A/N: Okay, I attempted to revise. I took into account some things that I knew were off, and I did my best to subtly fix them. It's not a BIG change, but it's there and maybe it helps. I also didn't like that humongous Author's Note at the end so I made that a different chapter. Uhm, I'm STILL not too crazy about this, but I don't know what else to do. The basic info is below.

General Information: So, Megs from SKoW gave me the idea for this and I just had to write it, so I asked her if I could. Uhm, it IS a SKoW challenge response, and I'm thinking about entering it in this round, so below are the guidelines for that. The story itself is 6,776 words long. Point out any mistakes or improvements I can make. Hopefully you like it enough to review!! Thanks. :)

SKoW Challenge:

T-Rex, Princess Barbie, and How They Ruled the School

By: Acantha

Main Idea: Boy and girl are best friends. Boy and girl fall in love. The end. (No, it's not that cliché).

-MC and her best friend must called each other "T-Rex" and "Princess" or "Princess Barbie" due to how they met.
-They have coed sleepovers.
-They must have a "thing" that is exclusively theirs (i.e., sitting on the roof outside MC's window watching the stars or something equally corny, but cute)
-Must include the following dialogue: "Um, don't you think we're a little too old for coed sleepovers?" "Actually, I was under the impression that we were a little too young." "Guys have sick minds, you know that?" "Yet you still manage to sleep with them." "Sleep WITH, not SLEEP with. Or SLEEP with, not sleep WITH. Whichever one involves 100% N-O sex involved, got that?
-A Ford Mustang
-A vanilla ice cream with a cherry on top

-Vicious teasing
-The story taking place in the summer
-A bitch

-Awkward silences. Remember, they're best friends.
-Using the words "awkward silence".
-Staring into each other's eyes.
-Unfortunate accidents where the heroine faints-that one's getting a little too old, don't you think? Plus, it's too annoying. She gets out of trouble because she faints. If the rest of us can't be that lucky, she can't either.