And even in spite of all the fraud
The ghostly veils you erected
Your endless wall of dead souls
Her heart cannot help but repent

Travelling deeper into the rat maze
You began where she ended
And lifted up a mirror to show her
This is exactly what you intended

The journey that continues now
Showing her faces that scream
Holding her to the blackness
While you stand behind the veil

Completely souless in yourself
Completely incomplete now
Delving deeper into the depths
Savouring the agony that you inspire

And she cannot bite it back
She hates the venom you inject
Bidding her to abuse her words
To waste time all over again

Rhyming in her mind the same pattern
The song she wove out of your deceit
She hums the familiar verse now
Drowning out your defences
Telling herself for what she hopes
Will be the final curtain
She cannot love you.