He was sadistic and I was a masochist. He climbed through my window and I threatened him with pepper spray. He used me and I let myself fall in love with him.

A/N: This is the story that I have been working on. I found Kathy Moose, but I'm taking a break. I'm writing what I want to write for now. I'll be going to France in little over a week. I'm spending six weeks there, so I'll have plenty of time to write all of my stories. My goal is to finish this story by December. Kathy Moose should be finished by the end of the summer months, and I'll Show You will be up and running again. I really do miss writing ISY.


I was asleep in my room when I heard something crash. It was this loud and obnoxious booming noise- like a body hitting the floor. I jolted up immediately, feeling my heart in my throat. Someone was groaning on the ground, reeking of alcohol and cigarettes. After a moment, I could smell BO and I cringed. I gathered my thin sheet around me, feeling the summer air heat up. I grabbed my cell phone and the bottle of pepper spray on my night stand.

"This is great," I mumbled to myself. The person, whoever they were, was still groaning and moaning on the floor. Wonderful- I had a drunk person, injured on my bedroom floor. On the first night in this new damn house that I'd never stayed home alone in. Until tonight. Wonderful- this would happen to me. I raised from the bed and half stood on my knees. The person slowly stood up, back towards me.

"Fuck that hurt," he said. Of course it was a guy. I couldn't just die in the house alone without being raped. "What the hell? Why the fuck are the walls purple? Shit, Jas's mom probably went ape shit on him again. Trippin'. Yo Jas-"

"Who the fuck are you?" Probably not my best words. Those are words that could get me killed. I immediately cringed after I said them. The guy turned around, eyes wide.

"Who the fuck are you? Fuck, Jas didn't tell me he was bangin' a new chick," the guy said. I furrowed my eyebrows, wondering who this "Jas" guy was. This guy was nuts. I was going to get killed by a psycho.

"I don't know who Jas is, but if you don't tell me who you are I'm going to use this pepper spray," I said, holding up the bottle. I was so relieved that I put that on my night stand. Usually I just leave it in my drawer, but a weekend all alone called for some protection, right?

"Bitch is crazy! I'm Jas's friend," he said, walking towards me.

"I'm not afraid to use this! Who the fuck is Jas?!" I screamed at him, my hand shaking. I bet if I even sprayed the pepper spray, I'd get it on myself. And that would suck, a lot. I'd know because my cousin and I tried spraying it once. Just to see what was inside. It was only a little spray too, but it had us coughing and tearing a little.

"Jason Moore- he lives here. You know? A mom, dad, little kid sis-" the guy stopped, standing at the foot of my bed. "This isn't his bed. And those aren't his sheets. And I know he fucking doesn't have a Mac. Jas's a-"

The guy was mumbling now, looking around the room and mumbling. He looked constipated, I decided, as he roamed the room with his eyes. He started to shake, his hands at first. Because it was dark, I couldn't see his face, but when his shoulders started to shake I assumed he was crying. I had a psycho in my room, having a break down. WONDERFUL. I kept hold of the pepper spray and moved back so that my back hit the brass bars of my bed post.

"Fuck, I'm sorry," he choked out. I raised an eyebrow (something I'm very proud of having the capability to do). "Fuck. Shit, I'm so fucking sorry. Fuck man. Look, I'll just leave. I just- fuck. Man, I'm so sorry."

"You can leave through the front door if you promise not to kill me," I said quickly, pointing to my door. He didn't reply immediately. I sighed, looking at the bottle of pepper spray. I gripped it so tightly in my hand that my knuckles turned white. Quickly, I untangled myself from my sheets and ran towards my bedroom door. I flicked the light next to the door and blinked so my eyes could adjust to the sudden intrusion of light.

"Fuck, my eyes," the guy said, covering his face with his hands. He wasn't tall- maybe five feet and nine inches. That was good, because usually tall guys meant big guys. And I definitely couldn't fight off a big guy.

"I'll show you to the door if you don't kill me," I said. "If you try anything, I'll spray you. Then I'll call the cops. I'm not kidding."

"I'm going to kill you, don't worry," the guy said. "Name's Lee, by the way."

"I honestly don't care, just please leave," I said. He grunted and wobbled his way into the hallway. "Down the stairs and the –"

"I know my way out," he mumbled darkly. I made a face and followed him down the stairs. "Fuck, the place still looks the same."

"We just moved in," I said, looking in the direction his gaze was set. The living room still had boxes, but the furniture had been placed in their temporary places. "We just did whatever the owners before did, until everything's unpacked and all."

"Didn't take long for them to move out," Lee said, using a hand to rub one side of his face. I looked at him- he was good looking, like: immensely good looking in that sort of druggy-shaggy-haired-listens-to-any-type-of-music-and-paints sort of way, which was very good looking. He was lean, and his shoulders were broad. His hair was long, loose and limp around his face. I imagined that he was very good looking if he weren't on the verge of a mental break down of sorts. "Probably couldn't stand seeing Jas's shit everywhere…"

"You never answered my question," I said. I didn't really care that we'd stopped walking on the steps. I was curious now, and that was probably a bad thing. I'm definitely going to be killed. Fuck my life.

"What question?" Lee asked, voice slightly slurred. He turned around, back to me, and stared at me with immensely beautiful blue eyes. My breath caught in my throat, but I quickly recovered without skipping a beat.

"Who's this 'Jas' person?"

"The dead guy, who's room you're staying in."