For Missy, who requested to see some of the regency RPG characters as kids. I chose Daniel and Emmy, I hope that ya'll don't mind that I had them together. :P

Daniel and Emmy

"Ever wondered what's down there?" The boy peered over the side of the boat, quickly moving back after it responded by lurching forward. The girl behind him, Emmy, let out a squeak of fright.

"Daniel! Don't do that!" She said, moving backwards further. A few geese flew up as she raised her voice, honking even louder. She had never understood why he liked going into the pond, to her it seemed like a bad idea. What if they fell overboard? The thought stayed with her wherever she went.

"Don't worry, Emmy." He said, smiling in a confident way and making his way across the boat. Emmy let out another squeak as it rocked under his weight, the brim coming dangerously close to the edge of the pond.

"Don't!", she said again, her voice stubborn, "You're going to make the boat flip over, Danny!" She tightened her grip on both sides of the boat as Daniel sat down next to her, put a hand on her shoulder. "Emmy, the boat isn't going to flip over. See?" He moved to the side and it rocked again. She gave a shudder, and he stopped suddenly when he realized that it was bothering her, she grabbed his right arm tightly and held it to her face.

"Can we please just go back to shore, Daniel? I don't like this..." She murmured softly, nervously. Daniel nodded, realized just how bothered she was, and got up again, freeing his arm from her tight grasp. Emmy immediately put her grip back on the dies of the boat; her knuckles were white from grasping just that tightly. The boat rocked yet again, she let out a frightened squeak as he got up to the front of the boat and began to paddle, boat rocking, rocking...In the blink of an eye, it flipped-just before it did she has a sudden feeling of dread, knew it would flip, knew... She coughed, feeling weighed down by her dress. She suddenly felt a firm hand on her side, helping her up and onto the shore. She turned, saw Daniel, glanced back at the flipped boat, couldn't help but join him in his laughter. Maybe there was an up side to this all.