"How can I just forget about her?" Aiden said, still talking into his locker.

"You just…forget. You just like…put her in your mind and then like…strangle her or shoot her or whatever…till she like…dies and stuff. Then you feed her like…carcass to the vultures and watch as she slowly disappears. Then you like cry for awhile…and then forget!"

Aiden slowly removed his head from the locker, staring queerly at Melanie.

"You need more girl friends…"

"Probably…" Melanie remarked, pulling Aiden from the locker and to Mr. Mackenzie's history class.


"I'm thinking of something blue…with little red dots…and-"

"Jane's hat…"

"How did you know?!"

"Aiden…I live in a house with ten kids…I have to know what's mine and what's not."

Aiden beamed at Melanie as the two made their way home. School had been uneventful, as usually; boring teachers, over-dramatic students, and loads of homework. But the people of this town didn't seem to mind the quiet life. They were quite accustomed to it.

Halfway through the walk home, Aiden began imitating Melanie's older sister Bella, who made a thing of dancing very badly. He jumped off the sidewalk and then began skipping through the empty street. Melanie pointed at him while laughing, one of her arm warmers slipping of her hand and to the ground.

Laughing uncontrollably due to Aiden sashaying his hips, Melanie fell to the concrete trying to pick up her hand warmer. Aiden's eyes widened as he ran over to her however smiled when he noticed she was giggling.

"You are crazy," Aiden said, sitting next to Melanie.

Melanie laughed a little longer before sitting up next to her best friend. They both stared at each other a moment before bursting back into laughter. Aiden wiped a "laughing too much" tear from his eye as he passed Melanie her warmer.

Melanie put it on, the two finally quieting down. It was then that she noticed how close she was sitting to her best friend. It was then that she remembered how much she liked him.

Melanie was extremely confused on the whole matter. She wanted to just stay friends with Aiden…but in the back of her mind, she knew she dreamed of more. But for now, all she could was stare from afar at something she knew could never be. Besides, it certainly wouldn't be worth ruining their friendship.

"I saw you staring at me this morning…" Aiden said with his boyish grin.

Melanie, face like a beet, jolted up. Guys weren't supposed to mention things like this! And Aiden knew it was probably something best left alone, but it had been bothering him.

"Aiden, Aiden you don't understand. I was just…just-"

"Trying to get a better look at the pipes," he interrupted with a sly grin, "I know, they are pretty amazing."

Melanie gasped before punching Aiden squarely on the arm. He groaned, clutching his arm.

"You vain child!"

"But they are!"

The two teenagers, who acted in a way more like children, spent the rest of the walk home laughing and shoving each other. When they arrived at their street, they noticed Eva was walking off the porch. They both groaned. Aiden did this knowing she had probably stopped by to talk to James. Melanie did only because she disliked the girl with a passion.

"Hi Aiden…Melanie."

Melanie smirked as she walked past. Aiden had to keep himself from drooling.

"I hate that girl," Melanie said when she knew Eva was a great distance away.

"How can you?" Aiden whispered, staring at her as she walked away.

Melanie rolled her eyes, literally dragging Aiden into his eyes.

"She is just so hot!" Aiden screamed, pulling of his coat, "If I had her…ugh…if I just had her."

Melanie pursed her lips, tugging at her strawberry blonde hair. She felt like a poor, unworthy girl when Aiden went on his rants about Eva. It's all she ever heard about.

When Aiden walked into the kitchen, he found James in the same place he had left him…still texting away.

"You need to get a life…" he muttered, opening the fridge.

"You need to keep that Eva whatever girl away from me. She stopped by today."

"I know…" Aiden said.

"She tried to hug me. Can we say clingy?! I thought that little tramp wannabe would've found a boyfriend by now. Ugh…I should've gone to college!" James stated loudly.

"I wish she tried to hug me…"

"What a shame…" mumbled Aiden.

James glanced up from his phone, noticing that his brother was in a certainly depressed mood.

"You need a girl…and by a girl, I mean someone other than Melanie. No offense Melanie."

Melanie shrugged as she walked, "None taken."

"Look, shut up about my girl…problems," Aiden muttered, "You don't have to talk about it every minute."

"I'm just saying…you need to get a girl and get at her…any girl. Cause when you do-"

"Enough James," Melanie said in a whining tone, "I don't need to here your graphic experiences."

James made a cunning smile as he stood up and ran over to Melanie. He gripped her around her waist and pulled her within inches of his face.

"Maybe that's cause you want me to get at you…huh?"

"Get off me!" Melanie said in disgust, pushing James of her.

"Leave her alone," Aiden said quite uncaringly from the fridge.

"Thanks a lot," Melanie responded sarcastically.

Aiden shrugged. This wasn't the first time James had tried to make a move at Melanie. For some reason, nobody knew why, he found bothering her and testing her patience enjoyable. He knew no one was romantically interested in her, being a plain girl. So he did everything possible to make her fall for him. That was a lost cause.

"Your going to love me some day…baby…" he murmured into her hear, his brown hair tickling her neck.

Melanie pushed James from her ear, "Not in your life…you already have enough girls to cheat on."

"Not one that disliked me…so trust me…I will get you."

Melanie rolled her eyes, walking up beside Aiden. She felt safer next to his side. She had never liked his brother and his weird obsession with her made Melanie more confused and alarmed.

James shook his head, checking a text, "You should count yourself lucky."

Melanie laughed, taking a pickle from the jar Aiden was holding, "And why is that? Because some barely graduated jock wants me to be his floozy?"

Now it was James's turn to laugh.

"No," he said slowly, "Because this 'jock' actually took pity on a girl as ugly as you."

Melanie looked down quickly, placing the pickle back in the jar. Aiden tried to give her a reassuring look before glaring at his brother.

"James, why do you have to be such a jackass?!" he screamed.

"Eh, just let her go to church…then she'll be fine," James said, before turning back to his phone.

Aiden tried to comfort Melanie but all she mumbled was "I have to go…" before picking up her backpack and running out the door. Aiden walked over and slapped the back of his brother's head before running up to his room.

When he opened the door and looked out the window he could see Melanie sitting silently on her bed. She was pulling at her hair, something she did when feeling useless and alone. A few seconds later, she broke into tears.

Aiden fell back on his bed before letting out an agitated cry. His love life stunk. His friendship life was being tested. And his family life was not even something to discuss.

Life was not on his side. And this…was only one day.


Authors note: I know it seems like its very few characters and such but it will improve. Just give it a chance, please! I'll update soon.