"I want to go to the bar!" Chris called from the bathroom where he was styling his hair.

"Then go." Aidan called flicking through T.V channels.

"Come with me." Chris walked into the kitchen and grabbed the carton of milk from the fridge.


"You gotta get laid Aidan, come on." Chris said and nudged Aidan's soldier. Aidan came across a story on prison gangs on T.V and stayed on the channel.

"I'm tired." Aidan mumbled. "I actually have a job."

"You wait tables Aidan." Chris reminded him and went back to put the milk in the fridge.

"Oh, and Why? Because I actually go to school." Aidan shot back and stood. Chris through Aidan's coat at him and grabbed his own.

"Let's go loser." He said and they both exited the apartment. They walked down the streets of Youngstown and went into the local bar. When Aidan walked in he passed many couples but only one caught his eye. It was two men, sitting in a booth together. Memories of his time in prison popped into his mind. He shook his head and ripped his eyes from the two men.

Aidan sat down next to Chris at the bar.

"Get me a beer." Aidan said sharply to the bar tender. He took a long swig of the beer and felt Chris nudge him.

"Hot blonde over there is looking at you." He said and Aidan glanced over.

"Eh." He said annoyed and asked the bar tender for another beer. By the time it was twelve o'clock Aidan was seeing double. He stumbled away from Chris and made his way to the exit. His head was swimming and he had to get some fresh air. He tripped over the doorway and fell forward into a large body. Looking up he saw an extremely pale man with green eyes snarling down at him. Aidan was tossed back and shoved into the wall.

Aidan began to make his way down the street and back home, or at least where he thought of home was. He saw a man smoking on the street on a pay phone. He had tan skin, a shaved head, and Aidan could see the muscles in his arms though the light, long sleeve shirt. Aidan crossed the street and made his way over to the man.

When the man looked up and finally made eye contact he froze in his conversation and looked at him as he began to approach.

"You look like someone I know." Aidan slurred and tapped the stranger on the chest. "He's in prison."

"I got to go Michael. Yea. Yea I- Ok. Sure, alright talk to you later." He said and hung up the pay phone. Aidan listened to the coins fall into the machine and missed the man approach. "Your friend is in prison?"

"Yes." Aidan nodded and moved closer to him. He placed his hands on the man's broad shoulders and moved his face closer to his. He tried to focus on the mans facial features but the man kept moving! Why was he spinning and swaying like that! Aidan frowned and screwed his eyes shut before looking back up at him.

"I think you are impaired." The man told him and Aidan giggled.

"I think you're right."

People passed by, none giving them a second look. Aidan felt the strangers hand on his lower back and gently brought his body closer to his larger one. "Where are you going exactly?" He asked and Aidan felt the world shiver and he stumbled on his feet.

"I don't know." Aidan said and looked around. "I'm Aidan." He said. He had to look up to make eye contact with the man.

"It wouldn't be proper of me to let you stumble through the streets alone, you know. Why don't you come home with me. Stay over for the night." Aidan placed a hand on the strangers cheek and looked at him in awe.

"You look like my Travis."

"This Travis is lucky." The man said. His voice was deep and Aidan squinted. It couldn't be Travis. Travis was still in jail. Besides, this man wasn't as big as Travis. He was clearly muscular and took care of himself, but he didn't have the same bulk Travis had. Aidan began to feel emotional and he felt a stab in his chest when thinking about Travis.

He felt the stranger pull him closer and the hand slip down to his bottom. Aidan reacted violently and shoved himself away from the man. He stumbled backward and landed on his bottom a few feet away. The stranger laughed. His laugh was different from Travis's, and Aidan felt his heart ache. "I'm not gay!" He said through his drunken haze.

"What about Travis?"

"He's the only guy who can touch me. I want Travis." He whined and stood. "You're not Travis." Aidan grumbled and pushed passed him. He felt a strong hand on his arm and Aidan turned to look at him. The strangers face swam together, but Aidan could see him throw his cigarette to the ground and stamp on it.

