Chapter One

Walking down the street, there he was I fell in love immediately. He looked great in his suit, pity it hid his great body, but I was desperate to see more. I walked along hoping he would notice me and he did. He smiled at me and then I smiled back. It was a match made in heaven.

"Julia?!" a voice cried. She sighs and stops typing her story on her computer.

"Interrupted again, I'll never get this story finished" she says to herself. She presses the save button and heads down stairs.

Making her way down stairs to the store that her auntie Sarah owned, they unfortunately lived above the store. She made her way from behind the counter looking in search of her auntie. Suddenly without a sound her head popped out and they both jumped.

"Julia, why do you have to do that?" she asks rhetorically.

"Sorry" was all she replied. She constantly told her auntie she was sorry, she crept up on her all the time. It was a surprise that she hasn't a heart attack with all the creeping Julia does.

"Were you upstairs doing that story of yours again?" she asked, knowing fully that that was what she was doing.

"I want to get it finished"

"How many times do I have to tell you? Men don't fall in love so easily and in these stories of yours, they aren't even based on reality" she muttered.

"Help me with these boxes" she ordered as she took one of the boxes in the back.

Auntie Sarah kept telling her that ever since her husband left her at the altar. She stayed strong and hasn't been on a date in years. When ever Julia tried to set her up she just said "men are a waste of my time" but Julia knew she was still hurt after her husbands sudden disappearing act on her wedding day.

"Julia" her auntie said. She suddenly stopped daydreaming and picked up a box off the floor. She smiled at her auntie and as she turned her back made a face that showed how heavy the boxes were.


On the other side of town in a fancy perfume company all the women drooled as the boss's son entered the building. He wore a blue suit and designer sunglasses which he looked delicious in. He had a grin to light up a room or make women faint. In fact, one of the women actually did faint. He looked a lot like Matthew McConaughey, which would probably explain why women fainted at the sight of him. The women started to giggle already; he just carried on walking and removed his sunglasses before entering the elevator. Of course they were also women in the elevator. They all looked like idiots trying to get close to him, giggling like a couple of school girls. The elevator doors opened and he stepped through. As he walked away, they started to look at his arse, checking him out as people call it. Making his way towards his father's receptionist's desk he planted his crossed arms on the desk.

"Ah my favourite receptionist, have you done something with your hair…?" she giggled "…Is my father busy?" he asks.

"He's in a meeting right now, but you can wait if you like" she replies grinning like a Cheshire cat. She obviously had a crush on him; either that or she had a hanger in her mouth.

"You know I would love to wait, but I'm pretty impatient" he replies grinning back. He always used his charm on women to get what he wanted. She practically shivered as soon as he showed his dimples.

"You can go in" she blurted out with no regard for what her boss would say. The double doors swing open and he comes through. A man and his father are sat at the table where all the company meetings take place. They look up from all their paperwork laid out on the table.

"Dad, how are you?" he says as he sits down on a chair at the table.

"What are you doing in here, Riley?" he asks as he gives his receptionist an annoyed look. She stops grinning and looks down at her desk, pretending to be invisible.

"I need to talk to you"

"I'm in an important meeting"

"I'm not important now" he says and glances towards the man sitting next to his father. He looked just about the same age as himself. "Who's this?" he asks, curiosity getting the best of him. His father sighs before introducing his colleague he is conversing with.

"Riley, this is Mr. Jack Daniels"

"Like the drink, right?" he says as he firmly shakes his hand. "Nice to meet you"

"Likewise, but I'd prefer if you kept your comments about my name to yourself" he replies showing an obvious dislike towards him, but Riley just laughed. "Will do, now if you don't mind I have something pretty urgent to discuss with my father…" he pauses "…alone." Jack glances at his father, he nods towards him acknowledging him to leave the room. He walks past about to leave. "It was nice to meet you maybe we should have a drink sometime, perhaps whisky." He just ignores him and carries on walking closing both doors behind him.

"What's wrong Riley?" he asks looking as if he is tired of his silly little antics.

"I need a new receptionist" he replies. His father can't believe his ears; he is shocked as to why he disturbed such an important meeting for this.

