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Chapter 3: Area 51

"Please step out of the car," the gate guard said to SMA, who was driving. Both SKDV and SMA got out of the grey, convertible, Shelby Mustang with their hands up. Not because they were guilty of something, this was just how the Supers were taught to handle the pedestrian gate guards.

"Ok, they're clean, have a nice stay at Area 51 Matt and Kate," the guard, who's nametag showed that he was called "Reggie" said before pushing the button to open the large, electrical, chain link gate.

"Now, where should we stay?" SMA asked SKDV while they drove around the somewhat "normal housing" of Area 51.

"I think they made a new building just for us," SKDV said while pointing to a sign that said "Super Twins Building 34" in large, black letters.

"Ah, so now I can't break through walls and you can't burn up the place with speed. Someone must have told them the 'big surprise' already," SMA said sarcastically.

"I bet we won't sleep at all tonight," SKDV said while facing towards the window, looking out at the black night.

Sure enough, the Twins had all but five minutes to put their bags in the house and leave to get to the testing facility on Area 51.

"Ok," one of the scientist said to SKDV from behind a glass window, "now we need you to run from one side of the room to the other the fastest you can. Continue to run around the circular room after that until you're tired."

She did as she was told. And after running for 120 minutes, she was feeling great! Never in her life had she felt so alive! I guess this is why Matthew likes to run so much, she thought. It makes you feel amazing, the wind going through your hair, the feeling of it on your skin, like you were unstoppable.

Meanwhile, the scientist were having a ball while testing SMA. First of all, he had two powers. Second, he could use them at the same time(as could SKDV). But number three counted the most to them. That he's a male. Now the scientist could see two outcomes of the same two powers.

Compared to the male(SMA), SKDV(the female) was very close in the amount of power she had. SMA could lift a 100 ton object over his head, while running at 100 MPH, for 1 hour and 40 minutes strait. SKDV could carry the same weight, run at the same mileage, but only for 1 hour and 30 minutes. The scientist predicted that the Twins shared everything that had to do with their powers.

After testing for 10 hours, the Twins were sent to rest. The other Supers would start their test while the Twins slept.

SPB was tested on how thin a liquid he could turn into now that he had practiced. SS was tested on how long she could hold time still for and if she could go back or forward in time. SBC was tested on how far he could go into people's mind and how many people he could invade at once. SHD was tested for how sharp her teeth were and what animals she could turn into. SJ was tested on if she could turn others invisible and for how long she could be invisible. SMG was tested on how fast he could heal himself and if he could heal others faster as well. SA was tested on how confused people could be once going through her "color scheme". SNH was tested on how flexible she was, and how "rubbery" she could be at times. SHH was checked on how animals reacted once talking to her. She had no need for testing, the scientist knew her abilities, but not the effects. SDK was tested on which types of music most confused people. SDL was tested for the length of her ability to turn into air. SPM as not tested because the scientist did not was to know their futures in drawing form. SBM was tested for how long she could control someone. SNM was tested on his soccer skills and for how long he could play the tiring sport. SE was tested for how he made people laugh uncontrollably. SKM was tested on which moods she could make others feel and if it was the same mood she was in at the time of changing others' moods. SAP and SAR were not tested because the scientist did not want to become as dumb as SAP and did not want to watch SAR change from skinny to fat. SR was tested on how long he could wipe out someone's memory and if he could just erase a certain memory. The scientist did not test SMV, who was forever locked on Area 51 because of his deathly odor. ST was tested for how long he could fly and how high he could fly. SJW was tested on how much metal she could eat and if it affected her. SZ was not tested on because the scientist already knew that she never had to eat. SAZ was tested if she could heal herself and others without touching them or if they were far away from her.

The scientist were having a long day. And they thought they were tired. All of the Supers slept well that night.

"Ok, let's go Matt. Everyone is waiting for you to have dinner. And you guys say that girls are slow," SKDV said down the hallway it her twin.

"Fine," SMA said sarcastically, "I guess my super-secret spy mission will have to wait."

They walked into the large ballroom of Area 51 about two minutes later. Everyone stopped talking, or dancing, and even eating; and just starred at the couple that had just walked into the room. They all had the same thought running through their heads: Now how did that work out? From fighting to dating, hm. But SKDV and SMA just kept walking, not expecting anything from anyone.

SKDV walked over to SS and asked her, "Um, so where is Amanda?" SMA realized that SKDV wasn't truly over Danny. What she was really asking was if Danny was still alive.

SS answered calmly, "She's with him, this way."She took SKDV's hand and started towards a door in the back of the ballroom. SMA started to follow, when SKDV turned around and said to him, "Do you mind staying here for a little bit?"

"Sure," was his response. She stood up on her tip toes and then touched her lips to his. Her free hand went up, behind his head, and suddenly the kiss become much more passionate. More rushed, more feeling of a want, and most of all, more sadness. So she realized it too, thought SMA.

SKDV walked into the medical unit in the back of the ballroom along with SS. She gasped when she saw SAZ sitting in a chair next to a bed. SAZ looked as pale as a sheet with bags under her eyes. She was sweaty and her hair was a mess. SKDV ran over to her friend and hugged her. And it wasn't until then did she notice the body on the bed that SAZ was sitting next to. The body's chest slowly went up and down and then lay still. Whoever they were, they were still alive.

SKDV looked even closer now at the person on the bed. She remembered him to be a happy spirit. Much more tan, always had a smile on his face, his blue eyes as clear as the water in Fiji. But now, he looked tired, haggard almost; pale, with no smile, and his eyes were closed. SKDV wanted to run from the hurt. The hurt she had put on him, the hurt that he was giving her by just lying there, and the hurt that came from the fact that she loved him, and SMA. She fell down to her knees next to the bed and started to sob.

"Shh, shh, don't cry Katie," a weak male voice said from the bed. He had woken up! She lifted her head to look into his clear, beautiful blue eyes. They were looking at her with such intense love, she just had to lean over and kiss him. So she stretched her body across him and slowly she let her lips fit together with his. She was sure to be gentle since she didn't want to hurt him anymore. But even though he was weak, he still passionately kissed her, hoping that she would never pull away.

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