She alone

She alone sits in her room

in the dark alone at night

she alone sings to her self knowing

she is afraid of people hearing her

she alone knows love but never feels

it, she alone hears what people say

about her and wonders why she cares

she alone says what she feels but is

afraid of what people would say,

she alone loves music but is afraid

to express her interest, she alone

walks alone waiting for her ride to

come with her parents, she alone

wishes for love even if she feels

she will never get it, she alone

hopes music will help her feel

alive when she feels sad,

she alone knows her feelings

but never expresses it, she alone

wishes for a better life knowing

she will never get it, she alone

knows that she will never find

love even if she tries, she alone

speaks her mind waiting for

everyone or anyone to hear,

she alone loves her family but

is afraid to love someone that isn't

she alone hopes for her future but is

afraid to see how it begins, she alone

wishes for someone to love her and express

their feelings towards her, she alone

hopes for a better tomorrow but knows

she will never

get one, she alone feels sad because

someone that she's close to passed

away, she alone feels that everyone feels OK

even though she feels that she's not,

she alone smiles even though people thinking

she is happy when she's really not,

she alone puts on a fake smile knowing

she will never feel happiness again

or feels that everyone feels

she does,

she alone hopes someone

that's not

her family can tell her that

they love her,

she alone wishes she had a

fairytale romance

even though that's not real,

she alone wishes for a boy to

dance with her even if she

always has to ask,

she alone hopes that someone

can tell her its ok,

she alone knows that she will

never have someone

for her own even if she tries,

she alone watches

movies hoping that what

she sees out of romances

ones is real even though its

not, she alone knows

that hoping for a better life

as she grows older

will happen or not, she alone

wants to feel loved

even if its hard to not be,

she alone can't seem to think

what will happen when it

or something does happen,

she alone goes to school knowing

she needs a better education, she

alone knows that she feels alone

and will never

feel love at all even if she hopes

she will think of it

every single day, she alone hopes or feels

even tries to think of a better

tomorrow or the

present day of what it is, s

he alone knows

what she feels

of how she expresses it even if she

thinks its not going to

be ok with her feelings and the way

they are when she knows

that anyone she says her

feelings to

will hurt them, she alone

knows that

everything is going to be ok but

she knows its not,

she alone feels everything she

has to feel though she feels

its not right,

she alone knows how her

feelings or the

way she expresses

her self goes with the way she

wants them to,

she alone finally feels today and

tomorrow of

who she wants to be every

single day

though she tries to be ok she

alone feels that

she will always feel ok and loved

though she feels if someone

will tell her they

love her, she alone is she always

going to be alone or with someone

someday, but maybe she alone will feel

alright when she meets Mr. right, she is

she is

she is alone

with someone hoping to wait for her


or anyone she knows, she alone waits for

Mr. right to sweep her off her feet,

she feels alone though she know

she is alone and waits for someone

to give

her a fairytale kiss, she alone kisses


she doesn't know that she feels that

she wishes

he was Mr. right, she alone waits for

true love to

feel what she feels when the guy

she meets she

hopes is Mr. right, she alone she

alone is alone but

she feels she doesn't want to be if

she is alone she

wants to be with someone and not

alone anymore, that's why she is alone.