Hey everybody (everybody who's still here!). I know it's been a long time that this story has sat in its dusty little corner of the internet. But- maybe not dusty for much longer. After some thought and planning, and most importantly some needed growth as a writer, I've decided to come back to this. I'm rewriting The Journalism Club and going to make a proper go of it. Not just writing something as a teen for funsies with no actual plan, as this began, but a real attempt at a story that hopefully will become a book (hey, aim high, right?) or at the very least, something complete that people can read on the internet and enjoy.

I'm very excited about it. I've got a pretty clear idea of where I want to take this story, and plan to start writing/posting chapters by this year's NaNoWriMo (my first NaNo - if anyone else is participating, I'd love to connect up, my username there is haha-nerrrd). There are going to be aspects of the story that will be different from the original, which is probably unsurprising, and if you're interested in seeing those differences, I've got some of them up in my profile. One of the things I'm most eager to bring to the new version is some depth to the story and characters.

I just want to thank anyone and everyone who has read this story, and especially everyone who commented - thank you! I'm sorry to have started it and just left it so neglected because I know as a reader that sucks, and I understand there's readers who won't come back because of that. But even on what little I had posted here, I'm so glad you all still took the chance on it, and thank you reading and for your feedback. It meant the world to me years ago and has helped keep the story alive, in the nooks and crannies of my mind if not on here... And now I'm ready to pursue it for real! (Have I mentioned I'm excited?) So thank you all so much for being there as I started!

I plan to just swap out the chapters for the new ones, which means that when I add the new first chapter, it probably won't send out any "new chapter" alerts or anything... Hmm. I'll figure that out.

Anyway. First chapter coming up in November, if not sooner! Until then! xx