Why To Stare At Purple Monkeys


Sparkling Acrobat

It was a purple monkey. Why there was a purple monkey, I didn't know. It was rather perplexing actually, and I think I liked it. I mean, I had always liked purple, but this monkey was kind of charming. It was covered in purple fur except for a little neon green patch in its right cheek in the form of a heart; its onyx black eyes were fixed on me as it danced at some tune I couldn't hear. We had a connection.

"Hey woman, move it!"

I turned to look at the airhead that had yelled at me. Some jock. I frowned at him, who did he think he was? If I wanted to stare at the Toys R Us window for forever, it was MY problem. I don't care if his little niece, or daughter, or whatever she was wanted to see the exhibition, too. Didn't they realize I had formed a bond with the monkey?

People could be so insensitive some times.

So I turned back to the shop's window to look lovingly at the dancing monkey toy; but he was gone. Nothing more than cold, empty space where the object of my attention had once laid.

He was gone!

Frantically, I went into the shop and looked around. Everybody was a suspect. Who had taken my other half away? I strode toward the counter and stared at the middle age woman behind it, heartbroken anger flowing from me. She seemed quite frightened.

"Where did it go?" I blurted out.

"What?" She asked in a too-innocent-to-be-true tone.

I knew she knew something. But I wondered I she knew that I knew that she knew. The woman looked sneaky.

"The purple monkey that was in the exhibition," I said, pointing at the window exhibition for emphasis.

She blinked and opened and closed her mouth several times like a fish.

"Somebody probably bought it," she finally managed to get out.

I would have yelled, I would have killed, but I was too devastated. I nodded and muttered a faint 'thanks', even though I didn't feel thankful at all. Dragging my feet like I had seen zombies and cranky old people do, I exited through the door.

I couldn't take this anymore; it was too much for my poor, sensitive soul; I almost collapsed and cried my lungs out in the middle of the mall. But then I saw it –my dear, loved purple monkey dancing at some guy's table. I smiled out of sheer joy.

And then I saw the guy at the table signaling for me to go to him. And so I did; but it was all for the monkey. I mean, the guy looked kind of cute with his messy brown hair falling in front of his eyes; but nothing like the purple, furry toy.

"Hey," he said when I got there.

I wasn't even looking at him, but I think he was smiling.

"Hey," I replied absent-mindedly looking into the monkey's longing black eyes.

"So, you like the monkey, huh?" He asked.

I didn't like how he had said 'the monkey' in such a derogatory way; it was offending. Annoyed, I looked at him and my brown eyes met his green ones. So, yes, they were the coolest eyes I had ever seen; but the monkey was still hotter.

"Talk about him with some respect," I told the guy sharply.

He smiled at me charmingly and I blushed. Ok, maybe he also had a pretty smile.

"Why should I?"

I frowned.

"Because you own it now and you should respect all beings no matter how little they are," I lectured, ready to go off into my 'Why little being were important and trees should be saved' speech.

He looked at me like he was going to laugh but never did. Good, because else I might just have had to punch him.

"It's not a being," he said, still smiling. "It's not alive. Besides, I don't own it."

He didn't? Then, who owned my beloved monkey? He stood up towering over me and I panicked. He looked kind of dangerous, truly.

"You don't? Who does then?" I glanced at my soul mate monkey still dancing on the table. It was so adorable I could squeal.

"You do," he said.

I stared at him open-mouthed. I would have screamed if I hadn't remembered that I hadn't bought the monkey. Sadly.

"No, I don't," I whispered. That heartbroken feeling was coming back again, haunting me.

I don't thing many people would understand how connected I was to the monkey with the radioactive green heart. But that was okay –I didn't understand it too well, either.

The guy grabbed Sparkly –as I had just named it the monkey– and shoved it in my hands. I blinked at him disoriented.

"Yes, you do," he said and then leaned over to me and whispered in my ear, "Would you go out with me?"

I blushed. Again.

"You bought the monkey for me?"

He shrugged and smiled in a way that reminded me of a cute little boy; he was just as mischievous, too.

"I saw how much you liked it," he stated casually. And then, he put his arm around my shoulders. "And I thought, she likes the monkey, I like her, we could like each other"

I blushed a little more but couldn't prevent myself from smiling. I held onto Sparkly even tighter and looked up at the guy.

"What's your name?" I asked.

His green eyes looked intensely into mine. "James," he said as he took one of the red locks of my hair and toyed with it. "Yours?"

"Amanda," I said and I almost winced.

I had never quite liked my name –it was just so common for a redhead to be named Amanda. He, on the other hand, smiled dazzlingly.

"So, Amanda, do you want to go get ice-cream in a well-lit place where you can be sure I won't try to rape you?"

On any other instance, I would have used my karate skills to chop him in little, unidentifiable pieces and throw them to homeless starving dogs. However, he had not only bought me a purple monkey, he had also offered to give me Ice cream and that was more my joy-full heart could take. In more ways than not, I was an easily bribed five year old.

So I smiled brightly.

"Only if Sparkly gets to come," I said.

He laughed –what a sexy laugh he had– and then kissed me on the cheek.

I looked at his vivacious green eyes again. Okay, maybe he was hotter than the purple monkey. Oh, yes.




N/A: … I know, I know *grins* I couldn't resist posting this. THIS, ladies and gentlemen is the result of Jules's (from skow) writing sprint *grins again*

Story produced in 37 minutes ;)

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To my total shock, people actually LIKED this; so, I decided I should put a little more effort into it and edit it some. Not much changed, except for the description of things mainly.

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