Letter to --------

Remember a time we were a family.

Remember when we cared for each other.

Remember when we confided in eachother.

Catch that memory,

Hold it,

Don't squeeze it to tightly,

You don't want to lose it, it might be the last we have.

See how things are now;

See how far you've shoved away?

See how much anger and hurt that is around us now?

How did it come to this?

How long did it boil inside of us?

I wish I could fix it,

I want to so badly;

But I can't now.

I wish things could just be the way they were when times were good.

But we can't forget the things that are wedged between us now.

Remember the fun we had?

See the pain a few choices cause?

Meeting in the middle, is it so hard?

Both sides need to give;

I've tried and have,

You just stand there ignoring my attempt.

You take my giving ground of peace and throw it back in my face.

A public display of loud words and screams,

Tears are shed- not just yours or hers, but mine as well.

I don't yell,

I don't scream;

I lock myself up.

I hid away my tears and anger.

I hid my pain.

Wait, I don't hide the pain; I show it subtly.

A new scar,

A new verse,

Both done in the heat of the moment; both filled with my raw emotions.

My warning- my prayer,

My sorrow delivered.

All of these things written right here;

Here for the world to see.

Yes I just wrote this, my gammar might suck at the moment, but I have to get it out and put it up before I explode publicly. Read it; Review or question it if you wish, I just needed this outlet right now.

July 5, 2009 at 7:50pm; Sunday