Chapter Three:

Eva's car pulled off the main street into the garage for the offices. The smell of sanitation fluids greeted her as the automatic doors opened and beeped, announcing her arrival. Dr. Jole's assistant gestured down the hall where she could wash her hands and put on her latex gloves. In the adjoining room stood Dr. Jole with his full scrubs on. Jason King lay on the table, and his chest had been opened to examine his insides. Eva was never squeamish, but always felt relief when exiting the morgue. In glass jars were the liver, kidney, and pancreas of the deceased. Upon closer examination, the parts that were still left in the cavity were sliced and sewn back up.

"It appears that our Jason King was murdered," Dr. Jole announced sans enthusiasm. "This scab on his left thigh is weeks old, but he has scratched it off so it left a healing mark of pink skin. The perforation matches this needle precisely."

Dr. Jole gestured to an EpiPen located on the next table. Its partner had been used as well; the casing was opened. He picked up the first and pointed to the body.

"Empty, swabbed it out. It's only the epinephrine found in every one. The second we also had swabbed, which came back with an interesting result."

"And what would that be?" Eva inquired.

"It lacked the epinephrine, it only had water in it. It had been tampered with before Jason tried to inject it himself during an anaphylactic attack. His throat seized up, forcing respiratory arrest, cardiac arrest, and ultimately death. Unfortunately, without his health records I don't know what his allergy was, and cannot tell you if it was ingested. His stomach contents are being analyzed as we speak. What's so bizarre about this is he had two attacks within four weeks. There was no chance for him to order a new epinephrine pen, and this forced Jason to have to use his second one on himself, which is why I suspect foul play. Whoever was with Jason the first time and the second would be my best bet. And who that is,"

"Is up to me to find out. Thank you doctor you've been extremely helpful. I will send you his health records as soon as I get back to my office."

"Always a pleasure." Dr. Jole said. They shook hands and Eva escorted herself out of the room. She disposed of the gloves in the biohazard bin, and washed her hands thoroughly.

Eva stopped by the local deli on her way back to her office, it was well past her usual lunch time. She grabbed a chocolate milk bottle to add to her meal, and paid the cashier with the exact coinage. She kept it in the bag, she didn't dare eat in the car, it had a perfect interior. The guard opened the gate as she gave him the usual nod. Eva maneuvered back to her mahogany desk and opened up the paper bag. They had forgotten napkins again. She pulled out a napkin from her top desk drawer and laid her sandwich down. She unscrewed her chocolate milk cap and sat down to scour the papers from Bernard's. Jason King had graduated from Mason High in 2006 as per his school ID. It would explain why he had been in town for the centennial fireworks. What it didn't explain was why there wasn't a more recent ID, or why he was dead.

"Bennett could you come in here please?" Eva called.

Probes walked into her office and shut the door behind him; he was more relaxed without his pile of binders. He pulled up the visitor chair in front of her desk, and stared enviously at the chocolate milk bottle.

"Are you planning on staying longer than to tell me that Jason King's parents are on their way?" Eva asked.

Probes sheepishly stood up, apologizing profusely. He stopped himself short, and sat back down. He crossed his foot over the other and clasped his hands. After a few moments Eva spoke.

"Alright. Now I am curious, what is it that you could possibly have to tell me in more than one sentence."

Probes was relishing every moment of having information, he spoke slowly and enunciated.

"We were unable to locate Jason's parents. They did not respond to the phone calls, nor did they answer the door. The house was locked, and the cars were not in the driveway. Officer Corson located Jason's car at the edge of the park and the towing service has it in the back parking lot. Two officers are searching it as we speak. They are going to bag and tag, and will present the evidence to you as soon as it is all collected. We have a call into the alarm company to see if they warned them of travel or such. But more interestingly, we have one of Jason's classmates in the holding cell. He knows something about him he claims and will share it if we lessen his sentence. He was caught vandalizing the old bridge last night after the fireworks. But there is bad news."

Eva sat there calculating before she gave him the go ahead nod to continue.

"Our internet is down and will be for the next four hours, which I understand is crucial to every murder investigation is the first twenty-four hours, so I called nerds-2-go and they are going to set us up with some temporary wi-fi."

"Well done Bennett, impressive work holding down the fort this afternoon. I think it calls for a celebration."

Probes smiled. Eva poured half of her chocolate milk into a plastic cup and offered it across the desk. Probes gladly took it and chugged the three gulps. He walked to the door and opened it.

"I'll be at my desk if you need me," Probes said and then shut the door.

Eva smiled and finished the remainder of her sandwich. Officer Corson entered the squad room and took off his hat and coat. Eva watched this from behind her blinds, and then walked out the door.

"Randall get a clean shirt on by the time I'm finished with this adolescent."

"Yes boss, right away." Officer Corson said meekly.

Eva walked to the far end of the squad room, and turned down a long hallway. She motioned for the guard to open the door, and she saw a figure sitting in the usually vacant holding cell. He lifted his head up and saw that she was a woman. He immediately straightened up and made sure he looked the best in the room. His shoulders dropped a bit when he realized he was the only one.

"You, follow me." Eva said menacingly.

The man was let out of the cell and pursed his lips. Dirty thoughts ran through his mind. Eva opened a steel door, and pointed to the harder chair for him to sit in. She shut the door and sat down across from him.

"You say you know something about Jason King. And it better not be his birthday or who he dated in the seventh grade," Eva informed.

"Didn't realize we had a lassie for a police chief. Sassy Lassie makes it clear from step one. Okay I see your game," he said. Eva cut him off short.

"Cut the crap. You aren't in a position to be hitting on me. In fact vandalism can get you over 100 hours of community service. Which happens to be scrubbing the sidewalks in the park. I'm sure that hundred will give you ample time to wash up every single piece of vomit and urine on the entire walk. Are we clear?" said Eva.

"Crystal. By the way- I'm Jeffery Randow, but my boys call me J Rand."

"Well J Rand, what do you have to say to cut your crap scrubbing in half?"

"Jason was allergic to garlic."