It's 2009 now, and I still live in the same town that I did during the modern time that this story was set. In 1994 I was eight years old, and everything I've written about Elizabeth's town is how I remember it. I could have used any town for this story, yet in a first for me I chose to use my own, and I discovered a great many things whilst writing this. I feel like I know my town a little bit better now, and have a deeper appreciation for the landmarks that I see every day.

But no town stays the same forever. Reed Park now has a fence around it; the Horsley Homestead is surrounded by endless estates, with backyards of houses going right up to their boundary fence. The remains of the old sawmill were pulled down many years ago, and the library is no longer there. The cul-de-sac street that the library shared with Coles has now been incorporated into a new shopping mall that has been open for the past few years, with a new library and function centre being built towards the other end of town. My house is no longer the last line of houses before the endless paddocks begin, and my best friend 'Leah' and her family moved into one of the new estates on the homestead side of Bong Bong Road almost twelve years ago. She's currently living in a house of her own, with her partner and two daughters, yet we still keep in touch regularly.

Some things however, do stay the same. The four stone pillars at Reed Park are still standing, and there are still patches of bush land way beyond the housing estates. Closer to the mountains, behind the sprawl of the Horsley suburb, you can still find farms and old houses. Dairy cows are grazing, and the air smells distinctly of the country; all animal and grass smells. Driving through these small slices of country is something that I still enjoy doing, and I hope it never changes.

Before I end this story completely, I'd just like to say that in keeping this tale as factual as possible, the names of real people from the 1850's time period have been used in this, with no offence or insult intended. I tried to focus on the people as little as possible, as this was a tale about Elizabeth and William/Jesse, who are both my own creation. All of the historical information that has been used has come from the Internet, and more accurately, the Wollongong City Council website. Unlike poor Elizabeth who didn't have easy access to the Internet way back in '94, I had very little troubles tracking down what I needed. Jung's theory was found on Wikipedia, however I had already been told a lot about his ideas by one of my friends, so a lot of it was what she had told me. It's quite a nice theory that I personally like to believe.

So I hope everyone enjoyed this story, and whilst it's classified as fantasy, I hope you all agree that it's a fantasy that could very well be real. I wanted to write something that encompassed the magic of a moment from my childhood, with facts and information from reality, in order to create a tale that could actually be true. Who knows what other worlds our dreams could take us to? Maybe the people we meet in them – especially the ones that we don't actually recognize from our waking lives – are living somewhere else, sharing the same dream that we're having? I like to think so! So please let me know what you thought you of this, and thank you all for reading!