Hot Iris

I have seen some hot girls in my life. But none of them can even compete with my girl, Iris J. Hurly. She is one hell of a fox! I met her back in Mexico. I came there over my winter break to live with my aunt. I hated it there at first. Completely boring place. My aunt is so strict too. I couldnt stand to hear her nagging me for one more second. So, I managed to escape from that house and in front of an abandoned taco stand. I brought a surf board magazine with me to pass the time. Once I got settled, I opened it up and started reading. In minutes, I became lost in the cool designs. So lost that I didnt notice my surroundings.

In a few minutes, I noticed something standing over me. I thought my aunt had just found me again. I looked up at her ready to come up with a good excuse not to work. But when I looked, I saw this little thing staring at me. She looked pretty cute. She seemed to be blushing at me as well.

Hi, this little thing told me. I looked her up and down. This girl was just tiny. Age and body wise. She looked American to me. I took one more look up and down at her. I noticed her cute-looking jeans on her body. They made her look like she had hips. I smiled at her in a hungry way.

Nice jeans! I told her. She blushed at me.

T-Thank you! this little thing told me.

Care to sit with me? I asked her.

S-Sure! she called out to me. Then, the little thing sat down next to me. We ended up talking each other for an hour. This little thing is named Iris. Shes a smart little thing. Very cute well. Very hot for a sixteen year old girl. Iris could speak Spanish with an accent really well. That really nagged my mind to no end. I really wanted to ask her, but I held back so not to sound rude. But the longer we talked, the more I couldnt hold back. I finally broke down and spilled it out of my mouth.

Say, I said to her.

Hm? she replied.

Youre an American, right? I asked her.

No, she declared. Im a Mexican! I wasnt convinced.

No, I replied. Youre definitely an American!

No Im not! Iris declared louder. Im definitely a Mexican girl! I was born a Mexican! I thought she was a little crazy now. But, I pushed myself onwards with my burning question.

Anyway, I said. Whats cute little thing like you during here in a country like this? Iris calmed down some again.

I live here with my dad, she replied. My parents broke up before I was even born.

Ah, I said. I see.

And you? she asked me. What are you doing here? I gave her a charming little smile.

Oh, I said. Im here on my winter break with my aunt. Iris looked at me confused for a long moment. I smiled at her some.

Im from Argentina, I explained. Her face lit up some with that epiphany.

Oh I get it! she said.

Yeah, I replied. She leaned over and kissed me on the cheek. I looked at her pleasantly surprised.

What was that for? I asked. She shrugged at me.

Just cause, Iris replied.

Just cause what? I asked.

I could! Iris replied boldly. I smiled at this brave little thing. Okay then, shes obviously not afraid to flirt when she first displayed herself to me. Looks like this could be fun after all!

We practically stayed out until sundown. She got up to go leave.

Going home now? I asked her. She turned back to me smiling.

Yeah, Iris answered me. I stood up as well.

Two things, I said to her. One, lets see each other again tomorrow and two let me walk you home. A moment of silence passed. The little thing pretended to think about that for a moment. I waited for her answer. She smiled at me at long last.

Yes and yes, she said at last. I smiled at her proudly.

Sweet! I called out. Then I walked over to her and she led the way. Out super-sweet relationship formed from there.

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