Seraph awoke in a strange room 'Where am I?' he thought.

The room he was in was barren except for the two small lamps to his left and right and a metal door straight in front of him.

His right arm was hurting badly but it was bandaged and he did not want to remove the bandages.

Seraph was trying to remember what had happened the night before when he heard something.

"Well it is about time you woke up I was getting board" the voice sounded cold and merciless.

"Who are you?" Seraph asked aloud.

"Why I am you" the voice said cheerfully which only sent a chill down Seraphs spine.

"How can you be me?" Seraph asked.

The voice chuckled "Your right arm is how, try removing the bandages"

Seraph was unsure if he could trust this strange person but had no choice, he could hear voices coming from the door.

The voices sounded far away but he knew they were getting closer so he pulled the bandages off.

"You see what they have done to you" the voice said.

Seraph couldn't believe what he was seeing; his entire right arm was covered with patterns that seemed to be etched directly into his skin. The patterns were zig zags and swirls.

When observed closely Seraph could see a strange black energy moving through the patterns.

"They are here get next to the door" the voice said "when it opens knock them out"

Seraph did as told and when the door opened he pushed the door into the two people's faces, knocking them out.

Upon closer observation Seraph found that these two men were army personnel.

Seraph took one of the men's' clothes and weapon. Then he took the ammo out of the other gun and stored it in the ammo pouch on his vest.

"There you go I guess all that information they put in your head worked" the voice said.

"What do you mean?" Seraph asked quietly as he moved quietly down the hallway and up some stairs.

"Those scientist and army personnel put information on how to use any weapon and vehicle" the voice said "Not to mention a lot of ways to kill a man with your bare hands, they wanted you to be a super human"

"I see" Seraph said "and the only information I don't know is your name"

"I will use your last name" the voice said "Darkfire"

"Alright Darkfire" Seraph said "how do you suppose we get to the exit." Seraph could see the exit but it was on the other side of a fairly large room filled with army personnel. To top that off the alarm had started to sound signaling that someone had discovered Seraph escape.

"Run" Darkfire said as a group of men came around the corner and noticed Seraph.

Seraph ran the only other way through the large room toward the exit.

"Hey!" someone yelled at Seraph and some shots were fired at him but that ceased when a man yelled for them to stop "He is wanted alive"

By then Seraph was outside only to realize that he was in a very cold area and was he was quickly surrounded by army personnel and a very portly man stepped up to Seraph "Did you think you could escape?" he asked.

"Leave me alone" Seraph said, he had a deep hatred of this man.

"Still mad at me I see" the man said "Well I only have one question"

Seraphs' arm was starting to hurt as his anger rose "Don't say it"

The man smiled evilly and leaned in close to Seraphs' ear "How is your mother?"

That threw Seraph over the edge and he screamed in anger as his arm let out a surge of energy that knocked everyone back and surrounded Seraph.

When the energy cleared away Seraph was gone.