Lying across a royal purple and gold comforter on a king size bed, a thirteen-going-on-fourteen-year-old girl was daydreaming, eager to enter a new year of her life as a high school student. That lasted until three seconds later when the phone rang, demanding her attention.

"Hello?" she asked.

"Hello, this is Odette McAndres; may I speak with Alice Moorethunder?"

"I'll go get her; may I ask what this is about?"

"This is about Diana Moorethunder. I'm sorry, but I cannot say any more."

Just then, Mrs. Moorethunder traversed through the frosted French doors which lead to the patio. She reached to grab the phone and reached through her, her hand extended toward the charger. The charger somehow regained possession of the phone and was no longer in her hand. Ill feeling spread across her figure. How was a hand going right through her?

"Oh, God, no, please say it isn't so, oh, I beg of you," Alice Moorethunder gasped, sobs carrying crystal tears down her reddened cheeks. After a long pause, she nodded and spoke, "Yes, yes, of course, I… you'll see me in a moment."

The girl could not make sense of Alice Moorethunder's frantic phrases. There was just something about Alice Moorethunder's voice, her reaction to Odette McAdres' speech that sent frightful chills down the girl's spine. Alice Moorethunder stood there for moments after the phone conversation, trembling with her fears, the inner demons that claimed the souls of their victims. Hers were the least selfish of all, but, then again, her fears would tear her limb from limb until nothing was left to ruin… and she could not control it.

Once a path was taken, the road can never take any person back.

The girl felt a tap on her left shoulder and spun with wicked ferocity only to find that no one was there. Jenna, follow me, the girl heard the voice all around her yet saw nothing. She knew not of any person or being named Jenna. The girl thought that that name was peculiar enough that no man nor woman alike would ever mark a child in vain with it. Jenna did not remember how she got here nor who she really was. She did not know of any girl by the name of Diana Moorethunder nor of Alice Moorethunder.

But what could all of this mean? Jenna did not understand anything around her. Nothing made sense.

She followed the voice, at least she thought she did. She could not really tell. Everything was so surreal that the voice seemed to not even exist as a solid entity. That was when she heard the music. Do You Know Where You're Going To sung by Diana Ross. It was a song that she knew to the core of her heart, but as for where she knew it from, Jenna could not say. All Jenna knew was that everytime she heard this song, that she would close her eyes and imagine a beautiful scene around the soft melody.

Jenna closed her eyes and imagined. But, something stopped her. It was a figure. The figure of a young man, his hand held out to Jenna.

"Be good, my Jenna, and follow what your heart says not what your head speaks."

Sometimes the world got too out of hand for Jenna. Who was this man? And, more importantly what did he want? Strange powers were around the young man. He just shook his head and whispered, "Follow, my Jenna, follow me, and I shall take you where you wish to be."