I sat on the bar stool, the wobbly one, and lit up a cigarette. Another rough day at work. Argument with the boss, I wouldn't be surprised if I get fired tomorrow.

"Welcome back, Joe." The bartender said, handing me my usual drink.

"Thanks Jack."

Those weren't our real names. It was just a small inside joke between the two of us.

"Any progress with the girl?" I asked the man.

"Nope. Of course not." He responded as usual, wiping the glass I handed back to him. He refilled it.

"You should drink slower."

"You should be working."

"I should."

"Hey Jenny, how is school coming?" I asked the waitress as she brought over my usual dish. The bartended left to attend to the next customer, the old man who usually came in around this time as well. Water, as usual.

"Terrible! Exams, exams, exams everywhere! My whole week is filled, but I still come in to work. Lowers the stress for some reason." She said with a laugh. I sent her a small smile.

"Well, good luck."

"Thanks Jerry."

Another small inside joke.

The man on the stage began to play a new piece, as usual. Since I've been at this place, he has never played the same song.

He took out a harmonica and began to play it a bit, improvising with the pianist. In all honesty, he's the reason I come here. The man is a genius; it bothers me that he doesn't even attempt to make his way to fame. I asked him about it before and he only said- "I couldn't."

I closed my eyes, ignoring the world around me. Just me and the singing of one of the most amazing people I've ever met.

When he left the stage, I went home as well.

No point in staying.

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