The two Rangers were surprised when they saw her. She was muddy, the sleeve of her jacket was torn, and she was limping.

She reported her grandmother's death and gave them Luke's story. By the time they stopped questioning her, it was 12. She was drove to her grandmother's house after they gave her some lunch.

There she grabbed her bike and bag as one of the Rangers gave the address to the town police. They gave her a ride home where her mother was sitting on the porch with a man Red had never seen. He was holding her, comforting her. Red took in his auburn hair and almost black eyes. Athletic build with slightly bulding muscles. She didn't like him. He made her nervous.

"Rina!" her mother cried out, jumping from the bench and running towards her. Red had her jacket in her bag, trying not to look as bad, wearing one of the Rangers extra jackets. No need to stress her mother even more. The Rangers even let her clean up. The man remained on the porch as Samantha clutched her daughter in a tight hug.

"I was so worried," she claimed. Red rolled her eyes.

"I was only gone a day," she said.

"But you didn't call! I got worried. I tried calling Rose several times. The phone was cut off for some reason. Then the police claim another man has gone missing. Then they call this morning saying they have you," she exclaimed, pointing at the Rangers. Red sighed as a cop car pulled up to the curb next to the Rangers. She could only imagine the rumors that were going around by now. She could see neighbors looking out windows, phones glued to their ears.

"Detective John Harvey. Sorry to interrupt the reunion, but we need to talk to Rina," one of the officers said, his partner still getting out of the car.

"I'm coming," Samantha claimed.

"That's fine. We'll need your reports," he added to the Rangers. Red followed the officer as her mother moved back to the house, talking to the man. The Ranger handed the other officer the blue folder that held her statement and story.

"Oh! Do you want this back?" Red asked, motioning to the jacket.

"No don't worry. You can keep it as a souvenir," he answered.

Her mother soon joined her and they moved to the station. It took the rest of the day to get everything in order. By the time they got home the sun had already set. Red trudged up the stairs, following her mom. She was exhausted, but she still noticed the door was unlocked, the lights on inside.

"Mom, who was that guy?" Red asked.

"Oh, that's what I was going to talk to you about the other night. His name is Mark. We're sort of...seeing each other," she answered. Red looked at her mother, not comprehending what she just said.


So as Red's life turned from boring to crazy, her mother was hooking up with a guy that creeped her out, the news vans kept trying to interview her, the police were cataloging the two bodies, inicluding a strange sample of blood, and Luke was running around in the forest somewhere. Finally some form of peace overcame everything. No more murders happened and the press calmed down.

But the peace wouldn't last. Not in the forest, and definitely not in her life. But then again, how can you live a peaceful life when you have a werewolf for a friend?