Wounded Words

Sometimes these smiles of mine are fake
And occasionally these laughs are forced
Sometimes I've had beyond all I can take
But you wouldn't know any of this, of course.

There must be some blinders that you wear
That makes the world so wonderfully carefree
But it takes away your ability to care...
Or, at least, it seems like it to me.

So what would you care if I disappeared?
You don't seem to need me as of late.
So what would you do if I suddenly weren't here?
Would you think that suddenly you I hate?

Do you even know how it feels to be alone
Spending hours upon hours waiting for an opportunity
Only to mistakenly find the plans unshown
Revealing that your silly chance never was to be?

Does your heart even know how to yearn
For someone with which time you wish to share?
Of course you don't. Maybe you need to learn
What it's like when I'm suddenly not there.

Is it time for these tables to finally turn?
Is it finally time for me to escape the cage?
I grow weary of my chances constantly spurned;
I'm tired of feeling like an actor upon a stage.

I've become patient because I thought it was part
Of the entire dimension that is known as "love"
But gradually I feel different courses do we chart
And that I cannot be your perfect angel from above.

I'm no longer willing to spend my days in wait
For a fifty-fifty chance at seeing you for some time
If you don't have time then end our togethered fate...
Because false imprisonment is the nastiest of crimes.

I don't want to be locked away, I hope you understand
That this angry speech is because I feel unheard
I'm attempting now to make some kind of stand...
Please hear these wounded words.