"You walked in on my meeting because you need a new receptionist?" he asks still shocked to the reason.

"Yes, she keeps looking at me and giggling"

His father sighs, waiting for him to become calm again. It seems he is always disturbed in his meetings by stupid requests. He didn't even know why he was so shocked after all his unannounced visits. He had a half a mind to slap him across the head, it would have probably knocked some sense into him, but he just simply said "I'm not the slightest bit surprised. Ever since you were born the women just fell for your charm and looks, your personality however remains unseen."

"I'm hurt that you think I need a personality to get what I want from women. All I need is a smile and they give me my every need and desire" he replies grinning even bigger than before.

"I would love to meet a girl who doesn't fall so easily" he muttered. His son's smile disappeared.

Back at the store, Julia was staring into space again. She was so bored when no one came and she was in the store on her own. Her auntie Sarah always went out in the afternoon to play bingo. She always tried to keep herself busy by stocking up shelves, dusting up… well dust to be exact, but she always got bored because that was all she could do. She then started to make fish noises she was that bored. She wanted to go upstairs finishing her tale, but her auntie would just moan and probably come at her with fists. She glanced at the radio and tuned it into her favourite radio station. It was reading the news, she always hated the news, it was so boring talking about the current world events. Soon after the news had finished, her favourite song came on. She looked excited as she started to dance in one of the aisles. She turned away from the door and nodding her head so much she couldn't hear the bell on the door ring. It was him. The man who made all the girls melt. Riley Chase stood watching her dancing like a complete an utter fool. Unaware that she had an audience she kept on dancing. She even shaken her ass in front of him, if she would have known she would have been completely embarrassed. All he could do was smile. Suddenly she turned around and as the song stops she finished with a pose. She saw him immediately; she turned bright red trying to stand normally she accidentally falls over on the wet floor. She lay there with a wet butt and a face that looked like a beetroot. He shadowed over her. They looked at each other for all of ten seconds before he asks "Got any soda?"

"Aisle three"

"Thanks… and by the way… nice pose" he sarcastically says. She covered her face in embarrassment as he walked away.

Behind the counter she waits impatiently for him to pick a soda and leave. She couldn't wait until the embarrassment was over. He took his time studying what was there, she sighed. He glanced towards her and she just looked up at the ceiling. She then pretended to stack cigarettes on the shelf, when it was clear that she was unable to fit anymore onto it. He finally made his way to the counter and placed a bottle of soda on the counter. She started to shake trying to pick up the bottle to scan the price into the till. She managed to pick it up and scan it. He pulled out his wallet from his pocket. Passing her the credit card she tried to avoid direct eye contact. She took it from his grasp and quickly swiped it along the till. Suddenly his phone started to ring; putting down his wallet, he slid his hand in his suit looking for his phone. He finally found it and picked it up.


She constantly tapped her foot she was desperate for him to leave so she would never see him again. She gave him back his credit card and he put it on top of his wallet. "I'm on my way just went to the store" he said to the man he was talking on the phone with. "Yeah, ok, don't worry I'll make it" he said "in fact I'm on my way out now." He grabbed his bottle of soda and headed for the door. He left. She could only stand there until she sighed with relief. She looked down at the counter and noticed his wallet still there. "Oh crap" she said to herself picking it up she headed for the door. Outside the store she notices him getting in his fancy sports car. "Hey, wait!" she shouted. Halfway in the car he noticed her running towards him. He couldn't catch a break; he couldn't go anywhere without women running after him. He suddenly jumped in his car, eager to leave another soon to be stalker woman. He drove away and she shouted "Hey! Your wallet"

She suddenly stepped out onto the road, putting her hand up trying to stop one of the cars, but they just drove straight past her. She then managed to stop a motorbike. "Stop" she shouted. "I need this bike" she said as he moved right in front of her. He was practically an inch away from running her over. "Are you insane? No I'm not giving you my bike!"

"Please I'll bring it right back"

"Jesus lady! Take the damn bike!" he said as he handed her his helmet and got off the seat.

"Thanks I'll bring it right back I promise" she replied as she got onto the bike and put on the helmet. She then revved the engine and she rode off leaving a big load of smoke behind.

