Goldilocks And The Three Bears The True Story - Oneshot

The three bears are evil, how can they tell little children I was the bad one in the story book. Goldilocks's POV

The three bears are evil, how can they tell little children I was the bad one in the story book. I hadn't done a slight thing wrong to any of them. It all started when I got lost in the forest on my way home from school, I had only ended up at a little cottage instead, the place looked very cosy from the outside and I thought that someone there would let me ring up my mom so she could pick me up. I knocked on the door but no one answered, I was going to walk away and try and find my way back home again, but I needed the toilet really badly and when I twisted the door handle it surprisingly opened. There place was amazing it was very small but cute and comfortable to live in, once I had toilet I tried shouting for if anyone was home but there was still no answer, so I thought that maybe they had moved out because the house was kind of bare with not allot of furniture. Looking around in the kitchen I could smell the luxurious food, and then there in front of me stood the 3 dishes of pudding. I was to hungry to think they was for someone else so I began trying them all, the only one that didn't burn my mouth though was the smallest bowl. After that I decided to sit down for a while and think of a plan of how I was going to get home but once I sat on the first chair it broke and when I tried the second one that did too, luckily the last chair didn't break.

After thinking of a plan for how I was going to get home for school tomorrow, I yawned and realised it was way past my bed time already, so I decided to get a bit of sleep before my journey back home. Walking up to the bedroom I noticed 3 beds looking perfect as they could be, so there I went trying them all out but they was all uncomfortable even the small one but as I needed some sleep I decided to sleep in the smallest bed anyway. It wasn't until about an hour later that I woke up to a big grizzly scary bear he looked at me right in the eye and shook his head. Getting up I tried apologizing to him saying I didn't know it was his house but being the bad bear that he was he began chasing me around the house shouting once he got me he was going to kill me for breaking his chairs and eating his food, I again tried saying sorry but he wouldn't have none of it. Being one of the fastest runners in my class I managed to escape never heading back there again. Once I got home I told my mom the story, she said not to worry bears weren't exactly friendly people and just to forget it. But once I read the book in the library about me sneaking in there house, I had to tell you the end of my story, of what really happened. Never listen to a bears side of the story.