"Let me take you home." He insisted and Aidan acquiesced. Aidan managed to find his apartment and was lead up the stairs by the stranger. When Aidan opened the door he felt the man's hot mouth come down on his and Aidan grabbed onto the strangers shirt. He pulled him into his bedroom and was shoved back onto the bed. Even in his drunken haze Aidan choked out "do you have a condom?" The man placed his hands in his back pocket and pulled out a condom wrapper. He tore it open and began to take off his pants.

"Hey, what if I need to use to it?" Aidan complained and the stranger laughed.

"I don't get fucked kid. I do the fucking." That sentence brought him directly back to prison. He saw Travis settle himself over him and he waited for him. He could feel Travis's hands on his body and when he heard the uncharacteristic growl he came back to reality. This wasn't Travis.

He still held nothing back though, any shyness gone from the alcohol.

"Travis." Aidan whispered.

"That's good, call me Travis." the man whispered and began to move inside of him. "Still as tight as a fist I see."

"Travis." Aidan wrapped his hands around the mans shoulders and hug him to his body. The body on top of him moved faster and harder and Aidan could only moan and cry in ecstasy. "Tell me I'm better than Trevor." He whispered and the body hesitated in his motions for a short moment. Aidan felt a large hand pet his hair to the side.

"You're better than Trevor."

With a gut wrenching cry, Aidan came over his chest.




Aidan woke up with a massive headache. He fell out of bed and winced at the shooting pain in his bottom. He hadn't felt this bad since….

His eyes popped open and he stood looking at his bed. He was dressed in sweatpants and a plane white shirt. He couldn't even remember getting home last night, he didn't know how he could have dressed himself so well.

He was about to leave the room when he spotted a small, square plastic wrapper on his nightstand. It was placed their on purpose obviously, by a person who knew what they were doing. He looked at it and his stomach sank when he saw the condom wrapper.

So his ass hurt, he was hung over and just found a condom wrapper. Aidan walked into the kitchen feeling disgusted with himself. He must have thought another man was Travis. Chris usually pulled him away when he went off on tangents about his old lover, but apparently last night, Aidan had been on his own.

Chris was frying eggs when Aidan entered the kitchen and he glanced over at him but didn't say anything. After a few moments of awkward silence, on Chris's part, he spoke up.

"Um…Aidan?" Aidan groaned. "Why didn't you tell me…not that I care, because I mean I don't…but why didn't you tell me you were gay?" Aidan's head shot up to look at him, but he immediately regretted it when a new intense throb started behind his eyes. "I know you had that relationship in prison five years ago, but, you told me you were straight."

"I am."

"No man, your not." Chris said and looked at him. "I never would have pushed chicks on you so hard if I knew you liked guys. Hey, I have this gay cousin, I think he'd be your type-"

"And how would you know my type? …Not that I'm gay. I'm not."

"Well, judging by the guy you brought home last night-"

"You saw him?!" Aidan said popping his head up yet again and dropping it back to the table.

"Yeah, clean cut, dark hair, strong build. I came in around five. He was in the kitchen, in only his briefs, drinking milk straight out of the cartoon. Thought he was going to kill me, but he told me you too hooked up. Look, I don't care that your gay…but…you don't like…me?…right?"

"I'm not gay. Did he say anything?" Aidan asked, desperately searching for information.

"Just that you were pretty gone last night, so I should let you rest. He was so intense that I not disturb you I am actually making you breakfast." Chris laughed. "I met a girl." Chris said but Aidan was to wrapped up in this mystery man.

"He didn't say he wanted to meet me right. I don't want to be with another man." Aidan said.

"No…just left. He was staring at your uniform though." Chris said with a shrug.

"My uniform?"

"Asked whose it was, told him it was yours, asked where you worked, told him where."

"Chris! You cant just give strangers information like that!" Aidan shouted.

"Why not! I thought it was ok. You can sleep with him and I cant tell him where you work!"

Aidan buried his face in his hands and groaned, he stood and began to walk away.

"Where you goin! I cooked you eggs!"

"I'm calling Viktor! I need to see my shrink." Aidan called, and went back into his room. He fell onto the bed and breathed in the scent of the pillow. A masculine smelling cologne met his senses and he groaned. Aidan didn't wear cologne.

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