His soft fingers caressed my side gently and he smiled so peacefully, looking down at me. I stopped merely pretending to be dreaming. Closing my hidden eyes, I fell asleep, curled up in his strong arms.

She slept so quietly, the sound of her breathing almost too soft to notice. She curled into my chest and sighed to herself. The sun glistened off her golden hair and lashes. She was beautiful. I rubbed circles on her stomach and she smiled in her sleep. The only time she's ticklish is when she's tired. Her own special little secret. I gently scratch behind her ear. A moan escapes as her lips part and cute noises follow. I lay down and relax around her, protecting her from the world. My arms curl around her form without thinking and pull her even closer, keeping her warm, pretending she's mine.

I wake up to my phone's harsh beep. He twitches in his sleep. I smile at his sleeping self, adorable and loveable. I crawl out of his arms, trying not to wake him, to get my phone. My boyfriend wants to go out for dinner.

I can't help but be disappointed.

I wake up to her fumbling around the room, cleaning and collecting the mess from our movie night. Her eyes are bright with unshed tears. She moves with the grace of a dancer. Unusual for her, she's quite the klutz. I look at her questioningly. She smiles.

"He wants dinner."

I can't help but be disappointed.

She loves him enough not to want to hurt him. She loves everyone that much. Not that she'd ever admit it. She has been waiting for months for the 'right time'. Always, he makes plans to go out later with friends. She can't do that to her friends, leave him with them there. She can't do that to him, hurt him where he cannot show it. She cries on my shoulder each time she comes home.

And I cannot help but be disappointed

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