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Chapter 1

Have you ever made an amazingly huge mistake that you regret it with every bone in your body? And it changed the whole course of your life. Well, welcome to day one when I, Claire Haynes', life turned upside down.

It's not typical that a twenty-two year old has never been to some sort of club or bar, but that's me, non-typical Claire. In order to celebrate the ending of college, Hailey, my best friend thought it was necessary to celebrate it by going to a club, and dancing the night away with strangers. It was like killing two birds with one stone for her, because I would finally attend a club for the first time.

So here I am, staring at my reflection wondering if I should change again. I didn't want to show too much skin, but I also didn't want to die of heat stroke wearing too much clothing. I finally ended up choosing a pair of light washed blue ripped jeans, for air flow in the legs and an empire waist blouse with straps. I thought it was an appropriate outfit. My long brown hair was straightened and flowing quite nicely.

"Okay, I think I'm ready. It's going to be fine; I mean people do this all the time right?"

"You are so dramatic Claire. Nothing bad is going to happen. You are way too sheltered." Hailey was more than right. I have never done anything exciting, I guess you could say. I'm a little too afraid of the 'what ifs'.

"Yeah, I guess you're right. I need to live life on the edge." Hailey burst out laughing while shaking her head.

"Its more than comical for you to think that going to a club is living life on the edge. Now let's go dare devil." On our way out Hailey continued to chuckle at her own joke.

The club, FireonIce, smelled like smoke, alcohol, and sweat. I crinkled my nose in disgust at the scents. Very loud wasn't even a close description to describe the volume of the music. The people dancing seemed as if they were in a trance. Everybody's bodies also seemed to be as one, moving with the beat at the same pace.

Hailey grabbed my hand leading me to the bar. At the bar she ordered two Lost Cherries. Don't ask me what's in it, but it looked tasty.

"This isn't too strong right? Because you know that I am a lightweight to the tenth power." I eyed Hailey suspiciously because knowing her she would give me something outlandish with extra alcohol.

"Stop looking at me like I am trying to get you drunk. It has a good amount of alcohol, but not too much so chill, and enjoy." She pushed the cup to my mouth encouraging me to drink it. I put my lips the tip of the straw and sipped the drink with caution. The drink was somewhat fruity, but man was it strong. In reality I really just wanted some water.

"Come on Claire give it a chance, you'll get use to the taste after a while." I didn't want to be a buzz kill so I decided to give it a try. Within minutes of sitting at a table Hailey was asked to dance. I wasn't a surprised that she was asked in such a short span of time. Hailey was a blonde bomb-shell, with vivid green eyes, and a toned body from her job as a yoga instructor.

There I sat looking like a typical girl alone at a bar, which to me is pretty damn sad. I sipped my drink slowly knowing how just a small amount of alcohol can make me a little tipsy. As I took in the environment, I started to observe the people. There were the men and women who were drunk out of their mind. Then there were the sober creeps who preyed on the wasted for shameless physical intimacy. As my eyes continued to note the different people, I caught sight of a very handsome man off to the side.

I stared at him for about a minute wondering how someone as good looking as him was alone. Just as I was about to look away he caught my eye. He raised an eyebrow acknowledging that he knew I was staring at him. I made an awkward face from embarrassment, at which he laughed at. I looked away nervously taking way more than a sip my drink, knowing fully I kind of looked like a creeper. As I looked up I noticed that he was now walking in the direction of my table.

At that point I guzzled down what was left of my drink and ditched the table for an alternative spot, the ladies room. I walked as fast as I could, but being in a crowded club meant it wasn't very fast. Just as I caught sight of the ladies room, a cold arm encircled my waist, pulling me into the chest of the owner. The stranger's chest was defiantly chiseled and hard. It took everything in me not to have a panic attack and stay calm. Flashes of girls being raped and killed stormed my mind. The stranger's lips barely touching my ear brought me out of horrid scenarios.

