Aimee awoke in a small dark, dingy cell. She could feel it rocking softly back and forth, which made it hard for her to stand and keep her balance. Her eyes slowly adjusted to the dark and saw a figure outside of the cell. She immediately felt scared, who was that, where was she? She didn't even know, all she could remember was being in her room, someone came through the window, but she could only see a silhouette of them. They put something over her mouth and… her eyes widened as realization dawned on her, the pirate from earlier must have kidnapped her. Then was this person that pirate?

"You're finally awake" they said softly, it was a female voice, but not a strong one like the pirate she saw had. She heard the person move and pick something up, and soon a dim light filled the room, she had lit a lantern. Aimee squinted while her eyes tried to adjust to the light. "I've been waiting for you to wake up all this time." She smiled at Aimee kindly, which Aimee didn't understand. How could a pirate be nice?

"Where am I?" Aimee asked her nervously examining the girl curiously. She reminded her a bit of herself. Short, with long hair and a face everyone considered cute. She wondered why a girl like this would be on a pirate ship, but was too nervous to ask her just yet.

"You're on a pirate ship. You were kidnapped by us because we-"

"Don't give away too much information to the prisoner."

They both looked over to the stairs and saw the captain standing by them. Alison nodded and apologized frantically, another thing about this girl that reminded Aimee of herself.

"You're dismissed from here, Alison. You can go to bed." Celena said calmly and walked toward the cell. Aimee looked at her and recognized her as the pirate she saw multiple times that day. "You…" Aimee whispered, but not softly enough that the captain didn't hear. "Yes?" she said pulling her attention to Aimee after watching Alison leave to her bedroom.

"You're that pirate I saw today…"

"That's right, you did see me didn't you? Are you surprised it ended up like this?" Celena smirked, but it soon faded when she saw the anger slowly come to the prisoner's eyes. No one has ever looked at her that way, and if they did she killed him.

"Not really, and I demand you take me back home right this instant." Aimee said grabbing onto the bars of her cell tightly, sending the captain a death glare. Celena only ignored it, "No can do, you're ours now, that is until your father pays the ransom."

"How much is the ransom anyway?" She asked, still glaring.

"It's none of your business, prisoner." She spat mockingly.

"Tell me now" Aimee exclaimed.

"Who do you think you are? Are you really that spoiled?" Celena said bitterly going closer to Aimee's cell, continuing her rant, "You're on a pirate ship, MY pirate ship, you don't command me. I could have you thrown overboard in a heartbeat."

Aimee shied away just a bit in fear, but didn't completely back down, only stuck her nose in the air, "You can't… you need me for the money."

Celena was fuming, "I don't like you." she huffed, and walked away, making her way back up to the deck. Aimee just watched her go, when she was out of sight she sat down and sighed. Trying to seem tough took a lot out of her.

Celena on the other hand, was now stomping off to the captain's quarters to sit and think about what she could do to torture the girl.

Really short, but I feel like I need to put something up now that I have time, but haven't thought through everything yet. So I'll be doing exactly what Celena is doing. Thinking of how I can torture poor Aimee.