Ancient Connections

The Inconvenient Nemesis

Synopsis: A prequel if you will to what happened before the Heroes in Ancient Ways were formed. Sakkoro is an acupuncturist in training as well as a pupil in all martial arts, learning from a legend, Bruce Lee's father. Cecil is learning in the developing field of robotics, AI and information technology. He plans to become one of the first 'information scientists'. His path and Sakkoro's ultimately intersect…And this is the story of how their destinies intertwine and how their rivalry began.

~*~ CAST ~*~

Sakkoro Regis

Cecil Hannibal Lorado

Carmen Juarez

Rita Marquis

Jennifer Marquis

Ikuto Regis

Chapter 1--Unlikely Friends

Sakkoro Regis had always been an eternal student and he had been learning Jeet Kun Do from Bruce Lee's father. He and Mr. Lee had met rather unexpectedly in the open market in China when Sakkoro was traveling there with his parents on business.

The two began a philosophical conversation and became life-long friends ever since. Mr. Lee sensed that young Sakkoro had an adept mind, and decided to train him in the rich history of martial arts. He learned each martial art and style and later taught himself when he returned to the United States.

As Sakkoro grew, he learned he wanted to heal others through acupuncture and decided the best place to study would be in Europe. Of course, his parents supported him in his desire to relieve stress and felt it was a very honorable position. They didn't know that their son would become a martial arts master as well as he grew in knowledge, discipline and skill. As he became more independent of them (but not to the point that they weren't included in his life), he met a friend while attending Cambridge University to become a doctor. His name was Cecil Hannibal Lorado. Like Sakkoro, he had a love of learning, but his expertise was in building objects and dazzling others with his massive intellect. Similar to Sakkoro, the women found such an intellect irresistible but only one woman could ever hold his heart, and that was the fiery redhead, Rita Marquis. As for Sakkoro, a foreigner from Spain had captivated his heart. Her name was Carmen. But like his newfound friend, he found it challenging to strike up a conversation with her. Somehow though, he and Cecil were able to bolster each other and support each other to gird their courage and talk to the women they admired before some other lucky fellows stole them away.

It seemed nothing could separate the motley team. Cecil was a master robot-builder and planned on becoming the first 'information scientist', which was a field that was newly established during the mid-70s thanks to the birth of computers. Sakkoro was learning how to heal with herbal medicines and getting recognition worldwide while Cecil's work was being overlooked. But being overshadowed by his friend's groundbreaking research in non-conventional healing didn't stop him from being his friend's best man at his wedding. They had become so close that they both had their weddings together and it seemed that nothing could break them apart until Sakkoro began earning rewards and Cecil was left in the shadows as usual.

Chapter 2--Dissention

Despite the fact that fatherhood kept the best friends from seeing one another as often as they would've liked, they were still close. Sakkoro was making his way up in the world, receiving prestigious rewards and meeting thousands of famous people. As much as it pained Cecil to admit it, he was getting agitated with playing second fiddle to Sakkoro's accomplishments. He wanted to be the one that was getting notoriety; the one that everyone respected; the one that would be immortalized in history books.

Yet, none of this was coming to pass, and it seemed every time he turned around his friend was getting his photograph plastered in the newspaper and televised over the airwaves.

Irate and terribly envious, Cecil decided to devote his life to building devices that would help him benefit others. At first, they backfired hopelessly and his obsession with robotics pushed him further away from his beautiful wife and daughter. Before he knew it, they were divorcing him and he blamed it on Sakkoro's achievements.

"The world won't ignore me any longer. I shan't let it !", he vowed, sternly in front of the mirror one day. His heart had been shattered, and he hoped that his newfound passion for building his own empire to control Europe (and eventually the world) would win the heart of his wife as well as the respect of many. He didn't earn the respect he had hoped for, but he had become a tremendous villain that had pushed his family further from him. Sadly, Sakkoro had become a threat as well but at least he was powerless to stop him, or so the nefarious mastermind thought.

Chapter 3--Knocked Off His High Horse

Cecil relished having the upper hand over Sakkoro. Everything he did was overlooked. Even though he had broken many laws and began the slow steady climb to ruling Europe, he hadn't been punished for his crimes. No matter how notorious he became, Rita nor his young daughter, Jessica, wanted anything to do with him. As far as they were concerned, he was a mad scientist and a loon at that. Yet, he was tenacious, diligent, and determined that if he could conquer the world and give it to her on a silver platter, her heart would be his forever. As for Jessica, she would respect him as well just as everyone else had (strange way of equivocating respect if you ask me).

Sakkoro had mourned the loss of his best friend in the past but he knew that it was inevitable now that he and Cecil were enemies. Sakkoro felt it was his responsibility to stop Cecil but had no method of doing so himself. Ikuto also wanted to assist him in implementing his grand dream. It would be an empty room, but one day it would be full of youngsters that were fighting against the cause of villainy with the help of their skills in martial arts. Ikuto himself was learning how to become a master techie and he could build anything he thought of.

Over time, Sector 7 was established, as well as underground tubes Ikuto called 'zoom transports' or ZTs for short. The tubes had sleds that were similar to bobsleds that were propelled forward by powerful blasts of air at unconventional speeds. All of it was incredibly safe though, Ikuto tested everything before the initial runs began.

"This is fantastic, but who will be sent to Lorado's lair in the ZTs ?", Regis asked his genius son.

"I haven't quite figured out who will be riding in them. That is why I printed out these flyers.", Ikuto said, showing off his impressively designed advertisements for martial arts taught by his father. Sakkoro was humbled. He had always been the pupil, never the student. But he had learned over time that he was just as capable as a sensei and was open to learning from his students.


For a while, Sakkoro had gotten no response to Ikuto's advertisements at Plank High, but after a while students who were sincerely seeking guidance or simply wanted something different to do during their high school career signed up for Mr. Regis' martial arts. These students led to more and more and later, when Ikuto had graduated and moved on to college, Sakkoro met his beloved heroes, who would become his extended family. Since that time, the Heroes in Ancient Ways have been doing all they can to stop the antics of Doctor Cecil Lorado. At every turn they have been successful and someday, he will come to the realization that he will always be on the losing side and use his abilities for the greater good. Until then, the Heroes forge on for justice and to teach the world the benefits of discipline and control and how to fight without using violence.

The End