The day your smile went by

You did not know what your smile had done to me.

An emotional sensation I did not remember.

Two times we met but our worlds were so different,

two times my darkness lit up with a spark of hope for happiness.

A day I did not expect,

A day sunny and warm,

A day we met again.

Your smile flared through my spine,


Those worlds seperating us allow only glances,

on what my happiness is.

I want you to look at me,

you passed me by.

I want you to see myself,

you went through me.

I want to feel your emotion,

you had concealed it.

My power is not enough,

my current self not worth gaining your attention.

But here I vow and promise.

Disappearing from this world,

My current self will be erased from this surface.

I will gain strength and power,

I will make you look at me and no one else.

I will stand before you as equal on the field of honor,

when we meet again.

I will surpass you and your smile shall be mine.

- Yuki (06.07.09)