Connecting hard with the cold marble floor, I whip my head up to see the ghost glaring down at me offering a brown calloused hand. Glaring back up at him, I smack his offered hand.

"Can you please move?" I demand, shifting impatiently.

"No, I don't take orders from anything small and insignificant." He says exasperated. Sighing, he slowly wraps his arms around my waist, lifting me until I'm in a standing position.

"I still have time to grow, unlike you." I snap, heat flooding my cheeks from the feel of his arms around my waist.

"I'm quite secure with my height." He says, a hint of a smile playing on his lips.

"Oh, I wasn't talking about your height." Smirking, I turn my back on the ghost to find the brute howling with laughter.

"Nice to know you have a feminine side." He wheezes, grinning at me. Making a show of wiping his eyes he turns and strides down the hall chuckling to himself. Glaring at his back I capture Evies hand again, maybe a little more forceful then necessary, and stomp down the hallway.

"Get off your high horse." I mutter, darkly. Descending further into the castles domain, I gradually became enchanted by insignificant details I drifted past. The marble floors were patterned by shades, the effect was rather dull. Marble columns towered over us on both sides, and beyond those, the walls were lined with alcoves, filled with magnificent tapestries. Marble busts of long-dead ancestors, and portraits of famous battles, all too far away to make out in greater detail.

My heart raced dangerously as we neared a double set of staircases. Pausing to admire its height, I observed that they seemed to go on forever before being swallowed by darkness. If the arched ceilings weren't so high the staircase would've been less intriguing. The Brute continued up the staircase that led to the second floor and slowly I carry myself up the stairs behind him. Fascinated, I run a calloused hand up the exquisite railing, feeling the smooth grooves of the intricately carved blossoms and vines. Rising higher, I hesititantly plant my feet on the oak planks, entering yet another hallway.

Furrowing my eyebrows, I shoot a questioning look at the Brute, who answers by throwing back his arrogant smirk. Stepping back, he extravagently gestures to where he was standing just moments ago, revealing a door. It was a pleasent door, made of what looked like mahogany and decorated with a molded brass knob.

Whilst examining the door, insignificant beads of sweat had trailed down my temples only to be soaked greedily by my blouse. Staring wearily at the brass handle, I hesitantly close the distance between the door and myself. Licking my parched lips I reach for the doorknob, noticing an unfamiliar midnight blue jewel protruding from it. As I wrap my fingers around the brass handle my vision blurs and burning white light latches onto my hand. Paralysed at the burning sensation, I close my eyes only to find the searing white fire behind my lids.

"Help..." I whisper, unheard.

Whimpering, I attempt to remove my hand, slowly unclasping my fingers from around the handle. A vortex of blue potrudes from the veil of white, appearing deformed amongst the flawless pale light. The midnight blue begun drifting against the walls of my mind with seeking fingers, searching for the unreachable. Sifting through memories, intruding on thoughts, manipulating aspirations, searching for an opening to flee.

As if hearing my thoughts the vortex gradually became more frantic, it's piercing crys propelling me into uncontrollable spasms. Slowly I came to the realisation it's desperation has made it resort to creating an opening. Yielding to the overwhelming blackness I envision the dark midnight jewel and sigh, Narilianthes.