Panic At Midnight - Oneshot

Michele goes to a party and when shes just about to leave she notices someone following her.

Michele stood in the middle of the dance floor, looking around her everyone seem to be having a good time accept for her tonight was just no fun, staring at the watch on her wrist she noticed the time was 1 in the morning, and as she still lived with her parents she had a curfew to be home by 1 they would of been extremely mad if she was late again like she was last time. So off she went into the cold air, the sky was dark and she felt worried about walking through the alleyway because once she started walking down there she felt like someone was following her ignoring the noises of feet behind her she carried on. It wasn't until she heard the sound of cans being kicked on the floor that she began to speed up her paste, but she didn't get far because she felt someone tap her on the back turning around she saw a dark figure, but as there wasn't any light it was hard to recognise what the mysterious person looked like, ignoring the figure she carried on walking again until the person began to grab her arm and pulled her to there side.

She tried realising herself and began screaming as loud as her voice would go. ''Let go of me you syco'' She screamed. With this she kicked them in the leg and tried running again but in seconds after she felt herself fall to the ground, after that everything went dark.

She woke up to being pulled out of a car, her body was shaking, and all she could think about was trying to save herself but there was no use she was too tired and dizzy to move out of the figures grip. The man who she assumed was a man by now looking at his lean body grabbed onto her and led her into the house. Her knees began to wobble and her breathing got heaver all she could think about was being saved like that was going to happen. Once inside the house the man turned on the light and shouted ''Dad were home'' She recognised that voice, that's when it all came back to her looking back at the man in front of her she realised it was her brother Tommy and then she remembered her dad asking him earlier to pick her up later around 1 ish, if she didn't of got drunk she would of knew this early before.