Snow White The True Story - Oneshot

They all thought Snow White was a nice girl, how she fooled them all. The Queens POV.

They all thought Snow White was a nice girl, how she fooled them all, you see everyone believed her story. They wouldn't even listen to my version because my story was the truth of what happened. It all started when I married my husband Albert who'm was a king. I didn't marry him for his money though, because when I first met him I didn't even know he was a king. We fell in love and I met his daughter Sindy Whitehall, she hated me, I couldn't understand why, I had done nothing to her. She would only be nice to me when her father was around and when he wasn't she would be a cow. It was when Albert died that she properly turned against me, she blamed me for her father dying and would tell all the neighbourhood that I had been hitting her, which I hadn't, I wouldn't do such a cruel thing. Then one of the days when I woke up, I found she wasn't anywhere in sight and had escaped. Apparently one of the guards said she vanished into the wood's which is one of the dangerous places in the kingdom, I had to do something about it because I promised Albert before he died that I would look after his daughter.

So there I went into the woods with my prada shoes on might I add, so Image me a queen walking in a dirty overgrown forest not helpful is it. That's when I saw her in a little cottage cleaning it up like a poor orphan girl. It kind of made me laugh, Sindy Whitehall cleaning I thought I'd never see the day, she used to always make me do that job, I burst out laughing by accident which caught Sindy off track to seeing me outside the window. She came charging like a gorilla up to the window and screamed at me. ''What are you doing here'' She asked me. I told her I was there too take her back home but she wouldn't listen to me being the spoilt brat she was. So I said to have some of my apples for lunch I thought there might not be any food around and I didn't want her too starve even if she was the meanest child alive, she took it and I went back to the kingdom telling her to come back soon.

Then 2 weeks later the police turned up on my doorstep arresting me on attempt of murder to Sindy Whitehall. Once in jail I heared the news that she goes as Snow White now and that I tried killing her by poising her with an apple the silly girl, which is a whole load of lies, then she said she awoke by a prince 'how charming', when she told him the story he believed her and they told the police which leads by to this day. Now she tells stories about how evil I am and how I had a magic mirror, how stupid. But no one but you who I'm telling knows the true story about Snow White.