This story is about a man with a curse.

Seraph Darkfire walked down the hall to the laboratory 'Uh working on lab mice how did I get my self into this situation.'


"Seraph" Christopher Jenkins said "John said he was busy with the military general"

Seraph sighed "I don't care, these requests are absurd"

Chris backed off and watched his friend and partner walk off toward Johns' room.

Seraph huffed 'John Maker, always kissing up to the officials and by doing that got my job as head scientist, and now he wants me to experiment on a human being with deadly poisons'. Seraph stopped at Johns' door and got ready to knock when he heard hushed voices.

He realized Johns' voice and what sounded like an older man and a third man was talking

"General we can't do that project we don't even have a test subj.." he was cut off by Johns' voice "I have an idea for one if you don't mind listening to my suggestions"

'What could this be about' Seraph thought.

"Yes John what do you have in mind?" the general asked.

"Well there is this one man that I don't really like you can use him" John said and Seraph wondered if it was him John was talking about.

"Yes but what about family or friends?" the third man asked. "That won't be a problem" John said "He has no living family and only one friend here, no one will miss him."

"Yes you can use him, but demote him first so no one gets suspicious" the general said "and remember this is classified"

"Yes sir" both men said.

Seraph heard footsteps so he backed up and when the door opened he acted casual and walked up to John to explain his situation.

John was actually happy to hear his complaint and ended up demoting him to the mice department.

(End of Flashback)

'That is right' Seraph thought 'I wonder if I am the test subject or if he just hates me.'

Seraph snapped out of his daze as he came up to the door 'This is it?' Seraph asked himself.

The door was enough to throw someone in the wrong direction. It was big, black, and had no windows; this was strange as most laboratory doors in the building had small windows for higher ups to see what was going on without disrupting the person working.

Seraph knocked on the door and when it opened he saw what was inside and gasped. This room was very white and had a big machine in the middle of it.

Under the machine was a table used for operations.

Seraph walked up to the machine, it was just like the door, big , black,and windowless, but Seraph thought he could hear slight scratching and growling noises coming from the other side.

A man walked up behind Seraph and tapped him on the shoulder making Seraph jump and turn around.

The man was wearing a black lab coat and a black face mask.

He gestured to the table and Seraph knew that he meant for him to lay down but Seraph just shook his head.

Soon another man walked in, this man looked just like the first one, and he whispered in the other first mans ear.

Soon Seraph felt something in his neck, and when he looked he saw another man had injected him with a sleeping serum "Son of a bi..." Seraph muttered, not finishing his sentence as he saw the room go black and soon he was asleep.

The first man laid Seraph on the table and adjusted a laser needle above Seraphs' right arm.

The second man walked to a computer on the other side of the machine and pressed a few buttons while the third man strapped Seraph to the table with restrainers and moved away.

Soon after the third man moved a fine black beam struck Seraphs' arm and the scratching and growling noises stopped soon a loud screaming was heard as images of demons came out of the beam then faded away as zigzag lines were etched onto Seraphs arm.

John watched from behind his mask 'Good just as long as he doesn't die I will get that promotion and be out of this rat hole'

John smiled at his thought then signaled to the others to bring around a containment box for when they were done.

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