i'm singing a song

to a face that never smiles.

would you sing along?

we've been sitting here awhile.


follow my lips to catch the words.

need another?

green. blue. black. white. red.

wrists bleed red.

who cares?

we just sing.

clang. clang.

two cents in my jar.

two cents for the next load.


it'll all get better.

she promises to make it better.

just another drink,

just another kiss,

slurred petitions of our love,

enlightening the atmosphere.

sometimes it seems this is all a

f r a u d

but only sometimes.

'cause i know

so much more than you could ever imagine.

quit dreaming, darlin'.

you're out of my league.

i'm sitting in my box.

i'm singing your song.

i'm slurring the words,

slaughtering the notes.

i'm taking another shot.