That little bitch was going to pay. Sure it had been a matter of time before he had gotten kicked out, but she had made it worse. She had humiliated him. It was lucky for him that Ben had been there. The poor bastard, he should have stayed a dragon trainer. Delusions of grandeur always affected the stupid most brutally. Those delusions had claimed Ben, and the bitch's dragon had in turn claimed Ben's life.

Anger gripped Igor as he paced around a clearing he had found. His handsome face was contorted in furious thought.

That little whore took everything from him and she did not even know it. She just flew in on her sickeningly noble lizard. It was less than a month and suddenly he was on the outs. He felt sure that it had something to do with Adia and Taiyls. Those two had always been a thorn in his side, ever since they had all been in training with their dragons.

He cursed aloud. If Tayten had been found by any other Trackers he would have been able to talk her into coming to his side of things, sway her thoughts to mirror his. But no, it had to be those two, the fantastic pair that everyone loved. God he hated them.

Spinning, he looked at the dragon that once belonged to Ben. A sick look came over Igor's face. He hated dragons.

"Look," he said to the tied up, bleeding dragon. "You're going to take me where I want to go, right?"

The dragon moaned. Snarling, Igor pulled out a knife, causing the dragon to cringe and nod in defeat.

"That's what I thought." The man said as he turned to face the sky.