chapter one


She stared warily towards the star kissed skies. The black cloaked the city in its relaxing embrace, allowing the moon to penetrate the darkness. The stars blinked back silently at her, as if partaking in the secret that had still not fully sunk in.

Frankly, she didn't know what to do.

Inhaling the sweet scent of the December air, she shivered slightly as she wrapped her arms around her jacket-barren self. Her silk pyjama bottoms glistened in the moonlight, the various bunnies smiling up towards her.

She laughed.

Quickly dialling the familiar number, she awaited for his sleepy greeting. As soon as she could hear the breathing on the other end, she simply spoke, "I'm cold."

She was never one for hello, never one for a hey, or a 'sup. It just didn't seem like her, she preferred getting to the point. Why waste time with all the familiarities, if people already knew each other?

"If you're cold, wear a sweater."

His response was dull, tense—of course he was never one to yell at her, for her random comments, yet she could sense his annoyance at being awoken at two in the morning. She wouldn't have blamed him. He was lazy, and sleep was his best friend.

Shivering once again, she pulled her knees into her chest. The bench was cold beneath her, as another winter wind blew through her red hair.

"I can't right now," staring up towards the stars, she could just picture him slowly arising from his sleeping position as he groggily rubbed his eyes, erasing any traces of sleep. "I'd like a sweater very much, but I'm at the park right now, in my pyjamas—with no jacket, or closet in sight."

"Babe, you're crazy. It's winter…"

"Yes, I know."

The streets were silent, empty. All she could feel were her breaths coming in and out of her body. They created small clouds that seemed to disappear within seconds. If only problems were like that…

"Well, at first I was in my room, happily reading another novel. I don't usually read, but tonight felt like a reading night. Then, I got bored and couldn't sleep, so I decided to go to the park. Only, it was one-thirty by that time, and mom and dad probably wouldn't approve, so I snuck out my window…I stupidly forgot to bring a sweater."

She forced a laugh.

"So, you're at the park in, what I'm assuming is, your pig pyjamas…"

"No, no bunnies."

"…in the dead of winter, without a jacket? Why the heck are you alone? Do you know what can happen to you this late at night?"

He sounded concerned. She didn't like it when he sounded concerned, it didn't seem like him. She laughed again, forcing a smile. His sentences seemed to trail off, his stuttering and exasperate comments growing with each second. Sometimes she liked it when he was flustered, it proved he was human and not some boy built on testosterone.

That's why she cared for him, and that's why he had to know.

"Well, when a girl finds out she's pregnant, how is she supposed to react? I'm not into that whole conformity thing, so fainting, hiding in my room, or screaming weren't exactly on my list of choices…the park seemed like a good alternative…"

Silence consumed the line. She could still hear his breathing on the other end, yet she could only imagine his facial expression…his eyes…his lips…

"Look, I don't know if you're still half asleep—I mean you haven't had your coffee rush or anything—but, in case you're being stupid and your ears aren't functioning properly I'd just like to say congratulations you're going to be a father."

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