The wind was fierce as a storm brewed around a large wooden ship. The crew was scrambling around the slippery deck, maintaining the ship through the storm. The captain could be heard yelling out orders to the crew. Oddly enough a woman was the captain. She had short brown hair and piercing blue eyes, her skin was lightly tanned from being out on the ocean for many years. She wore a plain white shirt covered by a blue coat with gold embroidery around the cuffs and collar along with tan pants with long black boots over them. She looked very calm for the predicament the ship was in.

"Land ho!" Yelled a loud voice from overhead up in the crow's nest. The captain looked up and followed his eyes to a small bit of land in the distance.

"Head for it then" The captain yelled to the one controlling the ships course in a stern voice. "Aye captain!" the loyal crewman yelled back through the howling of the wind. Once the captain knew they had everything covered, she went to her captain's quarters to check her map and see just where they were going. She stepped quietly toward her desk that had a worn map spread over it with ink marks on it. She sat down on her wooden chair with red, velvety cushions and placed an index finger on the map, at their current location. She then slid her finger west towards the land they were moving towards.

"England…" having been to a lot of places in England, this was nothing exciting, but it would be a good place to go for supplies. She stood up slowly so as to not lose balance on the rocking ship and went to check on their money supply. It was low, very low. They would only be able to eat for the night and buy supplies to last a few days, and then the money would be gone. She sighed softly and closed the chest. "Maybe we could do a ransom again." She said aloud to herself. She didn't much like kidnapping, but it was also one of the easiest ways to get money.

Sighing once more she opened the door of the cabin and walked out onto the disastrous deck. She looked up at the man in the crow's nest and yelled to him, "Can you estimate the time it will take to get there?"

"Maybe a few hours, ma'am," he yelled back and grinned to his captain. Celena nodded and looked over towards the land still far in the distance.

"Captain Celena?" said a soft voice from behind her. She turned to see it was the one female in the crew and gave her a small smile. "What is it?" she asked her and waited for the shy girls response.

"I... I would like to discuss with you our budget…" The girl said while looking down at the wet wood of the deck.

"No need to be shy. I've already looked; we're low on money. That's what you want me to know right?" Celena said quickly. This was a good opportunity to mention her plan.

The girl looked up at the captain and blushed a little, embarrassed by her shyness. "Yes ma'am. What should we do?"

"Well, I was thinking that we could hold someone ransom."

"But you dislike doing that don't you, Captain?"

"Yes, but I feel it will be the easiest way for us." She crossed her arms over her chest. "Y-yes ma'am then I will agree to it! If it's what you think is right!" She blushed more and smiled.

"You should go below deck, you're going to get sick."

"If that's what you wish, Captain!"

The Captain laughed which made the girl look at her with confusion. "M-ma'am?" She said softly, hoping for an explanation for the sudden outburst. "Sorry, you're just so… cute. Have the men been treating you right?" She asked, finally calming down but a small smile still played on her lips. "Yes they have." She nodded.

"Good! It wouldn't end well if any of them touched you inappropriately…" She paused. "Anyway, go down below deck now before you catch something." She turned the girl around and gave her a gentle push towards to door. The girl went down to her room, which was separate from the men's room for obvious reasons.

Celena then went back to her own room to rest while they sailed through the storm to America. She lay in her bed and thought about how the plan would go and eventually dozed off.

She was awoken some time later by a knock at her door. "Captain, we've arrived and the skies have cleared." The voice of the crow's nest man said through the door. Celena groaned and sat up, rubbing her eyes roughly. She then stood up and opened the chest, taking what was left of the money from it, and opened the door, stepping out to the deck. The sky was light blue with no clouds to be seen. Everyone was on deck, grouped together waiting for their Captain. She approached them slowly and they all turned their attention to her.

"As you may already know, we're low on money." She held up the money she took from the chest. "This is all we have left. It's enough for supplies and a night of some good grub." She split the money in half and handed it to the girl in the crew. "I'm sure you already have a list of supplies, so make sure to buy those, and be at the tavern closest to this dock by 6 this evening." The girl took the money and nodded. "And the rest of you, clean up the ship, then do as you wish but don't start trouble, and like her, be at the closest tavern this evening." They all nodded and moved to start cleaning.

"Good! Now, one last thing… We're going to kidnap someone… so if any of you see a rich family with any children remember their faces, find out who they are, and let me know."

They once again nodded and continued off to start their duties. The captain held on to the rest of the money and walked off the ship, waving to them as she walked away. "Have a good time, you guys."

The girl left the ship shortly after the captain and began her search for supplies. Celena made sure to remember the location of the closest tavern as she walked past it. She got many stares from people since it was obvious she was a pirate, and no one likes pirates. She continued to stroll along anyway, down a street full of market stands. She could see the crew girl up ahead clumsily dropping supplies on the ground and scrambling for them.

Suddenly, Celena was encountered by a couple of guards, seemingly keeping the town safe from pirates such as her. "Where do you think you're going, pirate?" They asked rudely, their hands on their swords.

"Well, I was planning to buy some supplies for my ship." She answered and crossed her arms over her chest. She glanced to the right and noticed a girl with blond hair and green eyes watching her curiously. She was standing by a wealthy looking married couple. A smirk soon played on her lips as she decided that would be the one they would kidnap.

"Buy supplies, eh? You sure you're not planning to steal those supplies?" They said cockily.

She turned her attention back to the guards, "'Course not!" She said as she pulled the money she had out of her pocket. "I plan to use this to buy them." She said, emphasizing the 'buy'. "Now if you'll excuse me I really must be off." She stepped around them and walked away. "We'll be watching you" They yelled to her angrily, to which she just laughed and continued walking to where she was no longer in their sight.