Song of Inspiration: Why I like you - Super Junior

She smiled, staring at the face of the boy in front of her.

She liked him for so many reasons.

He was smart. Top of the class for the 5 years she's been in his class.

He was a musician. Pianist, Drummer, Guitarist... the list goes on.

He was athletic. Played Hockey and Baseball.

There were so many things she just simply loved about him.

He wasn't the best looker of the class, but honestly, did it matter?

She liked him for him.

She wasn't sure whether it was a simple school girl crush or if it was true love.

But of course she would lean towards the former.

True love?

Honestly, that was a silly idea.

He must have felt a tingle on the back of his head from her staring, or something, because he turned around.

She looked at the board, pretending to listen to the teacher.

He turned around.

She glanced at him and smiled.

Too bad he was taken.

He was so perfect.