Riley finally arrived to his meeting at a fancy restaurant. Well it was sort of a meeting. He entered as he took his coat off. He looked around the restaurant looking for his best friend. David Anderson was his best friend, a bachelor just like Riley Chase. They were both chick magnets and not the yellow fuzzy kind. They couldn't go anywhere without being bothered by women. He finally noticed him as he stood and waved to get his attention. Making his way to the table, he tried to dodge the other tables surrounding him. "Hey man you're a little late" David pointed out as they both sat down. "Sorry I had a little woman problem"

"What's her name?" He asks clearly interested.

"It was nothing like that it was another stalker" he replies.

"Oh. So will I get to meet this stalker?"

"You know there's something wrong with you"

"What?" he asked in a high pitched voice.

Across the room, Julia enters the restaurant she looks around and notices him sat on the table. She is about to go over to him when she is stopped by a waiter.

"Excuse me, can I help you?" he asks keeping hold of her by the arms.

"Yes I just need to give someone this wallet" she replies as she tries to escape his grasp. "Do you have a reservation?" he asks.

"No, but…"

"I'm sorry if you don't have a reservation I can't let you past" he said interrupting her. Riley then hears the commotion and sees her immediately. "Oh my god" he says putting his head in his hands.

"What?" his friend asks. He lifts up his head again across the table to his friend. "That's the stalker"

He starts to check her out. "Really? She's hot" he says smiling. Riley sighs. She then finally gets past the waiter and makes her way to him. "Oh my god, she's coming, she's coming!"

She finally is stood beside him. "Hi…"

"Listen let me stop you right there. Ok I'm sorry, but I'm not interested in you…"


"No let me finish. I am telling you this so you can stop stalking me"


"No buts, I can't get rid of you crazy women" he says without flinching.

"Crazy women?" she asks trying to control her anger.

"What you deaf as well as stupid? Yes crazy women like you."

"Of course, how stupid of me? I won't bother you again my stalking days are over" she says through gritted teeth.

"Do yourself a favour, get a psychiatrist." She laughs in disbelief. She can't believe his tone towards her. She is just about to turn away.

"One more thing"


"Just out of curiosity that's who's paying for this meal?"

"I am, why?"

"No reason. Enjoy your meal" she says walking away. She had half a mind to slap him across the face or throw water in his face. No, she had a better plan, she thought to herself if he doesn't want the money, she would keep it. Serves him right for thinking for one second she would want to stalk him and the part where he called her crazy, which made her even madder. He didn't know anything about her; she was just returning his wallet he was so stupid to forget. All she could think about is wasting his money any chance she got. Shopping was her next stop and she would spend and spend until her feet were killing her.

"I can't believe you publicly embarrassed her in front of everyone" David said while laughing in disbelief. "Well I'm getting sick of these women, following me wherever I go. It's disturbing and down right unsanitary" he replies and takes a sip of his coke. "What do you expect? Me and you have been blessed with charm and wit my friend." Riley shook his head at his friend. He knew he wasn't wrong, he always thought of himself oozing with charm. Throughout his constant daydreaming he had not seen the bill yet.

"Sir?" the waiter constantly asked trying to grab his attention. He suddenly stopped staring into space and noticed the waiter trying to grab his attention.


"The bill?"

"Of course sorry" he replied. He started to search through the pockets of this Armani suit. "Where'd my wallet go?"

"If this is a way for me to pay again you can forget it"

"Seriously I can't find it, where'd I put it?" he replies trying to remember where he had it last. He suddenly gets a flashback of him leaving his wallet in the store on the counter.

"Oh crap" he mutters as he realises why the woman came and followed him to the restaurant, his expression full of angst and regret. "What?" his friend asks. "That woman has got my wallet."

His friend suddenly just burst out into laughter.

"So when she came in here it wasn't to stalk you it was to give your wallet back!" he said continuing laughing.

"You can stop laughing now" Riley ordered.

"I'm trying to, but it's so damn funny" he replied. He continued to laugh until he had trouble breathing and his stomach started to ache.

