Gator Boots

If you've ever wondered who are the toughest, Navy SEALs or Army Special Forces Green Berets, maybe this will help.

A SEAL and a Green Beret wanted to buy alligator skin boots. They drove to a small town in Louisiana and found a shoemaker famous for his tailor made boots.

"What do you charge for a pair?" the SEAL asked.

"Five hundred dollars," said the shoemaker.

"Too much," the Green Beret said. "We'll get our own."

"Good luck," said the shoemaker.

They traveled deep into the swamp and saw a swimming ten-foot long alligator. The SEAL dove into the water, wrestled with the alligator and tossed it up on the bank, where the Green Beret flipped it on its back and tied its jaws together. Then he said in deep disappointment:

"Aw, heck, it's not wearing boots."

"They wouldn't fit us anyway," the SEAL said. "It's a female."