Hey guys, again.

So real quick. The sequel is up! Or will be in an hour or two after I put this author's note up. Below is a preview of the sequel. It's a whole paragraph from the first chapter. I hope you guys enjoy! The sequel will be titled "Lace and Cardboard," and will be told in third person.

Lee fell asleep sometime after going to the bathroom. He sighed when he pulled the covers over his body. The walls were thick in the rehab center, but it didn't do much but dull the pain of the other patients. There was moaning and groaning constantly in the building. There was crying and flushing toilets every minute of every day. Lee wasn't an exception, and for that he was thankful. Finally, he wasn't the only one hurting. Lee fell asleep with a smile on his face a few minutes after both the nurse and doctor left him. He hadn't slept since he'd gotten to the rehabilitation center, with the exception of the quick nap before hand. Withdrawl was hard, and insomnia was setting in. Lee dreamt of a brown haired girl that ran and painted. Lee dreamt of his girl.

Hope that holds you over!