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Bar Night

"Come on, it'll be fun," SKDV said to Danny as they both got out of his car. The SCE had told the Supers that Fridays were Bar Nights. On these nights, the Supers were allowed to congregate at the appointed bar in the area, along with three appointed civilians that worked for the SCE. One to be the bouncer (who really only checked if he knew you, not your ID), one to be the DJ, and one to be the bartender (who was allowed to serve alcoholic drinks because of the results to a new study that alcohol don't affect the Supers in any way noticeable).

"I don't know, Katie. Last time we did one of these thinks, you and Matthew were fighting over the last drink, which was water," Danny said in a mater-of-fact tone.

"I promise not to fight, ok?" SKDV asked Danny before they walked into the narrow hallway that leads to the bar.

"Ok, you gonna be my dance floor buddy tonight right?" SMA asked SKDV as she walked onto the dance floor.

"Of course, why wouldn't I be?" she asked as she slid her body very closely around his. This behavior wasn't new. SMA and SKDV had been Super twins once they kissed after chewing the radioactive gum. The same radioactivity was passed through them, connecting them forever, making them Super twins. They were the only Super twins in the group of newly formed Supers. So they were studied the most out of all of them.

The music had picked up a more cheery beat. SKDV recognized the song as "Girls On The Dance Floor." Immediately she and SMA started grinding and jumping to the beat. They were dancing rather close to each other, but both of them didn't think twice about getting even closer to each other. SMA was SKDV's other half now. Even though she was dating Danny, the civilian she loved before the change, she still had uncontrollable needs to be close to SMA. Danny never seemed to care, but maybe that's because he was warned.

SKDV had asked the SCE if she may tell Danny her secret very soon after her transformation. The SCE was weary to drag a civilian in between the Super twins, but decided it was best to keep one twin happy for the time being. But before, the SCE had told Danny that if SKDV was to lose interest in him later on, it was not because she didn't feel the same passion she did for him before the change, it was just that she was part of a whole, that some time later, had to become. So, the other part of that whole is SMA.

Now the music had been a continuous upbeat, pop- sounding song, and SMA was starting to move his hand around SKDV's waist, pulling her closer to him. She gave him a funny look and pushed herself away from him stating, "What the hell? You wanna go Matt?"

SMA was told by the SCE that at some point he would start to feel a pull towards SKDV. What just happened, his arm around her waist, was not his doing. That was something else, something he had no control over. The only reason he fought with SKDV was because she was always offended by these small gestures that were made by him. She probably thought that he was just undermining her as a woman. Just using her to satisfy himself, but no. And the only reason he continued to fight with her was because it was the only way to get close to her physically, without her taking notice.

"Yeh, I'm up for it, but can you handle this?" SMA asked pointing to his flexed arm and chest to make them look bigger, and therefore more intimidating.

"I can wipe you on the wall like a rage," she said to him, moving her hand in front of him in a "z" motion, ask if she was cleaning windows.

"Fine," he whispered into her ear, before rocketing of to the other side of the room and preparing himself for the challenge ahead.

"Guys, come on. This happens every time we get together. That's three times a week people! Give it a rest," SP said leaning against the bar.

"No." SKDV said before slamming down on SMA's chest, knocking him on the floor, out of breath. Damn, he thought, the only girl that can hit has to get super strength to help her.

"Kate, you don't need to do this, just talk it out," Danny said with his hands up, walking out in front of SKDV and in between her and SMA. SKDV was already advancing forward, not even hearing Danny, raising up her fist to smack SMA down again. But this time he moved. She moved with him and just as Danny turned around, his back to her, she hit down hard on where she thought SMA had moved to. But he wasn't there. Wait, she thought, I knew I hit something because I felt it on my knuckles. She had hit something, only it wasn't the speedy SMA. It was the most fragile thing in the bar, Danny.

She hit him on the lower, right side of his spine, nearly cracking it completely. Two seconds after she hit him, she screamed out in agony, for hitting him, was like hitting herself back a thousand times more forceful. She had no connection, or bond with him like she did with SMA, but she loved him. And she didn't want to ever hurt the people she loved because of her powers.

He lay there on the floor, not moving, even as she lifted up his shirt to look at the wound she had given him. She sat there, staring at it, and started to cry as she yelled out, "AMANDA!!!" Matt

A slim, tall, dark haired girl ran over to the crumpled up and crying blonde, and the not moving blonde next to her. She looked down at her friend in pity. She knew what it was like to look at the result of your doing, using your powers against a civilian. It was almost a mercy killing if you were powerful enough. One second: alive and well, the next: just barely able to feel your shoulder lying on the wooden floor.

"Ok, where?" SAZ asked bending over the limp, skinny and long body of Danny. SKDV sobbing, pointed to where she had lifted up his shirt. On his tanned skin you could see the impact mark. It had a small line of red, almost like a person had drawn on him with a red ballpoint pen, that outlined a fist. On the inside of the line was all black and purple. It was also a little pushed into him, like a valley in the Earth.

SMA knew this was going to end somehow, and he wanted to be beside SKDV when Danny finally gave up holding onto the little thread of life holding him here. SMA got up off the floor and walked over to where SKDV was sobbing, hands covering her face. He sat down next to her, cross-legged, picked her up and cradled her there. In his arms, surrounded by him, folded neatly away from the world into his arms and against his chest. She could hear him breath in and out, evenly, and then her sobs, coming out half way or offbeat. Him breathing in and out was her lullaby. She wasn't tired, but after a few minutes of listening to his breathing, she fell into a deep sleep. The last thing she remembered was someone saying, "Go, take her to your place. SCE will tell her parents where she is, and Danny will be going off to Area 51 for treatment. I'll be going with him, so tell her bye for me when she wakes up." And that was it, she heard, saw, or felt no more.

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