"I'll do it Jack! Don't tempt me!" Claire threatened, quivering at the just the sight of him.

"You're bluffing. I know you Claire." Jack said calmly in his deep charming voice. He took a step forward.

Claire held the gun tighter and screamed,

"Get the Hell out of my house!"

She glanced behind her; the phone was out of her reach.

"Claire." He whispered reaching out his hand. "This is meant to be."

Tears streamed down Claire's face. She stared deep into his dark seductive eyes, cocking the gun. "I mean it Jack. Get out of here."

"Claire, give me the gun."

A shiver ran down her spine, but she could not pull the trigger. She could not kill the man she had loved for 14 long years, regardless of all the beatings and the tears.

She lowered and stepped towards him; letting the gun slip through her hands and fall to the ground. He pulled her in close.

"There you go Claire. That's right. Just me and you." He stroked her hair slowly,"Don't ever leave me again."

Claire's muscles tightened at his words. This was wrong. Jack leaned down for a kiss. Slowly she pressed her lips to his, knowing this would their last. She slowly reached for the pocket knife in her coat. She ended the kiss slowly and stepped back.

"Goodbye Jack."

She stabbed him in the heart.