"I'm confused," he spoke with a deep, rugged voice that would make any girl's insides turn, "You stare at me with interest, but when I pursue, you run. Now why is that?" He spoke with amusement lacing every word.

I took a deep breath, catching the scent of his cologne, which smelled more than enticing. I knew at that moment that the alcohol was taking its toll, and I needed to get out before I did something I would regret.

"I was merely glancing, nothing special." I said nonchalantly. "So if you would be so kind to release me it would be more than appreciated." Instead of doing what I asked he turned me around, to where I was facing him.

Even though the lighting was dim I could still make out his features perfectly. His hair was obviously a dark color, but I couldn't quite make out the exact color. Running his hand through his hair kept the shape of the style. His perfectly tanned skin made his dark thick eyebrows looked even more defined. His strong jaw and exquisitely structured nose and matching cheekbones gave him a Roman God look. The lips of course were also perfectly shaped, with two rows of straight white teeth, but the breath taking feature was his eyes. They were a brilliant and dazzling shade of blue; they were so bright it seemed unreal. Adding to his attractiveness, he stood roughly at six-three. In conclusion this man was a perfect ten times a billion.

Bringing me out of my mind, he asked me if I wanted to dance.

"Thank you, but I rather not." I had to stay strong.

"Just one dance, a woman as pretty as you shouldn't be alone." I giggled at his comment. I don't giggle its repulsive, but here I was giggling. You want to know why? One word… alcohol.

"Okay just one dance." Who was I kidding, one dance? No one ever dances just one dance. One dance turned into two, and two turned into three, until I couldn't keep track anymore. On the bright side I was having a blast, and I didn't want it to end. So of course when he offers to buy me a drink, I respond with an enthusiastic nod. At that my friends is when I went downhill and would not be returning.

I woke up in a foreign bedroom with no recollection of when or how I ended up here. What's even more bizarre is that I was in an unknown place with my clothes safely established on the floor and me lying in a bed with the most radiant, stunning, gorgeous and any other synonyms you can think of, man I have ever set my eyes on.

Then, as if I went through a time warp, I relived last night in my head. I felt disgusted; it was more than beneath me, what I did. I felt like a dirty hoe. I cringed at my words, but it was true. I needed to get out before… oh Jesus! I slept with a guy whose name I didn't know. Could I sink any lower? I scrambled out the bed quietly, picking up my clothes. When I finally finished getting dressing I made my way out the door not looking back. I entered a hallway that seemed never ending in each direction. I looked right then left, and repeated till I chose to go to the left. After walking for about three minutes I came to another hallway, here we go again. I chose to go with left again. I finally came to a winding stair case that led to a foyer.

The foyer was decorated with an elegant touch that consisted of vintage antiques. The floor was made out of black marble that gleamed in the light. An ancient looking chandelier hung from the middle of the ceiling. The doors stood tall with matching windows on each side. I slowly opened the door, more grateful for a door than I have ever been. But of course leaving couldn't be that easy.

The house was gated, with a mile long drive way to the curb, to add to the awesomeness in the opposite direction was a never ending forest. Not only will I have to walk a little ways to the street, I will have to hop a fence! How exciting! Since I'm so skilled in the art of fence hoping, note the sarcasm, it took me at least twenty minutes to get over. Granted I scratched my leg a couple times and I fell when I landed, but I got the job done. The address was placed on a plaque that was established on one of the columns that held the gate. I called a taxi and within fifteen minutes it arrived.

Upon entering my house all that was on my mind was a nice, hot shower. I scrubbed my skin until it turned red, and felt raw. During my shower my hand kept moving towards my neck, and scratching. It felt as if I was having an allergic reaction. In anticipation, I cut my shower short to see what was on my neck. Low and behold there were two holes; I rubbed my hand over the area, only to find that it felt as if nothing was there.

To add to my lovely situation I had some weird bug bite. I shrugged, "Well doesn't seem poisonous." Little did I know what it truly held.

And scene.

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