Back at the shop, Julia entered with bags full of clothes and other accessories. She had a big smile on her face, like she was pleased with herself.

"Where in the world did you get all this stuff?" her Auntie Sarah asked as she walked behind the counter. She tried to think of something to say until her Auntie made her own assumptions.

"I won the lottery" she said. Her Auntie looked at her strangely, it didn't look like she realised she was lying. She just looked suspicious.

"What did you get?" her auntie asked. Julia finally smiled at being asked that question.

"Come on I'll show you" Julia said. Just as they were about to go upstairs; someone walked through the door. They both sighed.

"I'll come once I have served this customer" Sarah muttered. Julia smiled at her and made her way upstairs. Aunt Sarah stood near the till at the counter looking at the man who entered; he was stood at the fridge with his back towards her.

"Can I help you?" she asked. He glanced at her and it was him Riley. He looked confused, but he still stayed stood there.

"Yes I am looking for a young woman who may work here"

"You mean my niece Julia; she is the only one who works for me"

"Yes can you get her for me please?" he asked.

"Of course" she replied. Her voice shouted her name from the bottom of the stairs. "What?" Julia shouted back.

"Someone is here to see you" her Auntie shouted again.

"Ok one minute"

Her Auntie made her way back to the till.

"It may take a while, she's just been shopping" she said trying to make conversation as they waited for her to come down.

"Oh really?" he asked trying to act curious.

"Yes she came in with about a million bags of clothes and other things" she replied. His jaw tightened at the thought of her spending his money. It looks like her Auntie didn't know about it, he thought to himself. He then heard her making her way down the stairs. He was thinking of what to say first or if not to say anything at all and attack her from across the counter. She suddenly appeared through the open doorway. She glanced up at him and at that moment she turned back round.

"Hey don't even think about it" he told her. She turned back round towards him.

"Something wrong?" her Auntie Sarah asked.

"Auntie why don't you go upstairs I'll deal with this customer" Julia replied.

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah, don't worry I'll be fine"

For now, Riley thought to himself. She glanced at Riley and back to Julia.

"Ok" she said and made her way upstairs. Julia watched as she left. She swung her head back around when she was out of sight.

"What are you doing here?" she asked him.

"Why do you think?" he replied. "I want my money back"

"Sorry I can't, I already spent it all" she sarcastically folding her arms across her chest.

"You'll just have to give everything back"

"Funny thing, I lost all the receipts"

"What about my credit cards? Aren't they still in my wallet?" he asked trying to keep calm.

"They were until I chopped them up and threw them in the rubbish" she replied. He finally lost it.

"You're unbelievable! You think you can just do something like that and get away with it?!" he shouted at her.

"You think you can humiliate me in a public restaurant and get away with it?!" she yelled back.

"You're not still upset about that are you?"

"You called me crazy, stupid and a stalker!" she replied while counting on her fingers the things he called her.

"You're gonna pay me back one way or another!"

"I don't think so"

"You have no idea what I could do to you?!"

"Is that a threat?" she asks rhetorically.

"Yeah" he replied. He was such a jerk, she thought to herself. "Put it this way I could have you out and living on the streets by this afternoon!" She froze. The thought of her and her Auntie sleeping in a cardboard box, she couldn't do that to her. She sighed.

"What do you want me to do?" she asked. A great big smile appeared across his face. He tried to think what she could do and his smile went wider.

"I want you to work for me as my receptionist" he said.

"What?" she asked confused.

"You work for me and for every day you work I'll take whatever money you make and deduct it from what you owe me" he replied.

"How do you expect me to find out how much I owe you?"

"You won't I already knew how much I had in my wallet before you took it. I'll work it through with you when you come to work tomorrow"

"Tomorrow?!" she yelled in surprise.

"Why, you have somewhere to be?" he asked sarcastically.

"No I'll be there"

"Good come at 7:30 in the morning" he said as he was leaving the shop.

"Wait, where do you work?"

"You'll figure it out" he said as he left the shop.

She sighed at the thought of her being defeated by a big headed jerk. She couldn't believe she had to figure out for herself where to go. Tomorrow was going to be a nightmare.